NHL opens expansion process for Seattle

I don't hate him but his demeanor, how he projects on television, gives me the creepies in some way, I don't know what it is but I cringe every time I hear the man talk. Facial expressions, lawyer type talk don't know, something I don't care for. Hard to pinpoint actually. But yes, obviously the guy is working out well for the NHL and the owners it would seem.

Also keep in mind. There's a couple reasons why Quebec wasn't invited.

  1. They are only looking to fill in a spot in the west. The expansion process of 2015 was done with Seattle in mind and they were thrown off with them not applying. Made sense with no arena. This is why the league took so long before giving the green light to Vegas. This is really an extension of the 2015 process (with a higher fee) which is why Houston wasn't invited.

  2. As mentioned in the OP, Quebec has an active application already. The league never rejected it, just deferred it for a later time. Likely as a relocation spot. So Quebec can't be invited to apply when they already have. Rumor is they're locked into the 500 million price not 100% sure on that.

He’s very, very good at what he gets paid to do in a very volatile and high stakes pro sports league. With temperamental millionaire and billionaire bosses whom all have their own agendas at times. If that doesn’t garner any professional respect from us then that indicates a wealth of ignorance from our part on how life and business works.

We should be taking tips, instead we take ignorant pot shots.

While yes, Quebec has an application into the NHL for a franchise, it’s just not a priority. Let Quebec manage to get thru, say a decade - without separation rumblings - and MAYBE the NHL will begin to think about it. Until then, it’s not gonna happen.

While many in Quebec think separatist ideals are valuable, the rest of the world laughs at that stuff.

Quebec has gone through 2 decades without seriously discussing it so it won't make a difference. But agreed, not a priority right now.

The league will not grant expansion to Quebec to create further imbalance. They have 15 in the west, 16 in the east and no eastern team is going to devalue their local TV deals to move west.

If the potential problem franchises can sort out their building issues (Arizona and Calgary and to a lesser extent Ottawa and the Islanders) and no other fires come up, the league will want to be in Houston. They'll take the money and expand to 34, QC will be in to balance it out.