NHL 2024 off-season

Interesting but wildly inaccurate. I don’t think the weather makes a difference for most players. What does is no state income tax, which only Seattle has of the six teams listed. To each his own, but I would personally prefer the odd cold day in Winnipeg and the blazing summers compared to year round drizzle and gloom in Seattle.

New Jersey #1? Are you kidding me? The article directly identifies the Jets as the best current team and scouting system, but underestimates the scouting system. It is actually the best in the entire league since 2011, especially with first round picks.

It also identifies Toronto as the wealthiest team in the league. That would depend on how you define “wealthy”. I don’t doubt that they make more money than any other team in the league, but Jets half owner David Thompson alone could buy MLSE 6-8 times over.

The article does note that Toronto has Auston Matthews, which obviously should increase the attractiveness of coaching there, considering his perennial MVP type performances and playoff leadership and success :grin:


Looking at both the Pros and Cons for each organization, if I was looking for a coaching position I would lean towards N.J. myself.

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Really? If it’s tax it’s clearly Seattle. If it’s the best team it’s clearly Winnipeg. Different considerations for sure. If it’s weather either LA or San Jose. If you like pressure either Toronto or Winnipeg. If you like traffic jams either Toronto or New Jersey, maybe LA.

Personally my ranking would be the best team first, followed by weather. I would avoid Toronto or New Jersey at any cost.

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I was refering to N.J. vs Winnipeg - based on your quote about the report stating NJ #1 over Winnipeg.

And for me, I would not avoid N.J. I like their upside right now as a whole vs Winnipeg.

While Winnipeg has a solid team on paper and does well during the regular season, playoff track record speaks for itself.


True, but still better than Jersey, who didn’t even make the playoffs and doesn’t have an NHL goaltender.

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Like their chances to make the playoffs moving forward. And yes agreed they do not have a goaltender right now.
Still have time before TC starts. F/A coming in approximately 6 weeks where a deal could be made.

Saros, Markstrom and Ullmark may be available come the end of this season via trade.

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NHL coaching turnover apparently more than in the other three major North American team sports.

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might be the last one :rofl:

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Blackhawks making more news for all the wrong reasons, again

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Leafs have their new head coach.

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Barkov wins Selke Trophy over Matthews, Jordan Staal


Great news for Rod Brind’Amour


Wow would you look at all this.

One massive door was belatedly slammed shut at long last, but a new one opens! Bold text is my emphasis.

The good news for the NHL’s former Coyotes franchise is that owner Alex Meruelo is in active conversations with Phoenix mayor Kate Gallego about the possibility of a new arena. The bad news is that Gallego remains firmly opposed to some core parts of a potential Coyotes arena plan.

As the team has relocated to Utah and been sold to a group led by Ryan Smith—setting off a five-year window for Meruelo to revive the Coyotes—Gallego’s office late Thursday confirmed a meeting held earlier this month with the owner. The mayor’s representatives called the session “productive,” but emphasized that public funds should not be part of the project.

“The mayor believes professional hockey can thrive in the desert, but also made clear that she does not support using taxpayer funds, including property tax abatement, for sports arenas,” Gallego’s office said in a statement.

It’s noteworthy that Kate Gallego is also the ex-wife of US Representative Ruben Gallego, who is running for Senate in Arizona this year.

It’s refreshing to see a politician taking a firm stand on this front for taxpayers for once. We’ll see how long that lasts. :roll_eyes: Heh heh heh… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Ah look at this typical fake private funds scam as had been proposed and opposed, for example:

Prior arena plans released by the team have centered on a privately funded arena, but also creating a special theme park district with taxing authority within it, and using those funds to help finance the project. Whether that aligns with Gallego’s firm stance against taxpayer funds will be the subject of further talks. But already, the Meruelo plan has begun to draw other local opposition.

“Whether that aligns” is the author here, Eric Fisher who does an overall great job but does this act in so many of his articles, going either mamby-pamby or "homina, homina, homina …"again for what he damn well knows is a back-door tax subsidy via the abatement or reduction of property taxes or other amounts that would be due to the municipality or state and/or any given other public subsidies specific to the project.

As the rest of the article covers matters associated with the A’s in Las Vegas I will simply post it anew with separate commentary there.

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