What is your favourite team in NFL

Why didn't you put all the teams on there... pretty limited...

top 10:

New England
N.Y. Jets
San Diego

Go Seahawks! and #2, broncos!

Jaguars, Dolphins, and Giants.

hope New Orleans does well this season.

Lord help me I am a Detroit Lions fan, ugh.

HATE the Cowboys more than any other sports team in any sport other than Notre Damn in college sports.

Gotta go with the Pack (who else) like Notre Dame but am a Badger fan. Brady Quin looked good though so I like watching him

Me it's the Browns for now and the Bucs. I don't have a permianat Football team so i settl on the two.

Chicago Bears

Big D, little a, double l, a, s. Danny White, Tony Dorsett, yummy. Hate the 49ers, Redskins.

GO Pack Go!


Steelers, fan since '94.

Not so much of a fan of them this year. :confused:

Saints, Raiders, Bucs

I've been a Jaguars fan since 1981.

Giants since '86. And Seahawks, ever since heading down to a game at the Kingdome.

When I was young, just after the ice age ended, there was a coach named BUD GRANT (all bow) who was the former Blue Bomber coach. So all hail the Vikings for Bud's term in office.
Then the lowly Pittsburgh Steelers drafted a Defensive tackle who would change the game: MEAN JOE GREENE. I was a great fan of defense, and of course, for years the Steelers were it. Then one day I saw the most interesting defence on a team that I had never seen before:THE ORANGE CRUSH of Denver, they didn't win right away, but they did draft Elway and things changed.
Now I love the Broncos and the Eagles both for they're commitment to defence.

:lol: At first I took you serious

Da Bears....

Born, raised, and still live in New England. Pat's all the way. I even loved them when they stunk in the early 90's pre-Bledsoe era. God they were horrible.