NHL respecting Grey Cup

Looks like their is only one NHL game on Grey Cup Sunday, and it is at 2 p.m.

Yes, that is respectful, except that one game features the team from the host city of the Grey Cup.
THAT seems rather bizarre! :o

I would like to see at least all Canadian NHL teams not play on Grey Cup Sunday. I know one year when the Stamps were in the Grey Cup, the Flames were playing at the same time.

I do not believe for a minute the NHL is respecting the CFL.
If by chance it is, well it would be the first time!

Considering they scheduled Regional Jets games during the West Final, I would suspect that it was just a fluke. It would not suprise me one bit if next year Rogers ensures that all seven Canadian teams play during the actual Grey Cup Game.. I honestly believe that Rogers has that much hate for the CFL

Actually I think the NHL is avoiding the Grey Cup just as it avoids the Super Bowl. Any games they have scheduled on Super Bowl Sunday would be over a couple of hours before kick-off just as the NHL only has one game scheduled on Grey Cup Sunday - in the afternoon that would be over long before the kick-off.

In fact - those two Sundays - Grey Cup and Super Bowl - appear to be the only Sunday evenings where Rogers/CITY Sunday evening ‘Hometown Hockey’ game do not have an evening game ET - with in both cases CITY showing Sunday afternoon games instead to avoid the football games those two Sundays.

They appear to be the only two Sundays all season long - other than the All Star break that the NHL does not have Sunday night games scheduled.

I agree it makes sense to avoid scheduling games in Canada during the Grey Cup, but there are only 7 Canadian-based NHL teams. Surely the NHL could have scheduled any number of games on that day between U.S-based teams only.

Why schedule one game, even if it is several hours before the Grey Cup, featuring the team from the host city?
Are Vancouver sports fans supposed to stay at home and watch the hockey game and then the football game almost right afterward?
Maybe that IS the thinking!?

Since TSN has turned the CFL coverage and ratings around by a huge amount. The Grey Cup have been getting massive ratings. TSN still have regional rights to some clubs in Canada. With Sportnet now the NHL rights maybe in the back of their head they may be thinking maybe just this one night, Grey Cup, that they will avoid having any games on their TV schedule. As for the NHL as a whole in the US likely does not enter into the equation but Sunday night NFL does.
NBC has Sunday night football. Has NHL National rights for shown mostly on NBC SN but as well lots of regional rights through the now owned Comcast Sportsnet by NBC.
So really it is just Sportsnet who has no stake in in football on Sunday nights. So that really lowers the odds on having a NHL game anywhere on a Sunday night except Sportsnet.

Now if we can only get the CFL to stop putting games on NFL Sundays maybe they would get the football fans in the East and Vancouver to tune in also.

I know... Does the NHL really think that any game played in the US would effect the Grey cup viewership? I highly doubt more than a hand full of Americans even know the Grey Cup is being played in the first place.

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