NHL 2024 off-season

Can you expand on that thought?

Leafs will probably figure out a way to give that extra salary cap space to Marner. :rofl:


just a little musing I was doing. I was thinking that Elk and Oilers are not compatible and how the Elk would probably not want to cheer for the Oilers. I was thinking of the changing landscape of society working towards less oil use and how Oilers would becoming a less force than Activist.

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Man, that’s deep! :thinking:

Thanks for the explanation. :wink:

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Too deep for me.


…and Tavares, don’t forget him.


No more public use of Cap Friendly


This is par for the course in pro sports history in Washington.

Dan “Dick” Snyder had all his nasty fingers in the local media, including even Tony Kornheiser outed as his shill for managed dissent in The Washington Post after his blowhard act on local radio, also heavily influenced by Dan Snyder and his then Redskins, as well on ESPN for the national spin for his team.

Then came John Riggins in YouTube circa 2007 or so to blow things up for the media bubble in Washington even for their sports teams, and finally the heat was on though of course it was only recently that the NFL finally dumped Snyder’s corrupt butt.

Ted Leonsis, owner of the Wizards and these Capitals, has engaged in much the same with local media.

He recently created the new regional sports network for example, but that’s not as distinctive a practice in a sports market.

Surprise surprise, even with plenty of local media always in their pocket for decades and plenty of uncritical and duped sheeple in the fanbase (and in life in general in my view), here a Washington sports team again buys even an independent medium so as to control the spin and issue more homer propaganda from a generally uncritical bunch of fans, many of them politically-affiliated newcomers, who eat it all up.

Screw you Beltway people and Washington DC (except you long-time locals who see through the local BS).

Some interesting off season chatter.

Ottawa now very interested in Markstrom along with New Jersey. Don’t know where he will end up but it is looking doubtful that he will stay in Calgary. Meh. Average goalie at best.

Unfortunately Brossoit linked to the Leafs. He would become the first Leaf I like since Davey Keon. I hope not. Laurent was by far the best backup in the league last year and had Winnipeg played him in the post season they might still be playing. Outstanding cat like reflexes and rebound and puck control and a Stanley Cup pedigree. He could start for 2/3 to 3/4 of the teams in this league. A far better bet than Markstrom and cheaper too. I would keep him ahead of Hellesuck in a nanosecond but alas that won’t happen.

Also the start of the Nik Ehlers sweepstakes. A warning to any suitors: he is flashy and speedy yet underscores in the regular season, but a solid 60 point man when not injured. Playoff file unavailable. There is a reason that Jets fans won’t be sorry to see him leave even though he is universally loved in Winnipeg. Don’t pay too much or you will be disappointed. Good at making crop circles though.

It also looks like the Canucks will have to part with either Zadorov or Myers. Hint: Myers.

Psst- I think you meant this for the NHL thread :wink:


Some more insider speculation on potential off season player moves.

It appears that the Habs may not want to pay the price for Martin Necas. Necas is an underrated outstanding forward. I would be very happy if he joined the Jets.

The Leafs may be looking to “make a splash” in the goalie market, passing over Brossoit. In my opinion they couldn’t make more of a splash among goalies available than by signing Brossoit, the best goalie currently on the market. I really hope that they continue to err player personnel wise and don’t sign him. Certainly a good bet given their track record.

It also appears that the Canucks will be taking another run at Guentzel and that they will be hard pressed to hang onto Lindholm, for whom they paid a boatload. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lindholm decided the Canucks organization wasn’t for him after he was almost traded a couple of weeks after being acquired close to the trade deadline. Lindholm stunk during the regular season but showed up for Vancouver in the playoffs and was one of their better players, unlike Pettersen, who stunk in both seasons. Strange how that works. Monahan was exceptional for the Jets in the regular season but stunk in the playoffs. Wouldn’t it be fun to be a GM?

Report: Jets GM open to discussing Ehlers trade

Many Jets fans have been screaming for this for a while and it’s almost unanimous after another playoff disappearing act. Covered in a couple of articles I linked above as well. We consider it all but a done deal.

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A very informative read here on possible buyouts


New coach in San Jose.

More off season player movement speculation.

I would take Laine back in a Jets uniform in a millisecond if I was comvinced his head was on straight. best shot I have ever seen in my life.

As I said yesterday, would love to see Necas in a Jets uniform. He’s 10x better than a Toffoli. Could be part of a larger deal involving Ehlers.

Maybe I am being naive but the fact this lawsuit is progressing may cause the NHL to revisit the legality of fighting. A hefty damage award might just do that.

So they basically just punted so they could amplify the publicity for a fake contest next season - nothing to see here. LAME!

I do like their jerseys and colours though.

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Agree here.

As for the jersey, lame too IMO. Guess the positive is it may only be for one season.