NHL Hockey at Ivor Wynne...should we try it again?

Bye week interlude: :wink: 8)

Just wondering if you think it's time Hamilton try this again. Yes, first time, it was way too late in the season and the weather played havoc with the ice. The rain didn't help attendance either.


I would attend. .that would be a great experience!

I'm not a fan of this thing, if I want an NHL game I want the experience of being close to the action as in an arena. But it will attended well for sure if it's a regular season game and the conditions are decent.

I will say you can't get much closer though for a stadium than IWS. I know, it's about the experience and that's true, not about the game as much.

It wasn't NHL hockey the first time and I wouldn't be interested unless it was NHL.

Don't think the NHL would want to play a game at IWS.

I attended the game in Hamilton (at IWS) and found it to be an awful experience because of the weather.

Well football works in that weather for a game, hockey, no way.

Sure, I'd love to see a heritage classic happen in Hamilton. I think it would be awesome if before an NHL game, the Bulldogs and the Marlies had a game with the Bulldogs coming out in old Hamilton Tigers uniforms.

Anyways, if you want an NHL team go out and support the Bulldogs. Apparently the owner of the Bulldogs just purchased a new video board for Copps out of his own pocket.

Here is a bit of irony for you, Earl. On the night of that fateful game, I caught a pneumonia which unbeknownst
to me, has been with me ever since as it got worse and worse. There is no cure for this pneumonia and anti-
biotics are useless against it, therefrore I am on 2 steroids (high doses) and report regularly to Toronto General
Hospital where I will eventually receive lung transplants.

I love all sports, particularly contact sports, (when they are played without head shots) but IMO there is a time
and a place for everything.

I can't say for certain that the weather at the hockey game that night was the cause of my demise, but the respirologists
in Hamilton and Toronto think it was.

All the best to you rocky and I hope you get cured of this, that’s horrible. Man you never know in this world that’s for sure. :?

I see the Bulldogs will be playing the Marlies at IWS this year.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/bulldogs/article/584476--it-s-a-classic-bulldogs-vs-marlies-at-ivor-wynne]http://www.thespec.com/sports/bulldogs/ ... ivor-wynne[/url]

Hmmm...Michael Andlauer, Bulldogs owner, pays for new video screens for Copps, is then rumoured to be attempting a partnering with the Tiger-Cats and Live Nation to manage Copps, and maybe even other HECFI or city facilities, and now this.


I like it.

Earlier i said i'd only be interested if it was the NHL playing at IWS, assuming that if it wasn't, that it's be some sort of exhibition. Didn't give much thought that an AHL club or league would have the resources to pull this off.

I'd definately go.

I'm also beginning to wonder if Michael Andlauer is following the very patient and successful strategy of Mark Chipman to obtain an NHL franchise via the AHL route.

I swear, I had no knowledge of this announcement before I started this thread.....chalk it up to intuition perhaps, or just dumb luck (emphasis on "dumb") :wink: :lol:

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Supporting the Bulldogs certainly isn't going to hurt Hamilton's chances of getting an NHL team. I'll be going without question and I hope it's a resounding success and hope it makes it onto CBC.

Mr. Andlauer already is a partial owner of the Montreal Canadiens. So I doubt he is trying to get his own NHL team in Hamilton.

No reason he couldn't sell his share of the Canadiens.

I also wonder if this is a way of blocking the NHL from coming to Hamilton.

AEG has strong ties with the NHL, and AEG's main business rival is Live Nation. If Live Nation locks up Copps, it could keep out the NHL and retain the Hamilton market for both the Bulldogs and Tiger-Cats while doing a "favour" to both MLSE and the Sabres.

Would a Hamilton NHL franchise hurt the Tiger-Cats?

I'd get tickets for NHL in Hamilton in a heartbeat, but would never, ever give up my Hamilton Tiger-Cat tickets.

Or, what about the possibility of an Michael Andlauer/Bob Young ownership group for an NHL team?

Well, lets keep NHL speculation until we get more Phoenix, Florida, Carolina, NY Islanders in trouble headlines.