NHL Canadian TV deal

Since it’s football’s (CFL and NFL and University and College) off season I’d to start another topic.

Looks like Rogers and Bell may team up for the next TV deal with the NHL for around the same $5.2 billion CDN that Rogers payed for.

Can’t say I am surprised by Rogers losing money on this deal nor I have any sympathy for them.

Rogers was under the impression that they can put TSN out of business when they signed the deal but it didn’t turnout to be the case.

Please feel free to chime in on this topic, if not that’s fine too.



Do you have a link or a story I can read that says Rogers and Bell might team up for the next NHL TV deal? I’m interested, although we are still a few years out.

Since Rogers by all accounts overpaid for the last deal I thought that perhaps the next deal would be for less. But maybe sports are just too valuable a commodity?

I would be interested to hear if @Paolo_X can offer any insight although I’m not sure how familiar he is with Canadian broadcasting.


Found it on a local podcast .

It’s only a tidbit but hopefully this helps.


Maybe @mahalcflers knows of a rumour?

I find nothing other than what many know that I did not, in that there are two more seasons on the current NHL deal in Canada after this season like @Jon stated.

By comparison the NHL deal in the US runs through 2027 to 2028, and some things can improve and will change before too long with how that deal is implemented given the new streaming alliance between Fox, Disney and WBD since ESPN and TNT have rights to those games as also many of the regional sports network deals have not been shored up.
Disney and WBD have always had the streaming rights too.


Just wondering if that’s the speculation of the NHL then what would the CFL get when their deal is up as their deal ends after 2026.


Thank you.

The relevant clip for the NHL starts at about 6 minutes after all the yuck-yuck and NFL ratings talk.


What do you make of it?

Well it will be MORE for the NHL. “DUH!” right? :smiley:

For the CFL, who is to know though you make a fine point to watch the NHL negotiation and anything that can be gleaned from it.

The rest for the NHL just seems like early rumour, but I’m not the one in the know now for what is looming for Canada for that deal.

It will be interesting for the 2024-2025 as to how the deals play out in the US for the games on cable ESPN and TNT as far as expanded and better streaming options and what will work and what is not working.

I have heard good things from a few fans who have watched games on ESPN+, but these rights would be expanded with a figure improved apps and production as well closer to the new standard set by Amazon.

And then Canada may have the best opportunity sooner in autumn 2026 to have simply ALL games available more easily via cable and/or streaming instead of this patchwork regional sports network framework like we still have in some cities in the US to go with the two biggest deals as noted.

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I get the feeling CFL will stay with TSN as they don’t have any leverage.

If I was the commissioner I’d keep an eye on the NHL deal negotiations to see what he might get.


As noted above, I think it will be MORE simply because the offering and production will be superior PLUS, like in the US, gambling connections have been a key game changer for the value of rights for live sports.

Another game changer has been via the cord cutting whenever some games are available via over-the-air, streaming apps, and/or Pirate Sports Network since quite simply far more are watching live sports on average than in years.

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Yup, that was the plan - but TSN used real numbers and Rogers guessed wrong…


This is where the CFL B.O.G. and Randy Ambrosie have dropped the ball though. They should have taken those lobsters from TD Atlantic and put on a dinner for TV executives in Toronto.


They may need more than lobsters to butter them up I gather :laughing:


It’s a bit of a double edged sword that. Production costs are significantly lower for CFL I would imagine, and a the games run longer than a hockey game, plus there’s the Canadian Content part of that that TSN has leveraged in to broadcasting golf’s majors…
So in some ways it’s not the CFL but what the CFL allows them to broadcast leveraging the Canadian Content time the CFL broadcasts give them…

Its part of where Rogers screwed up. The Canadian content in hockey offsets the US hockey content…and come summer…Rogers doesn’t have that, just baseball.


If, as rumoured, the NHL gets about the same as the last TV deal (assuming it is for either the same term or the same annual rate) that likely reflects that Rogers so badly overpaid last time that “the same” for the NHL may well be what viewership over those years justifies … while it may sound that the CFL shouldn’t get too optimistic, **** IF **** unlike the NHL their viewership has improved enough over the current contract it may well justify an increase … but doubt it is BIG … unless they can finalize expansion plans and increase the number of games per season (i.e., more games to televise).

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Personally, I don’t see happening any time soon. They’ll most likely get an increase similar to the last one. If it’s more than 62 million in 2027, they’ll be doing well.

Having said all that, knowing how the CFL operates, we could get an expansion announcement tomorrow for all I know :joy:


Rogers rights dont expire until 2027 season (2014-15 + 12 years = 2026-27)
I mean I am sure there is some discussion on rights beforehand and I am sure Rogers never again does what they did last time but I doubt much of this is concrete yet just rumours

The other (hilarious to me) side effect of this weird deal they signed
I can watch multiple “blacked out” games (without Centre Ice or any premium Sportnet channels) yet they are all being broadcast (free) in foreign languages with a basic antenna

Leafs + Canadiens have lots of Punjab channels and Jets broadcast in Native languages

I would prefer CBC (or at least CTV) but gotta do what you gotta do right

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It actually ends at the conclusion of the 2025-26 season.

Agree with you on the fact that it should be on CBC (Both the CFL and NHL)


Can you imagine the outrage if CBC had outbid Rogers last time and lost all that taxpayer’s money?

It will be TSN and/or Sportsnet because the NHL is infinitely more valuable to them than to CTV (TSN’s mothership) or Global (the only other national private broadcaster) … on network TV the NHL simply displaces other profitable programming.


Yes you are correct again, for it will be another announcement about an announcement of starting new discussions with …
/Saves Post For Recycling On Forum In 2026

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