NHL 2018-19 Season

Will Rod then say “so and so played in the KHL”… :-*

Rod’s only real connection with the games he calls is wikipedia profiles of the last 2 or 3 schools a guy toiled for . . . .

Rod is right on the snap in giving us those schools - over 'n over 'n over again!

Jets GM Chevyldayoff known for sitting on his hands, making no moves until pressure builds and kettle starts whistling . . . .

Trade I’d suggest for Chevy & Jets . . . .

To Ottawa:

D Jacob Trouba & F Nic Petan


D Thomas Chabot

Trouba is trying to maneuver out of Winnipeg - rolling him to Ottawa might be the answer as he’s also expected to demand a large 7 to 8 mill. contract for up to 7 years. Trouba is slightly over-valued at 7 mill. - but he’s a stalwart defender w/ potential upside as a 25 to 35 pt. scorer -
Chabot is a budding star but only 21, still growing into his frame - would give the Jets another top scoring d-man in addition to Big Buff & Morrissey. . . . moderate drop off in defensive zone coverage compared to Trouba.

Petan is a solid throw in - no possibility of starting for Jets. Small & shifty, could be a 30 to 45 pt man if he plays with proven guys on a 2 or 3 line giving him decent minutes.

Only 5 goals for the Leafs tonight - so no touchdown call for Cuthbert during tonight’s TSN broadcast - in their 5 - 3 win over Detroit.

The Tavares/Matthews show continues. Matthews with two goals and Tavares with four assists tonight.

Throw in Morgan Rielly’s goal and an assist and he is off to the best start EVER through 5 games for a defenceman with 12 points.

Right now Leafs players are in the Top four spots in League scoring.

1 - Matthews - 9 goals, 3 assists = 12 points
2 - Rielly - 3 goals, 9 assists = 12 points
3 - Tavares - 6 goals, 4 assists = 10 points
4 - Marner - 3 goals, 7 assists = 10 points

Bergeron of the Bruins is in 5th at 8 points.

Leafs for the time being hold the NHL’s best point total with 10 after beating the champs 4-2 in Washington. This after giving up the first goal 18 seconds into it.

Matthews scores his 10th in the process. The most balanced game of the team this season so far.

God, I hate them. :frowning:

Habs fan I take it? :wink:

Leaflets sure got the drop on the defending Stanley Coupe champs tonite, didn’t they? Neutralized Alex O but Wash did a decent job on Marner, Matthews, etc. until late in 3rd.

Caps also hindered without the great Edward G. Robinson behind bench!!!

Leafs win streak snapped at 5 after getting shut out 3-0 by the Penguins. I guess Auston Matthews 100+ goal pace was dubious at best :wink:

Devils perfect start also snapped after dropping a 5-3 decision to the Avs.

Wings and Panthers both have not found the win column yet. They do play each other tomorrow so one of them will still have the donut.

Baboonka must have given his leafs the night off. It happens! Regularly in current NHL.

Actually - Pittsburgh finally bowled one of their increasingly less frequent “perfect games” - holding the mighty leafs off the scoreboard. Leafs futilely pulled their goaler w/ 3 minutes remaining and coughed up a couple empty-netters!

Is the NHL still around??

I stopped watching it. Clearly that leauge has more interest in places like phoniex and vegas and very little interest in Canada.

Just a reminder, a percentage of every dollar you spend on the nhl goes towards propping up teams in terrible markets like phoniex and Miami.

So next time expansion and relocation talk comes up and the message boards get filled up with people saying Canada should have more teams…remember, you’re helping keep those teams out of Canada by supporting that pathetic leauge.

Hey, I’m sure the World Cup of Hockey is going to be in places like Quebec City to gouge Canadians of their extra currency.

You’re 100% correct! But most canadians are blissfully ignorant.

All it would take would be for all of Canada to ignore the nhl for a year. They’d hemmerage money, and teams that should fold, would fold! Or be relocated to markets they should be in.

…good plan…what’s next on your Saturday to-do list?

Heck we just got back out team a few years back - give us at least another 5 years and one Stanley Cup before conspiring to ignore the league for a year!

Sheer panic in Leafville though - u think the world ended when their winning streak did but getting Holly Holmed by a low mid-card team like St. Loo - in Toronto - thats the stuff of pure unadulterated panic!

Read harder… never said it was a plan, merely an observation. Hoping to get the critical thinking skills of people going, only way you ever get change.

But since you asked, not watching NHL hockey, 2 lockouts showed me I didn’t need it?

If I had a team, jets would be it for the simple fact they beat the NHL and got their team back.

Still waiting for same thing to happen for Hamilton.

Unfortuntely for Hamilton, they are too close to Buffalo and Toronto and that is why, one reason anyways, there isn’t a big push there from movers and shakers to get a team there, and in an older arena that isn’t NHL ready. Balsillie knew his only way was to do what he tried to do with Nashville. That didn’t work though.

Not going to happen for Hamilton IMHO.

Sadly I agree, nothing on the horizon, which is why I have my current stance.

The millions of people in S. Ontario want a second team, yet they happily fork over money to the leafs, some of which finds it way too the Miami’s and Phoniex’s. Without that money, they’d be forced to relocate.

Power is in our hands, just stop giving money to the NHL, but most people are happy to click on their tv every night to watch.

Former majority owner of the Islanders - Charles Wang has died at 74.

His tenure was tumultuous with many questionable decisions, but he was always committed to keeping the team in the NY area. Many unsuccessful arena projects before the Belmont deal got done.