NHL 'outdoor game' tix not selling - i told you

Network television is not struggling. Its the only thing that is viable.

ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX all do extremely well. They are very, very powerful.

Its the Cable networks that are not doing well cause of how the cable networks operate.

BMO Field about to have its first ever 'sun delay' for this game - or should I say Exhibition Stadium - since it is not being called BMO Field today because of the Scotiabank sponsorship.

Yup it is too sunny in Toronto today so they have delayed the start of the game until 3:30PM when the sun should not have as much of a glare issue on the ice. Two telecasts to choose from - just like the MLS Cup - one on Sportsnet - and a different one on NBC.

Not exactly an NFL stadium but it is what it is, eventually Toronto will get an NFL stadium I would think for such a “world class” city. :smiley: At any rate, it’s a decent stadium for leagues like the CFL and MLS and I guess it also works now for a true “major” league NHL for a special type game. No question the NHL allowing a game at a non “major” league facility will give this facility a better reputation in the “major” league sports circles one would assume. Talking the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL as most see it in North America.

Watching Bryan Adams at a football field in cold weather - hey, I almost thought it was a Grey Cup until I saw the ice rink. :wink:

Actually the daylight visuals have been pretty cool. The shot of the CF-18 flyover was awesome with the sun bathed skyline of Toronto as a backdrop.

[url=https://www.facebook.com/TravelPat/videos/10209157437106303/]https://www.facebook.com/TravelPat/vide ... 437106303/[/url]

And the changing scenes from daylight to night time have been neat too.

Day time


Night time (with all the temporary seats added at the north end surrounding the video board in view - more or less on top of the one end zone in CFL configuration for that stadium.


Stadium looks pretty full. Do we have a source (other than Access_Media) saying that ticket sales were poor?

Question is not bums in seats but $$$ in the till

I was on ticketmaster yesterday and well able to pull up availability for 8 tickets (max on the site) together for row 3 in the upper bowl -section 224 in this case.

This tells me sales were not very strong as there were many other places where this many tickets could be had.

At the end of the day it was sold out in the same manner the Grey Cup sold out. There's enough corporate heist to make up the shortfall for these big events. Top it off with a win for the good guys and call it a good day.

Hey, the stadium works, doesn't have to be of NFL calibre for it to be decent, completely agree.

Living in Niagara Falls we usually share the Weather Map with Toronto. Walking late this afternoon it was mild and sunny and, I thought about this hockey game. Unsurprising that the game was delayed but, once the sun begins its decline, the temperature drops suddenly. The attendance, as noted looked very good.

Ended up being a thrilling game in front of 40,148 as the announced crowd.

Five in a row for the Buds. And Auston Matthews - who NBC were hyping like crazy on their telecast today - is now officially the main man on the Toronto sports scene.

The Leafs (unlike the 2016 Argos) are a REALLY fun team to watch.

Thanks Travel (for the pics). Looks pretty good. Nice attendance with 40,000. Should help the allure of BMO as a sporting destination.

Canadiens at Molson/McGill?