NFL's BUFFALO may move to TORONTO!

This will be horrible. First Toronto then Vancouver then bye bye CFL. Once the CFL loses the big cities they will lose the advertising dollars.

PFL = Prairie Football League


...the PFL would rock...Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg...all four teams in one round robin extra long weekend tourny held every year in Kindersley....whose population would skyrocket from 5000 to 185,000 for four days....


Nanadian Football League just doesn't sound right.

A toronto NFL team would be a disastor of the sport in Canada... the sport of the rich élite money makers in Toronto... it is like Toronto putting up its nose at the rest of Canada,,,, Toronto no thanks

Leave Toronto with its NFL team & the rest of Canada can turn its back on toronto USA... the CFL is a good league but without Toronto it would be a kick between the legs for the CFL.. maybe Canada (with the exception of Toronto) should turn to rugby ..

The CFL doesn’t need Toronto as much as people think it does. Toronto is the only place in Canada where CFL support is marginal, everywhere else Canadian Football is very popular.

It would suck, but it wouldn’t be doomsday.

It’s unlikely this will happen anyways.

Don't give up Toronto CFL fans. I would be surprised if the NFL would allow a team in Canada. If that happens, my favourite NFL team will be any team that beats Toronto. If the Toronto NFL team is anything like the Leafs, I am going have 31 favourite NFL teams.

Yeah. Toronto's NFL team will kill the CFL.
Just like the Expos were going to.
And the Grizzlies.
And the Phantoms ARena football team.
And like the American Bowls at the Skydome.
But what do these things all have in common?
They're all dead, while the CFL is thriving.
Gee. Shows what all these "experts" know, eh?
Which is squat.

Toronto will get the Buffalo Bills if the new stadium project being discussed in Buffalo doesn't happen IMHO. Once Ralph Wilson dies and no new stadium on the horizon, I don't see the Bills staying in Buffalo as no one will offer what a Toronto group would offer I don't think. The RC will be fine, it's not that bad actually as a football stadium, for a while if the Bills relocate here and the Bills relocating to Toronto with big bucks being put up by Tanenbaum and friends makes sense as the southern Ontario area is already loaded with Bills' fans and more will be on board if the Bills play a game every year in Toronto.

Boys, I see it as a slam dunk unless Buffalo gets a new stadium where they can hold a Super Bowl.

Lol, berezin I like how ever since people gave you a hard time for creating so many threads about expansion, you've taken to bumping month old friends to post the same stuff.

It's not happening. The NFL could make so much more money in San Antonio, Los Angeles and even probably Providence.

But I don't know of any big initiatives in these cities to go after a team as none have a stadium that the NFL so desires. And San Antonio or Providence isn't the market size of a Toronto and GTA area. And Los Angeles isn't interested as again, no stadium initiatives as I've read lately.

As it stands now, it seems to me the NFL needs Toronto more than the other way around. The Bills in Toronto are easily worth $100 million more than in Buffalo with the economy there not doing well and with the area losing people and companies in the last few years. Not what the NFL desires for any of their franchises.

Foxboro, where the Patriots play, is about as close to Providence as it is Boston. There is no way another team would end up there.
San Antonio is a medium-sized market, and is more interested in the NFL than what the NFL is in it.

If I was the NFL right now with the problems they are having getting a team in LA in a new stadium, I would ditch that one for a while and concentrate on the Toronto market. The European market and Mexican market are more problematic than Toronto where everything is more or less set-up business logistic wise with the NHL, NBA and MLB already there and models to follow.

again, not saying this should happen, just saying the NFL I think, if they want to grow, needs to take the Toronto area seriously for a team despite the current stadium not the ideal NFL stadium.

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Merry belated Christmas to all. I didn't have a chance to get on here before the holiday because I had family in all week from the great state of New York. Upstate New York to be more specific.

And as far as my brother in-law tells me,he has NEVER heard...on any radio station or tv station ANYTHING about his beloved Buffalo Bills going ANYWHERE anytime soon!

According to what he HAS heard...Even after Ralph Wilson passes, there are numerous investing groups standing in line to buy the team....beef up the stadium....and keep the Bills in Buffalo. Of all the groups talked about in the media in that part of the state, NOT ONE is from the Toronto area!

So maybe the TO media are all just pushing some wishfull thinking on everybody.

You're probably right there geo, the Toronto media is constantly reiterating how Toronto will have an NFL team in the next 10-15 years. And Paul Godfrey is always in the media spouting this. But to the actual truth of what the situation is, who knows really. It would be devastating for Buffalo to lose the Bills though and I'm sure there will be many proposals on the table to match anything a Toronto offer would contain.

It doesn't matter who can match who...what matters is what the current ownership wants and what the NFL wants.
I personally would love to see Toronto tell the NFL to take a hike. Then everyone will know that Toronto is not in the NFL because they don't want to be, not because the NFL doesn't want them to be.
It might not fly in Toronto and everyone has gotten along just fine without it.
If the NFL is looking for somewhere to put a franchise....they should start in Detroit. They have an abundance of passionate fans, a lovely brand new stadium...and no team.

Well, I think it's obvious that the NFL needs markets more than the other way around. Toronto needs the NFL like a hole in the ground really as far as I'm concerned. Ted Rogers got the RC for a song, basically didn't cost him diddly and has the Jays in there for some 80 games a year. At his age, why he would want to bother putting his money towards an NFL team that he won't see much longer and the fact is way more a baseball fan than football I think, well, I'd just say forget it and let Larry Tanenbaum and MLSE worry about the NFL if they want it, or whomever. But Rogers is in the sports entertainment business and I suppose they have to do what they have to do to keep growing their business.

Actually....I'm surprised MLSE doesn't buy the Bills just to make sure they stay in Buffalo and away from their entertainment dollars that are spent on the Leafs.

Excellent point J-93, interesting take on this whole thing.