NHL, if you dont care about it, I dont want to hear about it

He got an assist just before the end of the first. :cry: I HATE him soooooo much!!!! I use to hate Phil Kessel but now it is just Eichel. :twisted:

Thru the 2nd and Eichel still only has 1 point. Have I mentioned I hate him???

My God, the Leafs are AWFUL!!!! I could score against this team.

I don't know Kevin, I heard you couldn't score in a house of ill repute :stuck_out_tongue:


Sad but true. :wink:

Eichel only got one point so thank God for small favours.

Gold Medal Game for the Women World Championship is on TSN. I THINK it is live. If I'm wrong and you know the final score, please do NOT ruin it.

Canada is outplaying the U.S. but it is still 0-0, 2:40 left in the 2nd.


Going into OT : 0 - 0

U.S. won in OT. What a heart-breaker. Worst part, the penalty they won on, was not a penalty. Shame.

the very worst part is how little I heard about the womens hockey on the sports news this past week. tv and paper

Not held in a major Canadian city which unfortunately translates into less media coverage and hype, sadly. I watched some of last night's championship game. That Canadian goaltender played great, just that one in OT.

I only happened to stumble upon the game late last night just as I was getting ready for bed and it was mid third period. I watched a bit but needed my sleep.

Not going to get many viewers on a weeknight with the game not even starting until after 10PM ET. Although not ideal for people in Kamloops (I think that is where they were playing) - but the game should have started no later than 9PM Eastern time if they were hoping for decent viewership numbers,

no Canadians teams, no problem. Still going to be some great playoff hockey

anyone have one two or more teams they are cheering for in this yrs playoffs?

I'll be at the Tampa game on wed and next thur (if there is a game 5)
so i guess i'll cheer the lightning on

Go ISLES Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:



:D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup: :D :thup:

Wow an Islanders fan?? I heard myths that these elusive creatures actually existed but not enough conclusive evidence until now..

You poor soul Bobo :lol:

Bobo has the best graphics for everything , so go Islanders .

I wouldn't mind seeing the Caps win it all either I like how they are coached .

cheering for blues, kings, flyers and rangers.

don't expect rangers and flyers to make the second round

so then it will be blues, kings, and panthers

by third round, it will probably be just the blues

by final round, I will be singing the blues.

What the heck. I'll go with the Pens. Team from a city with a steelmaking heritage, gold and black uniforms, reminds me of another team I cheer for. :slight_smile:

that would be the steelers.....right???