NHL Awards, Draft & Magician Flub

Unique weekend for the NHL. Gary Bettman league had an odd & varied weekend. NHL awards was a rather amateurish ceremony (even by NHL standards). The two hick hockey wackos was particularly disturbing - I think the same 2 rubs cleaned up and sunk Mark Messier's award, too!

The beauty of the ceremony was its amateurness - the dedication to the Humboldt Broncos may have dragged on endlessly but it was so necessary. A great cathartic sequence topped off by the coach's wife receiving the O'Ree award. Superb use of time.

The klutziest part of the ceremony was not some of the pidgeon English spoken by non-American players - but probably D'Arcy Oake (son of HNIC Scott Oake) failed magic trick - or so-called magic trick. Oake kinda shat on his own legacy and even Anze Kopitar shunned him after Oake gave us one of the most memorable (in a bad way) magical performances since legendary Kreskin forgot where he was on live TV.

The draft was pedantic as usual - with both TSN & Sportsnut hosts, praying for trade action which never came. Probably should have used Bob McCown to supply some sarcasm and dread over the proceedings.

But D'Arcy "Kreskin" Oake's bumbled magic trick was the thing most viewers will remember! ;D

Missed the Oake bumbled magic trick. Tuned out after they had Linda Carter on not once but twice trying her han at comedy. Could have heard a pin drop when she was talking.

And yes, the best part was the dedication to the Humboldt Broncos and having 10 of the players up on stage along with Christina Haughan (wife of coach Darcy Haughan) to accept the O'Ree award.

I'm sure the Oake bumbled card trick is already on youtube.

Prolly google - Oake, NHL awards, card trick gone wrong

Try this for a view of Oake's bumbled trick:

Thanks Lyle. Ouch !

Ouch is right!

Having a rudimentary knowledge of magic, especially card tricks this one is hard to stomach. Especially since Oake finished 2nd or 3rd on the British Edition of The Greatest Entertainer w/ Simon Cowell.

Basically, the 9 (or was it 12) card stack is inserted at some point in the proceedings - usually when the sharp is able to distract the camera (and thus the viewers) by completing other parts of the trick.

At that point its strictly a matter of remembering how to unravel the pre-set stack to reveal a portrait of award-winner Kopitar (you realize the magician knows in advance who the winner is; unlike the Academy awards)

So its particularly frustrating when he can't execute the easiest portion of the trick.

Funny also how Kopitar was pretty disgusted and refused to shake Oake's hand when Oake revealed him to be the winner (he was stationed beside Oake, of course)

I'm sure Oake's dad, Pappa Scott Oake will no doubt seek Kopitar out next season on HNIC and tell him that D'arcy Oake was his kid and Scott will make sure that Kopitar knows how embarrassed the kid was. Scott will also try to score a donation from Kopitar for the Oake Family Addictions Centre in Winnipeg - a re-purposed community club that's gonna serve as a centre for counselling and housing addicts. (Scott's other son Bruce committed suicide or died from drug overdose, its still unclear)

Hopefully young Oake brushes up on his act next time vs spending more time partying in Vegas?

Who knows, but Vegas can be a distraction as we all know.