NFL's Monday Night Football , moving to TSN/ESPN

And off the main networks in the U.S. :wink: :smiley:

MNF is no longer what it was once, it has shuffled threw various netwoorks in the US and including here. The Canadian numbers have been awfull so I am a bit surprised by TSN and especially since WWE has and will have much better viewership. I believe the reason is their connection/ownership with ESPN.

TSN , isn't what it use to be , ever since KEITH PELLEY , left.

KEITH PELLY , deserves a raise after what he has done for the ARGOS!

Agree with you HT,TSN's loss is definitely Argos gain. Keith has done an amazing job and gives the team instant credibility in the Center of the Universe.

Just to let you know about this Argotom, Monday Night Football has always been on ABC (The American Broadcasting Company) in the US since it started in 1970. You are correct that the ratings haven't been as high as they have been in the past, but when two good teams play each other, they do get good ratings. Also ABC owns ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network), and what happened is the NFL went for as much money as they could get for the rights to their games. ABC decided to get out of football after having Monday Night Football for 36 years. ESPN had the Sunday Night package, and they bid on Monday Night Football, which they got. NBC (National Broadcasting Company), which used to have football several years ago, got back in by obtaining the rights to the Sunday Night package. Other than these packages, FOX Network has the NFC games, and CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) has the AFC games. When they play Interconference games, the game is on the network of the visiting team.
Almost all the NFL games are played on Sunday, and FOX and CBS alternate weeks on who gets the doubleheader game. We have 3 games on every Sunday, it could be two early games at 1:00 PM and one late game at 4:00 PM, or one early game and two late games. Then there is the Sunday Night game at 8:30 PM, and Monday Night Football at 9:00 PM Eastern. It's like that in the entire country. There are special games like the two games we will have on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 24, 2005), a few on Saturdays in late December and the games on Christmas Day. These are on FOX and CBS, and these are also ruled by what conference the visiting team is from, which tells you what Network the game is broadcast on. I hope this all makes sense, if not just ask and I will try and explain it further.

As long as TSN continues to show the CFL and not kick the CFL off the air, who cares?

Hopfully, ESPN will take note of the growing popularity of the CFL in Canada and the US and show some games finally! :mrgreen:

I remember hearing that the NFL had milked ABC for so much money for the rights to MNF it became impossible for the network to make any money from it. Can anyone verify this?

I can’t but , most networks lose money on showing the NFL , but it is a kind of status symbol , to have it.Not any more. :wink:

It's like the Olympic Games. Everybody wants to be the selected broadcaster for those, but no ones covers its costs... Prestige can be a costly thing.

so true!

No Fun League is quickly becoming an "over valued property" in the US. In fact, I have read how the networks loose money, but continue televising same for cross promotion of their other valued properties(the ABC example). Here in Canada there is very little financial potential, save and except for the Super Bore.

global's got it , but people don't want it. :lol: