NHL 2017/18 season

Almost all NHL teams have become quite experienced in taking nights off with pay.
Penguins got Jet-bombed by Wpg. 7-1 but they were playing the night before.
Pens also got laced by Chicago.
Teams know they can't play all-out for 80+ games. Just a few untalented 3rd and 4th liners (plus fighters) play all out tough every game.

Guys like Malkin, Laine, The Sedins, Byfuglien, etc. take nights off when and where they want. That's the NHL way. Too bad you can't reduce your $98 ticket to a $20 ticket when the stars you came to see decide to check out.

I think that's what will happen. One city will get the Coyotes and the other will get an expansion team.

Kypereos was on HNIC last week and even on Prime Time Sports this week and apparently there are many people concerned that Coyotes owner Andrew Barroway doesn't have the financials to finish the season.

They're on a year to year lease which has an auto renewal at the end of calendar year.

If there's no progress on a new arena then yes, sliding the Coyotes to Houston and in the central makes allot of sense and then expand to Seattle as the rebuilt Key Arena starts to take form.

Who would have thought by Nov 5th that the Las Vegas Boogie Nights would have a better record than the Leafs or Oilers .

Not sure if they can hold up much longer but it's an interesting start .

Habs made the Top 3 Wpg Jets look like 7 yr old children last time out. Aldo Montoya let in a couple easies for the Habs and Connor H kept the Jets in the thing with some acrobatics - but Winnipeg wasn’t even in the sniff - despite being up 2 goals with 8 minutes to go the Jets were hard-pressed to hang on sloopy for an OT loss - Myers, The Texas Tornado taking an idiotic cross-checking penalty to start OT and the Habs stick-dangled around Jets lazy-boy Dustin Byfuglien and their feeble Swedish d-man Enstrom for an easy tap-in.

Too good a coach in Julian - Mr. Weber is a monster D - Pacioretty can compete with everyone save Crosby, Malkin, McDavid. Real question is whether Carey Price is heading south talent-wise or if its just an injury blip (again)

Fear is that Barroway is a Trump-style scammer. I think that before the league moves the franchise they'll have the other 30 teams subsidize them for the balance of the season - then make the move. Remember, Bettman likes to torment and bribe potential new owners with massive entry fees and lots of juice on the side. No different this time. Bettman will be talking positive until the deal(s) go down!

I like this comment following from the news piece below about Houston expansion:

Too many teams now.....and plenty of teams with 0 following. Stop the money grabbing lunacy....killing a great sport.
[b]Report: NHL exploring Houston for expansion to 32 'not impossible to see'[/b]

It's nice too see basically an AHL team in the NHL called the Las Vegas G Knights beat NHL teams this year . You have an Australian and many other novelties now making the NHL .Way too many teams for the talent pool. #watereddownNHL

The elite teams all have a couple superstars (or more) PLUS

2 solid lines w/ a competent 3rd line and some up 'n comers checking up a 4th line

The mid-level teams have 1 very good line, 1 average 2nd line and then mostly hobos and free agents muddling on the 3rd & 4th

The bottom line teams have nary a superstar, 1 good line, lots of injured guys and hobos rounding out the roster.

Top 8 level teams havea solid 1-2 defensive pair, a shut-down 3-4 and competent guys taking a bit of ice-time in non-threatening situations at 5 & 6.

A great goalie can move a mid-card team into the final 8 if he gets hot at the right time!

A bad goalie can move a Top 8 team into the mid-pack with prolonged mediocre goal-tending!

Just my opinion - I could be Howie Meeker!

To me the biggest disappointment nearing the quarter pole the season is the Oilers… apart from the dynamic duo of McDavid and Draisaitl, they can’t seem to score… if you add RNH to the mix they have scored nearly half the team’s goals… their secondary scoring seems to be non-existant at this point.

Just my opinion - I could be Howie Meeker!
Too funny but I liked him, he was or just seemed to be so genuine.

The Oilers finally broke the witch's spell of the Vegan Golden Knights - up 8-2 late in tonite's game. Jets could barely breathe vs. the hard=checkin', never-give-up attitude of the Knights - the Jets were squashed last Friday 5-2 and according to reports it could have been worse!

Finally, the Oilers spelled off the rumour about Las Vegas's invincibility. Jets just keeled into the fetal position.

The Jets are playing good hockey… they have the ingredients to be a contender… size, skill, scoring, good mix of youngsters and vets, good D, and Hellebuyck stellar in net… even though they are losing in Nashville, I would say Winnipeg, not Edmonton, is the team to watch this season.

Good to see. Their fans deserve it.

Yes, we certainly do. But the Jets are woefully weak in possession numbers - and their exits out of their own zone and entries into the opponents zones need plenty of work.
The possession numbers are being cap-sized by the great goal-tending and pure hustle the team has shown.
Right now, at the quarter pole - the Jets are easily the 2nd best NHL team in Canada.
However, at season's end they'll be hard-pressed to make playoffs (I suspect they'll qualify at around #13 to #16.
Toronto will finish at least 5, maybe 8 pts higher than the Jets.
Edmonton will overcome their early season woes and finish around the same as the Jets - perhaps 1 or 2 pts. higher.
Ottawa, ditto.

Calgary - around 2 pts below the Jets; Montreal around 4 pts under the Jets, Vancouver around 7 pts. under the Jets.

Once the Jets goal-tending comes down to earth, they suffer another 1 or 2 key injuries they'll go on one of their patented 8 to 10 game losing streaks. Super special youngins like Laine & Ehlers seem to be tamed by opposition coaches - put them under careful watch where they can sense you're breathing on them, and they become impotent.

btw - even with a 7 to 9 game losing streak - I still think the Jets will capture a playoff spot this year. They better as fans are getting real antsy. Be a first round casualty though - perhaps going down in 4 or 5 games.

Lyle, even if the Jets were perfect at this point in the season, you will still try to find fault with the team… relax and enjoy a team that is poised to be a Cup contender in the next 2 to 3 seasons…

Watch tonite Sambo - the Jets take on slumping L.A. Kings w/ Canadian Popeye coaching!

Look who's in big slumps for L.A. - one is Dustin Brown - the Jets have a long and proud record of busting slumping opponents out of their sad sack slumps.

Brown should score at least 1 goal tonite - maybe more!

Cure for the Edmonton Oilers is the Winnipeg Jets. Connor McDavid would score 4 goals and 3 assists against the Jets. Slumping goaler Cam Talbot might have a shutout against all the Jets pad-thumpers!

lol… Jets won that game 2-1… there is another mark of a good team…they win the close games… and they did it on the road to boot… and their “backup” in net… he recorded 38 saves as well, so what more do you want, Lyle? I will throw you a bone… I do think that they need a better coach, but even despite that, they are playing well… too bad you are too negative and trying to look smart by dumping on them… I’m sure there are more than enough fans to enjoy how good this team is, and support a franchise that is on its way up. Too bad you can’t count yourself among them.

I don't look smart at all Slambo - I was upside down in my prediction.
Truthfully, Jets fans are over-joyed but a bit more reluctant than I to see the other shoe drop.
Even you can see the Jets systems aren't entirely that solid.
They were hard-pressed by a team of aggressive mutts - sometimes their d-men disappear on command.
But they sure put up with the LA Sweathogs last nite - despite their best shooters being rather impotent vs. J Quick the LA goal er,
Truth be told - the Jets are extremely fragile possessing the puck. Their passing is rather feeble at time and their entries and exits are sloppy too!
Yet they continue to win. Now 3rd in the entire NHL. Don't think that's ever happened before.
Biggest problem is when their goal-tending comes back down to earth. Highly paid Jetsmen like Blade Wheeler and Brian Littler (both 31/32) are starting to show obvious decline. Byfuglien, the ginormous d-man is having a helluva time buttoning up his impulses to be the team rover - and even when he stays at home he's really not much of a bully in front of his own net or re-possessing the puck.

Good teams will not expose their weaknesses... and the Jets have been doing exactly that-- while the Oilers have not, and you see the results. I think Winnipeg will be a team to be reckoned with come playoff time.