NHL, if you dont care about it, I dont want to hear about it

Well, the Canadians teams I would like to cheer for in the playoffs are Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Montreal. Too bad, its sad

as for the rest. This year I will be cheering for flyers or Detroit if either gets in. Then there are the Rangers, Kings, Panthers, and Blues.

Looking forward to the playoffs. Can anyone knock of the Capitals?

My Oilers are out. Maybe one of these years with all of the high draft picks they have had over the past 5 or 6 years they will actually be good.

Some of these NHL's are ones I don't care about.

[i]National Hockey League

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma[/i]
Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden

non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients

New Holland

Natural Hydraulic Lime

National Historic Landmark

National Heart Lung

New Haven Line[/i]

There are lot's more in the dictionary of acronyms. :smiley:

About 45 years ago Cliff Koroll came home and wore his Hawks jersey in our local Christmas parade, I was about 10 years old at the time and into hockey.... been a Hawks fan ever since.

FWIW Cliff is still with the team.

If I was forced to have to cheer for a Canadian team..... I dunno Calgaryoff or Edmonchuckski I guess, being Ukrainian myself I suppose it would have to be the chuckski's.

The Caps have had an amazing year and I would like to see them against my Hawks in the final, however it plays out one thing for sure is that there will be some really good teams knocked out in the first round.

It sucks that there is garbage hockey coverage here in Florida have to look online for everything and i am not paying for nhl network.

but in looking at standings am i correct in seeing that no canadian team is in a playoff spot as of now?

pretty well the way it is going to stay

Sadly dawg - yes! For Leafs fans - no big deal. We were told by Babcock and company that this year was going to be all about getting rid of contracts and stockpiling some youth and developing some talent with the Marlies who they hope will make a long run in the AHL playoffs to give the young guys some playoff experience. The entire season turned out just as predicted. So from the get-go many Leafs fans sort of took a sabbatical and have only checked in on the odd game to check out some of the new talent they have been calling up from the Marlies - hence the lousy early game ratings on Hockey Night In Canada.

I think something like nine players have made their NHL debuts in the last couple of months - and almost all of them will be back with the Marlies come AHL playoff time. So no biggie that the Leafs are on the outside looking in.

The other six Canadian teams - not at all surprising that Vancouver is out and it was always going to be tough for the Jets and Sens - although I'm sure their fans had hope. How many # 1 draft picks are the Oilers going to need before they at least make it within sniffing distance of a playoff spot. lol

The two big disappointments

  • Calgary. Big disappointment after their late season/playoff run last year
  • Montreal - just a total collapse without Price in goal.

In the East - the Caps have to be favoured although I would be a bit worried that Crosby and the Pens are rounding into form and have been hot of late if I were a Caps fan.

In the West - will the upstart Dallas Stars be able to handle the playoff pressure or will the L.A Kings use their experience to carry them to the final?

Should be some good series that I will watch some of when not watching the Jays. :slight_smile:

haven't watched a regular season NHL game in about 5 years.. don't care about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I will still closely follow the best professional hockey team in Canada.

The Toronto Marlies. They could go all the way this year.

If the Raptors have a deep playoff run, all of the sudden the MLSE owned teams all don't look like chumps anymore.

The Marlies and my cousin once removed Rich Clune are doing well. He's a man of many talents besides being an instigator :smiley:

wow, talk about parity.

well you got Washington running away with a 17 pt lead over everybody in the east and 12 pts over the best in the west.

then you have the next 8 teams in the east all within 7 pts
then you have the top 9 teams in the west all within 8 pts.

this last stretch should be mighty interesting.

I'll go with the Capitals vs Kings play for Lord Stanley.

As long as McDavid is NOMINATED for the Calder, I am happy.

McDavid is so gifted. Amazing goal tonight. A bit of a fluke but...

2 points tonight (so far). At 19, McDavid is scary good.

Kind of too bad he missed half the season or my Oilers may have had a better shot at the playoffs.

They need a D-Man to run the power play - it is horrendous. Add a strong D-Man, who can move the puck, and the team could be scary good.

I agree. Maybe they'll move one of their forwards in the offseason.

I HATE Jack Eichel !!!!! Is that wrong? Anyway, the Sabres are playing the Leafs tonight and I hope he gets ZERO points. Sadly, the Leafs stink so...

Garret Sparks is the Goalie. :cry: Why not just give the Sabres a 5 goal lead?