NHL Expanding... Will it hurt the CFL?

NHL is announcing expansion tonight. There is a chance Canada will NOT get a team. But, if it does, it would be Quebec City AND Toronto OR Hamilton.

An NHL team in Hamilton would hurt the Ticats.

A second team in Toronto would likely lead to a breaking up of MLSE - which would explain why Rogers was not part of the Argo purchase.

Any thoughts?

Vegas and Houston. Going to be serious but hurt in qc

Vegas, Seattle, and QC are the frontrunners. I doubt very much that Hamilton or Toronto will even get a sniff.

I hope they are Canadian teams. Putting more (any) teams in the South is ridiculous.

They call Ice Hockey Yankee Flat Ball for a reason.

Won't hurt the CFL at all. QC is the only realistic Canadian option.

I don't this Vegas will hurt the CFL either...that train left the station over 20 years ago :rockin:

Not a chance.

No. And seriously, Hamilton getting a team? Who's the ownership group? And the NHL thinks Hamilton is a city it doesn't think is worthy of the "mighty" NHL.

The NHL IS NOT announcing expansion tonight.
The Board of Governors has authorized a formal process to evaluate possible expansion franchises.
There is no guarantee that ANY expansion team will be authorized.


I'll point out that the state of the Canadian $ hurts QC's chances.
Also, adding Las Vegas and Seattle balances out the eastern and western conferences in terms of number of teams.
Therefore, unless the NHL surprises and DOES give a franchise to QC, I don't see any impact on the CFL.

it's not gonna be cheap...

[b]Bettman said his indications from the board were that they wouldn’t be interested in moving forward unless the fee began with a five. [u]Translation: It’ll cost $500-million or more to get in the door.[/u][/b]

I heard that a couple of weeks ago as well.
Given what MLS franchises are going for, plus the money involved in the sales of the L.A. Clippers and Buffalo Bills, $500mm is not unrealistic.

(Add another 20% to that for potential QC bidders of course.)

If QC is awarded a franchise you can bet Bettman and Co. will be asking (i.e. extorting) a good $600 million or more from Quebecor.

in fact, Quebecor has just formally announced they will bid for a franchise...

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/quebecor-says-it-will-apply-for-nhl-franchise-1.317084]http://www.tsn.ca/quebecor-says-it-will ... e-1.317084[/url]

and if the Municipal and Provincial governments (who have already funded the new arena) also subsidize the purchase price of the franchise, the burden of a steadily ballooning deficit will be felt for many generations to come.

(and little to no chance of a QC CFL team setting up shop in the near or distant future)

My bad. I thought they were announcing the teams tonight. :?

Will it hurt the CFL? I really doubt it.
Will it hurt the NHL? God I hope so.

they are not as likely to put a team in QC as there is already a two team imbalance between the conferences.

Didn't stop the NHL from putting eastern teams in the western conference in the past so why would that not be a solution if they expand.

Face it, Bettmen and Co are not the sharpest tools in the shed. MLB took 10 years to recover from the '94 strike and the NBA took many years to recover from their last strike yet the NHL strikes every time the CBA expires and I firmly believe when this CBA expires they will strike again and lose another 1/2 season at least.

The NHL is a joke so how can they possibly harm any business when they can't even run their own.

It's unfortunate the NHL is run by Bettman and his cronies. But Bettman's pockets are lined so what does he care? The CFL is the best league IMHO, players aren't paid some stupid amount of money for playing a sport.

The decision will have zero to do with alignment. It will have 100% to do with who is foolish enough to hand Bettman a half billion dollars.

Las Vegas, Quebec City, and Seattle according to HF Boards, with one of those getting the Coyotes.

Apparently Graham Roustan, the one who tried the arena plan in Markham is going to put a bid in. My understanding the land where the arena was supposed to go is already being developed for something else.

Where the building goes, who knows. Would be good to see MLSE split and say Bell partner with Roustan on GTA2 team plus have the Argos (plus TFC and the BMO rights) under the same ownership.