NHL linesman forces player to touch the puck ...

This news is slightly old, but in an NHL game at Anaheim, mid-week, an NHL linesman - I forget who, but he's been around for a while - grabbed an Anaheim player's stick and moved it so that it would touch the puck (the scenario was, the Anaheim player had caught up to the puck during an icing call against the other team, and just wasn't touching the puck).

First of all, I think that's pretty bad. You can't do that!!! And, if a player is refusing to touch the puck in a case like that, THAT is what should be a delay-of-game penalty - not if a goalie touches the puck in the corner ...

Second of all, I would just like to take this opportunity to point out that while this is seen as amusing in the Canadian media, if the same thing happened with a CFL ref and player (imagine a CFL ref forcing a player to take a knee in his own endzone while he tried to waste time) then the media would be ALL OVER how this is "yet another example of the CFL being years behind its time and it is bush league ... this is why the CFL will never be a major league ... this is why the CFL struggles ... this is why the CFL only has 8 teams and can't pay its players more than $30,000 a year ... this is why the Grey Cup fell apart ... " etc.


Let the media say what ever they want, it doesnt take anything away from quality of the game.

No, it doesn't (take away from the game) - but for the sheep-minded fan, who will go follow whatever the media tells them to, this will just contribute to turning them away from the CFL. It's just not good publicity for the CFL ...

Thansk Canuck Kev, I didn't even hear about that incident.

Good rant!

Awesome, I've never been complimented on a rant before :slight_smile: I'm glad to hear you liked it!