NHL 2017/18 season

Meeker won 4 Stanley Cups, the Calder, once scored 5 goals in a game, is the last living member of the 1st all-star game, is in the HHOF and most importantly, he did all this after he was seriously wounded fighting in WW2.
A great man, I'm glad I got to meet him once.

A very respected man . He had that high tone screeching voice . There never was a better teacher of the game . Miss him on HNIC .

Loved the second city TV's send up of him with Howie mcMeeker's Curling tips it was spot on with Martin Short playing Howie .

Jets win again… good solid road victories… they are an elite team as of right now, and I don’t see them tanking anytime soon, and exciting team to watch too, to be honest… unlike the Oilers, who were seconds away from being shutout in Buffalo… even McDavid can’t carry the team like everyone wants him to, he needs help, they are getting no secondary scoring, too many overrated players, IMO…

As of today The Vegas Boogie Nights are in first place in their division and 4th over all in the entire league . It's almost December and they are playing like no other
expansion team I have ever seen in it's first year .

Dirk Diggler is the leading scorer no wait he was let go it's William Karlsson with 13 goals and 9 assists for 22 points.

What a start for these guys; I keep waiting for something to drop but it just gets
better .

Dirk Diggler is the leading scorer no wait he was let go it's William Karlsson with 13 goals and 9 assists for 22 points.
Nice one Hank, got a chuckle from that!

Could this year be the year the Jets become the only team to win the championship in two different proleagues. Carolina/Hartford doesn't count.

3 different pro leagues my friend.

Winnipeg WHA Jets won 3 during the 1970s before the NHL let them into the league but made sure they were totally raped of capable players before entering the NHL.

Winning Warriors won at least one (possibly two) Western Hockey League championships during the 1953 to 1961 era (Billy Mosienko was the biggest star on the Warriors)

Now the 3rd version of the Wpg. Jets. I do believe they'll make playoffs, sure. They've got a ton of young talent and their goal-tending is maturing into excellence. But the Jets aren't the only ones with quality net-minding.

While they make the playoffs I suspect they'll be squashed in the first round - as the Jets coaching just isn't up to snuff - Paul Maryse has spun his web of fibs on Jets fans but his coaching just doesn't spell CHAMPIONSHIP. Jets are too poorly run - don't take advantage of certain players assets and consistently take bad penalties at inopportune times. Their penalty-killing and powerplay is at times the biggest joke in the NHL.

Big jump for the Jets this year would be to get a good seeding in the playoff 16 - before succumbing in 4 or 5 games (they should win one this year to set the town atizzy).

Still too many moody and inconsistent performers on the Jets:

  • Giant Byfuglien - a floater if there ever was, leaves his post unattended too often
  • Pat Laine - immersed in a sophomore slump as I predicted, barely shooting now, hardly skating, can't ask for more.
  • Nik Ehlers - still has amazing bursts of speed and energy, but not a gifted goal-scorer.
  • Toby Enstrom - Tiny Toby is injured, prolly another 8 to 10 weeks; his career is done
  • Brian Little - a quality grinder with limited scoring powers. Nice player though if you like your 5 million dollar players netting 10 goals and 22 assists (his projections for 2017)
  • Blake Wheeler - over 30, can't skate full boar every nite anymore. Decent leader but limited abilities. Basically useless under severe opposition checking
  • Mark Schiefele - Jets best overall player, great instincts, but his 80 to 90 pts will be wasted in an early playoff exit
  • Frenchy Perrault - excellent little player with tons of moves and grit. Only problem is he's fragile - usually misses large chunks of season with injuries caused by his immense efforts.

Maryse needs almost all his guys to have optimal seasons - especially Ehlers, Laine, Morrisey, Byfuglien, Lowery, Perrault, Kyle Connors, etc. If they don't they'll fade down the stretch and might even miss playoffs.

If you haven't seen that Kris Russell goal, you have to watch it, link below. This one will be on the top 10 bloopers for a very long time. Could be the top blooper of 2017 I'm sure. Feel sorry for the guy, too bad the Oilers lost then the team could have made fun of it but when you lose a close game with this, ouch!

The vote on Seattle’s Key Arena renovation is expected to take place on Monday.

It was an unfortunate play, but he was stellar in this game otherwise.

I wonder Lyle... how many Jets games have you watched this year? This analysis is totally off base

A much needed offensive explosion for my Habs last night... hopefully they can keep it up. Tonight the Jets are flying... literally. IMO, they are the best team in Canada, the best hope of bringing the Cup back to home to the Great White North...

Seattle City Council approves MOU for 600 million dollar renovation to Key Arena.

Headed by Tim Liewicke's Oak View Group. Partners in this are Celtics minority owner Jim Bonderman and Jerry Bruckheimer linked to potential ownership.

Plans to break ground late next year and open fall 2020.

Let the expansion talk start again.

I thought it was a superb goal by Russell. Didn't give the goalie a chance, put it where he had no chance of stopping it. Great finish :slight_smile:

so far I am liking the west. Not so much the east. Not liking the Leafs success.

Quite the 3.5 hours or so for MLSE last night. An MLS Cup win followed by the Leafs jumping the Penguins for 3 goals in Pittsburgh in the first period en route to their win last night.

Throw in the Raptors roaring back from 17 down in Memphis Friday night and so far so good for MLSE. Can the Leafs beat the Oilers tonight? Should be a good one.

My beef is with the CBC, they showed the Toronto/Pittsburgh game on their national broadcast, but they should have showed the Jets/Lightning game instead. Why, you ask? They are only the top two teams in the league, but no, don't showcase the game that way. IMO, it was a better more exciting game and was buried to a channel on the dreaded Sportsnet. When is the CBC going to realize that there is a country beyond the GTA?

They put the game that will get the best ratings on CBC. And sorry Jets and Lightning fans but a Pens - Leafs game would draw at least double the ratings of a Jets - Lightning matchup regardless of the standings.

I don't buy that... I know quite a few that wanted to see the Jets/Lightning game, and would have watched it if the CBC had the foresight to realize that this particular game was the game of week. I'm not a Jets fan, but I would have rather watched that game than the Leafs/Pens.

There is a reason it is always the Leafs at 7:00PM on CBC and they always have the #1 broadcast team and that reason is ratings. Even in years when they are bad the CBC ratings are driven by the Leafs. When they are good - like they are this year - and are playing the defending Stanley Cup champions - it is a no brainer they would be the main CBC game.

I know that may not be fair to fans of other teams but it is the sound business decision.