NHL draft dominating the airwaves

I know the NFL can not do anything about it but the NHL draft is dominating the air waves all CFL talk is out this weekend none of it what so ever why the CFL would go up against this year's draft that is so deep is beyond me. Big mistake by the CFL should have waited until July 1st long weekend .

This is a weaker draft. There is also only 1 Canadian in the Top 10 prospects so it MAY draw less viewers. Having said that, you are right, it's still a HUGE draw and the CFL should have pushed back the Winnipeg game until 9 pm - when the Canadian NHL teams will have already made their pick.

Long weekend usually means less people watching TV. I think this is the better weekend to open the season.

Waiting until July 1 wknd means going up against nhl free agency and playing the Grey Cup in December. Neither is a good idea.

Ok good points I guess you can't win either way I know out here in Vancouver it is all over the airways the lions have not even got a sniff at all today I would think all the hype will be tom . Looking at Ticketmaster there are a lot of tickets sold for the lions Calgary game tom opening night I say we will get around 24,000 not bad if that is the case last year we had 22,000 .

All the Canadian teams sucked this year, so naturally the draft is a bigger deal than it normally is.

And they will all have picked early. Push back the Winnipeg game until 9 pm (EST) and we'd be fine.

As for the Draft itself...

There is an old adage. Any NHL Draft that doesn't have a Canadian as the #1 Overall, tends to be weak. The fewer Canadians in the Top 10, the weaker the draft. This year, there is only expected to be one. It is the weakest Canadian draft ever.

I spoke too soon. 2 Canadians in the Top 10. 3 if you included Alexander Nylander who was born in Canada but represents Sweden.

Logan Brown should have represented Canada internationally. Because he didn't, I hope he's a bust.

The New Jersey Devils actually drafted a Canadian!!! :o Lou Lam moves to Toronto and they draft an American. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Canadian kid going to Carolina - hopefully Quebec City. Considering, 6 months ago, people were saying this was the WORST Canadian draft ever, I'm pleased thus far.

Lou used to be a good judge of talent. Must have lost his touch. Should have gone for the Finn and left the Yank. Matthews is extremely over rated. Top 10 but not top 5 let alone #1.

Yes and yes.

Jakob Chychrun taken by Phoenix. Nice to see an American kid playing for Canada instead of the other way around. Having said that, 12 months ago, he was expected to go # 2.

Nashville ALWAYS drafts U.S. kids so it's shocking to see them draft Fabbro.

Such a WEAK draft.

Logan Stanley... Canadian kid going to Winnipeg.

Will Max Jones go next to Florida? He sure has dropped.

Edit : Nope. Finnish kid.

Jones went to Anaheim. :thdn:

Worst Canadian draft in history and we still produced 12 First Round Picks. U.S. had 11.

Numbers could have been reversed except Jakob Chychrun played for Canada. :thup: Anyway, next year looks MUCH better.