NFL's on the run...look at them scramble!! gotta help me out! Flood ESPN's board...I've got them going!
Here's the link:
We've got them on the run!! Keep the Yanks at bay boyz!

No thanks!
There is no reason for anti-CFL posters to come here to stir things up, and no reason for us to go there and do the same.

IMO it only makes you look foolish.

Seriously? :expressionless:
That's so Canadian...we have a superior product and marketing scheme...why not shout it from the rooftops!! Be loud and proud I say!

Sure! Go ahead, but shout it here, not there.
They feel their product is better( I dont agree with them but) DO you want them comming here shouting it from our rooftops?

Its wrong for them, and wrong for us.

Meh, bashing the NFL does the CFL no good.

Hey look, only a friggin fool would think the NFL is a better game, no need to bash, just go around with a smile on your face and say "s.uckers, pay the big price for the NFL, knock your heads out, you can have it all you want T.O. or whomever" and just keep walking with that smile.

What do you get out of jumping on the ESPN message board an taunting NFL fans about there game? This whole debate is stupid. It's all about preference, some people drive Honda's others like Toyota's. I've watched great NFL and great CFL games. I've also watched boring NFL and CFL games. No league is better than the other, some like 3 down football and others like 4 down. Just like Nascar, most Americans watch Nascar over F1, because they're use to that style not because one is better than the other. Quit being so ignorant.

Agree Peter about going on to message boards. Blogs by reporters are a different story though I think. They are inviting comments with how they usually write which is provocative.
Hey, I love the NFL for what it is but it is a slower game as it comes across, don't you think? Look at soccer, it can be a very slow and tedious game but the most popular sport in the world from a spectator point of view. Just depends where you're coming from.

I agree if its a blog by a reporter than reply all day. As for the speed of the game I really don't notice the difference. My friends who have played in the CFL and the NFL agree too. I've mentioned it to them, they said there is a couple things that are different. The NFL is more time consuming than the CFL, also you make more money in the NFL, and the players are usually smaller in the CFL.

Little buzz ahead of Bills-Steelers exhibition game
Sean Fitz-Gerald, Canwest News Service
Published: Thursday, August 14, 2008
TORONTO - Late Thursday afternoon, a man wearing a Buffalo Bills jersey hustled to the bench where Anthony Calarico was lounging with two friends.

The three men were visiting from New Jersey, and had been wandering the streets of Toronto before taking a break next to the CN Tower.

"Want to go to the game tonight?" the man in the jersey asked.

"I thought he was trying to sell us tickets," Calarico said.

Before the three men could blink, the anonymous man handed them each a ticket for Buffalo's pre-season game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Rogers Centre. The face value for each ticket was $255.

"Someone just handed me $255," Calarico said, smiling.

Stories of giveaways have been swirling around Toronto for weeks. An hour or so before kickoff Thursday night, three other fans were scrambling to sell two tickets they had just won in a contest sponsored by a beer company. The tickets were worth $600 each, but the best offer they had received was $50 for the pair.

And despite the giveaways and the smattering of empty seats - which included a number of corporate suites - the game, a 24-12 Buffalo win seemed to provide a case for a move. Bills quarterback Trent Edwards completed nine of his 11 attempts for 104 yards and two touchdowns, which only stoked the atmosphere.

Critics have pointed to the availability of tickets as a sign Toronto does not care for the National Football League. Others have suggested it only means residents are not eager to pay hundreds for a meaningless exhibition game, saying the truth will not be revealed until the Bills play their first regular-season NFL game in Canada in December.

The entire venture has been the subject of passionate debate since NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced in February that the Bills would play eight games in Toronto over the next five years. Some view the move as the first step down the path to the Bills ultimately making the Ontario capital their full-time home.

And, even with the smattering of empty seats that greeted the two teams Thursday, the housewarming will not end the speculation.

"When the owner of the Rogers Centre - what's his name? - when he went to (Bills owner) Ralph Wilson and said, 'OK, we want to have the games,' what do you think they talked about?" former Bills receiver Andre Reed asked this week. "If you were a fly on the wall there, what do you think they talked about?"

Wilson wanted the money, Reed said, and Ted Rogers wanted the team.

"There's some back and forth going on," Reed said. "You've just got to see what's going on."

There was plenty going on around the stadium Thursday, and most of it hinted there was money in the crowd. A "Bills in Toronto" mini-helmet cost $39.82 in the stadium's main souvenir shop, with a commemorative series T-shirt available for the relatively modest sum of $35.40.

Some of the wealthier fans, including the ones who paid the $550 face value for their tickets, lined up down the block to enter a VIP tailgate party south of the stadium. It was not the only one, but it was among the busiest, a problem compounded by security guards and volunteers who were not quite sure who qualified as a VIP and who did not.

But there were enough, by kickoff, to fill most of the seats in the stadium.

Pittsburgh's first drive of the game featured the team's stars - quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and running back Willie Parker - and the crowd roared, if only fleetingly in an exhibition.

"As much as I love coming to Toronto and I love a lot of the people up here, I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure the Bills stay in Buffalo," retired Buffalo quarterback Jim Kelly said this week. "I wouldn't want to see anything jeopardize the CFL and what the Toronto Argonauts have done here, and I wouldn't want to see anything happen with the Buffalo Bills."

The Bills have explained their trip as a bid to regionalize, which is a complicated way of saying the team needs Southern Ontario's deep pockets to supplement the income its rust-belt home provides. But with Wilson, the team's owner, set to turn 90 this fall, the question remains whether the Bills are merely being rented, or test-driven.

"The key is that we're here long-term," Bills chief operating officer Russ Brandon said this week. "We've made a commitment to be here for the next five years, and we're excited about that. It's not just the pre-season game,

where we're coming up, playing, and moving along.

"We're here. And this is the foundation of something special."

National Post

This is so much fun just had to post it! Rogers it is a dud and you can not fool the smart Toronto sports fan.

Don't let this non-buzz stuff fool you. Sure, a lot of work to change the mindset in Toronto from baseball and the Blue Jays over to NFL, but I think Rogers and company are going to do it, they proved it to the NFL with $78 mill over 5 years. Rome wasn't built in a day. CFL fans are a different group I think than big Blue Jay fans, we know we have a great product at a great price. What Rogers needs to do is retrain the thinking of the Blue Jay faithful and get them NFL-football thinking. It'll take time and some big bucks but I say they, Rogers and co., will do it and get their NFL team. They want out of the baseball business I think or at least don't care about it as much.

Thanks for posting the article - a good read...can't even give enough tickets away to fill the stadium...oh well.

sadly, once cfl season is over. Once summer is over. many more will flock to see NFL in december, sigh

This is my new signature. The argo's predate the Bills by what 80 years?

The Argos predate the Bills by 100 years.

Phil Lind is now guaranting in the press that the regular season Bills-Dolphins game will be a sellout. I'm sure it will be but rest assured Mr. Lind a lot of folks will be waiting until the season starts to see how bow teams are doing before forking out money for the 3 game package and it'll probably get down to you being able to buy individual tickets for this game as well. If I was interested, I'd be waiting to see how both teams are doing and if I miss out on a ticket because the game has playoff implications, big deal, I don't go. At least with the Grey Cup, I can buy the individual tickets like I have for about $130 each and have guaranteed a championship game and lots of festivities for our, Canada's, national championship game. Much better deal than paying up front for an NFL game at at least $250 a pop per game and not guaranteed a big game.