NHL player Ivan Provorov under fire for not wearing "Pride" attire

Sports media has erupted over Ivan Provarov not wearing the rainbow attire.

What's the big deal? I thought we were supposed to be about "diversity"?

I like Torts reaction being the coach and respecting his decision .

It was not something you need to force someone to participate in .

Why divide people into special interest groups everyone is a hockey fan ;

they don't need to be a fan of someone's religion or lifestyle .

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LGBTQ people are routinely harassed, denied health care, and killed because of people's bigoted religious beliefs.

Believe what you want in the privacy of your own home, but the team chose to wear Pride-themed jerseys. Provorov should have been fined for his decision IMO.


And what if the team forces everyone to wear bible verses? Would you be okay with that?

That's a good point. If he skipped a team meeting or missed curfew or something, he'd be fined and maybe benched, wouldn't he?

Depends what its for.. if you skipped a team meeting to attend a prayer on Ramadan my guess is nothing would happen to you...

Religion has no place in public life in a secular state. And let me tell you, no one is being persecuted, denied health care, or killed for being Christian. Trevor Harris won't shut up about God in his interviews and nobody tells him to keep a lid on it. The Als actually had team prayers during the Trestman era, which I find highly objectionable. So please don't waste my time with a BS hypothetical.

That's my only personal response to this issue.

As a moderator, I'll remind everyone here that the CFL is openly and publicly committed to LGBTQ rights: CFL statement on allegation of violence against LGBTQ2S+ community member - CFL.ca

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Which comments were homophobic?

Read your own rules. You are now attacking religion

I support the NHL initiatives for inclusivity ... my issue with this is the contradiction between him saying he respects all people but then citing his religious beliefs for not respecting the LGBTQ community ... just be honest and say the LGBTQ lifestyle is contrary to my religious beliefs so I couldn't participate in the pre-game ceremony ... of course, that invites examination of his life to see whether he respects /follows the major tenants of his religion or simply picks and chooses which to apply.



I would never expect a non religious person to participate in a mid field prayer after the game

people come to watch hockey ... he is paid to play hockey ..

for entertainment ... NO ONE Cares about who they have sex with ..or what lifestyle or fetish they wish to indulge in .

IF No one should be forced to stand up for the anthem

then no one should be forced to wear the ribbon ..


If not suspended.

It is ironic that such a hate filled stance is taken under the guise of being a Christian, which is supposed to be a tolerant belief.

As you said, anyone is free to take whatever view they want in their own home and I would add so long as it doesn’t harm others. When a public figure makes his living off of the public, including from LGTBQ folk, that stance is hypocritical and untenable.


Honestly its not about "inclusion" its about conformity.

Million shades of grey between supporting the LGBTQ being denied services (which I don't) and having to actively participate in something you don't want to do

I never said he should have participated ... I assume you understood what I saw as a contradiction ... he clearly doesn't respect the LGBTQ "lifestyle" so just be honest and say why, it is against his religious beliefs ... as for examining his lifestyle, if he doesn't follow the major tenants of his religion than his objection to the LGBTQ community is not religious, it is a personal choice ... I am not religious, but respect (and even sometimes envy) those who sincerely are ... but not those who pick and choose which of their fundamental religious beliefs to follow ... religion is a sincere belief, not a multiple-choice convenience.


My grandmother is Orthodox and has never once said anything against the LGBTQ+ community...


I would think he respects their right to live as they want but shouldnt have to participate

Kinda like I shouldn't have to wear a Bomber jersey if I'm a Rider fan, tho I wish no ill will on you if you are a Bomber fan

What happened to freedom of Religion?

Let the team believe what it wants....off the ice!

I support the pride movement...but I also support people freedom to not support it

And not supporting it does not mean to act against it

You are free to live the lifestyle you choose.....I have to respect it, I do not have to support it


Again, I never said he should have been forced to participate, or that you should be forced to wear a Bomber sweater.

Respecting someone's right to exist is the lowest bar I can possibly imagine for actually respecting someone ... one would hope the bar is higher than that.

I also think that if you equate supporting a sports franchise to sexual/lifestyle preference you lack some perspective on reality.


Again, I wish no ill will upon people who do not believe as I do. What don't you get about that? Lol

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He is a hockey player he should not have to endorse anything other than playing the game at it's highest level .

He should not have to choose between working as a hockey player and agreeing to any causes that conflict with his personal view point or religion .

Many in the LGBTQ do not align to forced rainbow wearing ....

I can show you some in the LGBTQ community who believe that it's those personal freedoms that gave them their freedom today to open up about their sexual choice ...

Check out Dave Rubin .... a gay ...married ....atheist ..

for example of that opinion .