NHL POLL-best canadian team

Not much CFL discussion going on, lets talk some hockey.

.........little too early to say how far they go but I'll bet dollars to donuts all six teams make the post season.........

that's what I want most..all six teams to make the Post season.

that would be great even though the canucks are really scaring me lately and Conklin raising worries for the Oilers

as much i hate them, i have to give it to calgary.... their defence is stellar with kipper, phaneuf and the rest of them. theyve also got a great offence but defence wins you championships and with sutter behind the bench, youre sure to have an awesome defence. after calgary id say it's ottawa just because.... look at their offence wow...... lol. they've got too many injuries right now but once all those guys are back they're going to be almost unbeatable again. i cant wait until playoffs with havlat back and hopefully the spezza line will be healthy...

watch out for the oilers once they get goalie instead of all these guys.... noones consistent.. if the rumors are true, i hope we get doug weight back along with a guy like kolzig, biron or somethin..............

maybe this is the year where a canadian team brings the cup back where it belongs.

the funny thing that you said is that the Esks rumours are the same as the Canucks Rumors. Apperently we're getting Doug Weight and maybe Biron, Cujo or Luango

If you ask me back in Nov. I would have my Habs..........but they have gone to hell in a basket............not sure what the problem is.......well beside scoring less goals then their allowing of course

I would say Ottawa with Calgary nipping behind. When Ottawa has all their players healthy they click on all cylinders like no other team. Calgary is a great defensive club and I believe will be the better playoff team between the two. I can definitely see both teams in the Stanley Cup finals.

I haven't being following the NHL much this season, but I'm saying Vancouver becase I REALLY wanna see them win the Cup in a Staleny final with Ottawa.

I have to agree with roughy.....Cal/Ott in the Cup would be fantastic - they both play exciting hockey, and are unstopable at the top of their games.....wonder what the ratings would be like for our southern neighbours with two Canadian teams making the finals.....

It's not who we hope is the best team it's who is the best team right now.

I favour and hope for Toronto but I think Ottawa will go the furthest.

I would have to think Calgary, not only due to the defence but also that they're playing as well as they are without Iginla scoring.... once he comes around, as he tends to do later in the season, Calgary is poised to go deep into the playoffs again.

Ottawa should do well again, once they've got their big line back on the ice, the other teams all have areas that aren't quite as solid as I'm sure they'd like.

In the NEW NHL I can not see defence winning the cup. You have to score, and one thing the Flames are not doing is scoring. If and when they fix that then they will become a contender.

I think injuries and goaltending will play a big part here, just like in football but with the qb instead of the goaltender. This is obvious for sure but can't be overstressed.


Ottawa....As long as they can rid themselves of the first round jinx!

Montreal just might pull out of this slump. Theodore will come back and be strong. He is a playoff goalie.

I still voted Ottawa. Next I would say Calgary or Edmonton, then Montreal, then Toronto then Van

I'd say Ottawa followed by Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, and then Montreal. If Edmontno or Vancouver actually get a starting goaltender watch out! It's painful to watch Conklin play the way he is yet Mactavish keeps on giving him chances. At least Markanen doesn't make mistakes as stupid as Conklin does.

We have the worst CFL team, but we have the best hockey team. The Stanley Cup will finally come home to its birthplace. Get out the freakin' engraver.

Go Sens Go!!

P.S. A little trivia: Ottawa is the only existing NHL team with its name on the original Stanley Cup. Cool Eh? And rightfully so.