NFL's Bills Toronto attendance shrinking

Despite reducing ticket prices by 17 Percent and offering 55.00 discounts to last year's ticket buyers. attendance for Bills vs Jets game at RC came in around and "ANNOUNCED" crowd of 51 000 down from the 52 000 who attended the Dolphins game last year.

Some media headline read "Sad Spectacle in the Queen City"

Rogers is paying the Bills roughly 9.75 million per game plus expenses and taking in about half of that in tickets and incidentals.

I've been reading articles about the NFL experiment gone bad, all the pro NFL fans and critics in T.O say the reason the city is not supporting the Bills, is because the fans of NFL won't support another city's team unless its a good team. If T.O had a bad team they would still embrace it cause it would be their own.

Lol funnest crap I had read in awhile, I'm sure thats exactly the feedback the NFL wants to see

I truly believe the new commish in the NFL wants to make NFL football expand globally and in 2008 pre Toronto/Jets game was seriously looking at T.O as a possible venture for the future, but that day has gone.

Toronto won't be in the NFL for long, and if they don't get their heads out of their butts they won't have football at all. It's not like the NFL came crawling when Montreal lost their team, all they got was inferior American football in the WLAF.

If someone in toronto puts up big cash compared with others, the NFL will listen despite the series and despite the RC not have been designed for football as much as baseball. But I can't see Rogers putting up the money when they've just laid off 900 employees and have lost millions on this series. That's a big gamble in a stadium that few people really consider an NFL suited stadium.

The NFL has to be a bit embarrassed about the Bills in Toronto. This was all Rogers idea (or P. Lind), who made a financial offer that Ralph Wilson couldn’t turn down. This was not an NFL initiative, they simply rubber-stamped the deal. I’m sure they were hoping for another success story like London, but apparently Toronto fans are too sophisticated to support an out-of-town team. This should come as little surprise as NFL games in Canada have generated only lukewarm support.

On the International stage, the NFL has had few success stories. While London seems enthralled with their one game, NFL Europa was losing $30 million per season before the league disbanded. (Perhaps the NFL should of consulted the CFL on how to run a low revenue football league). Other international NFL games, like in Shanghai were canceled, probably due to sluggish ticket sales (although officially they wanted to “concentrate on London”).

Lets face facts, you could put a NFL franchise anywhere in the U.S, even Alaska, and it would probably sellout. But in Canada it’s different, we already have a football league. The NFL should stay where they are loved best, in the good 'ole U.S. of Americans. :expressionless:

Good! Anyone who thinks an NFL team in Toronto is going to attract people to the city and be a boon for the city need only look at not only this fact, but also the simple fact it hasn't done squat too much for Buffalo either, since the 90s.

I would guess that an average weekend day of Canadians shopping in the States, not related to Canadians going to a Bills game, spends 100 times more money in the States than the 15,000 or so that attend a Bills game 8 times a year. There just aren't that many games in football for a football team to make a big impact on any economy.

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The public loves disaster movies. How about the Bills in Toronto on film? It will be “Titanic” in it’s telling of this colossal failure.