NFL's view of the CFL

Interesting blurb below from the website ... _is_it.php
Also interesting that the NFL itself supports the CFL more than some Canadian CFL bashers who only look at American football as the only football worth following. Nice stuff NFL!!

"Now let's take a look at Canada.

"The Canadian Football League operates in nine leading cities across Canada. Connecting the strength and heritage of the past with the momentum of today and the promise of the future, the CFL celebrates Canada's game with fans across the nation. The 93rd Grey Cup will be played this year, the Super Bowl for Canada.

About the National Football League's opinion of the CFL:

NFL Canada, a division of NFL International, services the marketing, licensing, retail, broadcast, media, and developmental requirements of the NFL in Canada. "We support the CFL and its unique role in Canada, and share its goal of strengthening the interest and support of football among Canadians," said NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue. "As partners we have worked successfully to strengthen the sport of football in Canada, and the NFL looks forward to working with the CFL to build on these programs."

Both leagues will support mutually agreed, co-branded grassroots programs in Canada. In addition to the continuation of Reebok NFL/CFL Flag Football, NFL/CFL Practice with the Pros, NFL/CFL High School Coach of the Year, the new NFL/CFL Junior Player Development and, the FDMC will further promote the development of amateur tackle football.

Reebok NFL/CFL Flag Football Canada is an elementary in-school phys-ed program currently active in more than 1,300 schools and involving more than 300,000 Canadian youth. Practice with the Pros pairs NFL and CFL players for free introductory football clinics in CFL cities."

That's great! Totally sleeping with the enemy,I love it!

The CFL bashers sould just shut up, if they like the NFL better, fine! move south or whatever, but the rest of us, the Majorly of Canada, are going to love wnd watch the CFL, Canada's LEAGUE, now and forever!

The NFL/CFL grassroots programs that started in the mid 1990's is paying huge dividends and recovered the lost generation.

I guess in a way, that kind of proves my point how we as Canadians are so insacure about everything, be it arts, politics and especially sports but more important the best of all being the CFL, that we always have to look at the US for approval. Who cares about what the evil NFL thinks, by enlarge in their eyes the CFL does not exists. Unfortunately, the very same mentality that some of our very same citizens have and more so in my region, being the Center of the Universe.

The NFL isn't evil. When the CFL was having a hard time in the 90's and needed help the NFL was there to help pick it up. And if the CFL and the NFL work together in Canada it will benefit all the people involved in these programs. Basically the youth in football win in a deal such as this.

Roughyfan although tecnically true, this help when looked at closely did benefit the NFL much more. The loan although interest free, was paid off and in exchange came the option year window allowing the NFL to sign our players who were in their option year. If the NFL really wanted to "help out", why not have a head tax for every player signed? I am a little more cynical of their motives. More like to include the anti trust labour laws in the States.

I see your point but if the NFL didn't come along when they did I believe the CFL might have folded or worse eventually bought by Vince McMahon. The CFL is now very strong but can benefit by doing programs in partnership with NFL. Like I said the football youth are winners in the programs.

With the option year do you think the CFL has an easier time recruiting players if they believe they can eventually reach the NFL through our great league?

Good to hear that on the whole, the NFL is more interested in furthering the sport of football than in gaining a worldwide monopoly on the sport ...

Wolf in Sheep's clothing! All an is everything american!

You live in the States right geo? Were you born here or are you just anti-bush/american

Born and raised here. I am for the american peopleā€¦just not for the government. (especially BushWacker)