NHL Hockey

Surprised there is nothing going on here.

Our beloved Edmonton Oilers sit in 6th spot in the Western conference, and McDavid leads the point race right now.

Should be an interesting couple of months here and we'll hopefully see the Oil back in the playoffs. It's long overdue!

Just get the playoffs going.

Great news in Leaf land as well. The Leaf rookies are tearing it up with over 200 points combined. Gotta love Babcock.

Kind of cool having Petes seasons and having seen guys like Marner and McDavid playing against the Petes just a few short years ago. I wasn't a fan of Wayne but love watching McDavid. Too bad I didn't appreciate Gretzky more but those oiler teams weren't loved by fans of other teams.

I don't want to jinx the Leafs by saying anything good or hopeful about them. lol

Looks like the Leafs are doing ok as well. It'd be nice to see Canadian teams make it. Except Calgary. Nobody likes Calgary :twisted:

OK I'm not screaming at my TV any more now that the Leafs have scored 3 more times - but is thks the worst penalty shot call in NHL history?

[url=https://www.reddit.com/r/hockey/comments/5u4rli/ref_awards_chimera_a_penalty_shot_arguably_one_of/]https://www.reddit.com/r/hockey/comment ... ly_one_of/[/url]

Wow, quite possibly it is.

I'm a big advocate of calling more penalty shots, but I saw nothing there to call. Not even close.

Habs have been grinding out wins all week, much to the chagrin of toronto sports media pundits.
The leafs have dropped out of the playoff mix at the moment. West coast killed them.
Jets are fighting for their playoff lives now. Took 5 days off and seemed like the teams they were hunting all pulled away.
Flames are sitting pretty after a strong week.
Oilers keep plugging along, and same goes for the Sens.
Canucks are toast.

I'll be rooting for all these teams, as always.

NHL says Coyotes 'can't stay in Glendale'. Not 'financially viable there'. They want taxpayers to help build another new arena in a different area of Greater Phoenix. What a farce. Too bad they didn't move to Hamilton ten years ago.

[url=http://www.12news.com/sports/nhl/coyotes/nhl-commissioner-coyotes-cant-and-wont-play-in-glendale/420599553]http://www.12news.com/sports/nhl/coyote ... /420599553[/url]
Bettman says he wants to make it “abundantly clear? that the team can’t make money at Glendale’s Gila River Arena:

“The Coyotes current location is not economically capable of supporting a successful NHL franchise. For the past 15 years a succession of ownership groups have have tried everything imaginable to make the Glendale location financial sustainable. Our combined efforts have all yielded the same result - a consistent economic loss.?

It goes on to say in boldface letters:

“The simple truth: The Arizona Coyotes must have a new arena location to succeed. The Coyotes cannot and will not remain in Glendale.?

In statement released later Tuesday, Coyotes' majority owner Andrew Barroway painted a starker reality -- that the team could leave:

“While we cannot and will not stay in Glendale, we will continue to push our proposed public-private partnership until we either achieve a long-term arena solution in a more economically viable location in the Valley, or we reach the point where there is simply no longer a path forward in Arizona. At that point, as the Commissioner indicated, we will work with our partners in the League office and across the NHL to determine our next steps.?

I was discussing this very article with friends this morning:

Writing is on the wall for a move. If the team won't play in Glendale and a new arena won't be built elsewhere in Arizona, either Bettman eats his words and the team continues to play in Glendale and suffer $30M/year losses until the owner goes bankrupt or the team moves. Battman sure is stubborn. this team hasn't built a decent fan base in 20+ years, even with a new arena in 2003. why would he think another new arena is the fix? Arizona still owes $150M on the current arena. why would they want to build another to undermine the success of the first? should have moved the team to Las Vegas.
As much as i'd like to see the team moved to Quebec City, i think one of the Florida teams or the Hurricanes are destined to move the QC, keeping one of the struggling east teams in the East.

...Coyotes to Seattle?

I've heard that Seattle's arena only seats 8000 and is ancient.

That might be for the present, but there are plans underway to build a new one . . . though they may be holding out for an NBA team to finalize that.

Any thoughts on other possible destinations?

Portland? Moda center seats 19,000+ for basketball.

Kansas City? They’ve held pre-season NHL games at Sprint center, which has a capacity of 17,000+ for hockey.

Milwaukee? The Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center will open next year and be home to their NBA team, so capacity would likely be enough for NHL too.

I wonder if a team in Las Vegas would have any positive impact on a Phoenix-based team in the sense of providing a regional rival.

Any one of those spots seems to have better potential than Arizona.

I believe Seattle’s Key Arena seats about 11k for hockey. The city has put out a request for proposals to gut the interior of Key Arena and replace it with something that would be acceptable for the NHL and/or NBA. City politicians seem to like Key Arena’s location. The unique exterior of Key Arena has a heritage designation, so it cannot be demolished. The biggest problem is that the arena has a significantly smaller area to work within than modern arenas.
If architects can find a way to re-invent Key Arena, and the Coyotes decide to move there, I would think that they could play at the Tacoma Dome on an interim basis. The Tacoma Dome is a unique facility. It is like a hybrid between an arena and a stadium, with moveable seating sections that allow it to host a wide variety of events. I believe it seats around 19k for hockey, but I don’t think it has any luxury suites or some of the other money-making amenities of modern arenas.

Thanks for that info

After last night's loss to the Flames, I think the Jets are toast. Poor goaltending has been their downfall down the stretch.
I can retire my heritage classic Jets jersey for the season. Still have my heritage classic Flames jersey and my Habs jersey in play. Haha

Could Hartford be trying to get back into the NHL?


That would be neat.

Leafs jacked up ticket prices again for next year and they look to be fading and I don't expect them to get in to the playoffs. 7-2 loss in Florida last night and they looked horrible. Glad I'm not a season ticket holding SUCKER.