NHL 2016 - 2017

Figured since every parking lot near my place was packed tonight because of the Leafs pre-season game vs. Detroit here in Hamilton - that now was a good time to start an NHL thread for the season.

How do you think your favourite NHL team is going to do this season? Who do you favour to win each division, conference and the Cup?

My division predictions which are bound to be wrong. Regular Season. Other pretictions to follow.

Metropolitan - Washington
Atlantic - Tampa Bay...If Price is healthy Montreal will give it a run
Central - St. Louis
Pacific - LA Kings. Hardest one to call.

Darkhorses. New Jersey, Florida (despite the division win last year), Winnipeg and Edmonton (One day they'll make it)

Stanley Cup winner - St. Louis over Tampa Bay

Draft Lottery winner and Nolan Patrick sweepstakes recipient - Vancouver.

Leafs will miss the playoffs but will finish 6th in the Atlantic.

Leafs lose Bozak in the expansion draft to Vegas.

Someone will move to Quebec for 17/18

Central division is tough, I don't see the Blues doing much, Nashville ,Chicago are better than the blues. Don't forget about Dallas, they will be very good. My Jets are in tough in the strongest division in hockey !

The only team that may move is Carolina but not next year. Florida and Arizona are not going any where. Which is surprising . The Coyotes are talking arena downtown and Florida's ownership is committed to keeping the team in Florida.

Knew that Mathews would be a bust :oops: :oops:

I think I hear angels singing. It's a miracle - a.k.a. a hat trick for the Leafs saviour in his first NHL game. :slight_smile:

Oh My Goodness - 4!

What a debut by Matthews tonight. Still shows there's lots of holes here. Hopefully Leaf nation will be patient as it will take time to gell together.

But with the OTL...we're in second !

They at least will be fun to watch miss the playoffs ! Goaltending and defence for both OTT and TOR is terrible !!

Brutal goaltending for sure, yikes! But Matthews sure does look like the real deal albeit it is much, much too early to see how he pans out with the long grind of an NHL season behind him on an average team.

22 minutes into his NHL career and he's set an NHL record. No player has ever scored 4 in his first game ever. Great players are great players and he should keep developing into one. He's already got a year of pro hockey under his belt. Marner didn't look too shabby either but both Ottawa's and TO's goalies sucked. I hope TO doesn't haver another lemon between the pipes.

I'm usually a fan of building from the goal out, but hey, I can be on board with a Leafs revival starting from the centre. :slight_smile:

Laine 1 - Mathews 0 !!!

Well they need a goalie that's for sure. This guy drops to his knees faster then a porn star. No way should that rookie Finn have scored on an NHL goalie in OT. He drops to his knees and didn't even have the angle covered. Another BUST in net for the Leafs. He's given too many soft ones and it's been four three games.

That rookie Fin has a better shot than anybody on the Leafs and it's not close. He may have the best shot in the league ...........at 18 ! Nobody scores a goal like his 1st of the game. That was a ridiculous shot !

Just tuned into the heritage classic at winnipeg's IGF. Looks neat. I want one of those retro jets jerseys.

It's been quite wknd in Winnipeg . Has GC week type feel to it. Bars and lounges have been over flowing. Jari Kurri was in the Pint on Friday night.

After a good start my Canucks are back in the tank ........ When will they accept that they have zero scoring and need to clean house on the first line ..............

Leafs need a goalie yet again. Anderson is CRAAAP! They won't win much with this dude dropping to his knees and watching pucks fly over his shoulders game in and game out.

This is why the Leafs are continually bad. They throw money at unproven commodities and then have to watch the dismal results along with the fans.


31st franchise unvield as the 'Vegas Golden Knights'.

I was hoping for Silver Knights since Nevada is called the Silver State.

Disappointed that they're going with 'Vegas' dropping 'Las'.

Vegas is what tourist call the place and this team needs to cater to locals for success IMO