Ok so there is talk of Toronto on the possible list of getting an NFL team expansion team.

Personllay I am sick of this dead horse being beaten all the time.

Face it NFL fans the NFL is not coming here, never will happen.

I guess CDN NFL fans just dont have what it takes to watch “Real Football”

The way it was meant to be played, CDN style

There is a great post I saw here last week that gave at least half-a-dozen valid reasons why the NFL would never expand into Canada. Most importantly, the fact that they already have 32 teams and there are better markets than Toronto that don’t even have a team (LA, for example).

Exept fo a few delusional yahoos in Toronto, nobody expects the NFL to expand outside USA.

Not totally true. I think the NFL might some day want to add a team in Mexico.

But ya, I don’t think that league will ever come to Canada. Not in our lifetime anyways.

I think they will be here before they are in Mexico.

Again, you need to review forum protocal and how about picking up a dictionary once in a while if you are not sure of the spelling of some of these words. Grammar lessons wouldn’t hurt you one bit and hey is there any chance you are going to stop writing like you are chatting on instant messenger at some point in the season. Your passion is obvious and I wish more Ottawa fans were as interested as you, but if you can’t contribute anything more meaningfull than this, why bother?


There are actually numerous posts regarding the NFL all listing various reasons why it wont happen in our life time.

The Ontario media have been smoking too much of our BC aggriculter crops. They keep wishing year after year, but it just wont happen!

Ignore them…they might go away!

While I agree the NFL won’t likely come to Canada in the next hundred years or so, I must disagree on one thing. I don’t need Americans to teach me “how to be all big and fat”… :wink:
And maybe some occasional punctuation is something you might want to consider…It would make your post a lot easier to read.

NFL who gives a shit about the NFL.
Who thought of this stupid topic anyway.

Maybe a mod will delete this topic, doens’t really add anything, just a bunch of name calling.

1 . The ARGOS have signed a 15 year deal at the ROGERS CENTRE. :smiley:

  1. The 4 NFL exhibition games in CANADA, were big money losers. :smiley:

  2. The NFL looks at T.V. ratings , and the support of other sports teams in that area.

The CFL rating are higher than the NFL , the Raptors and , the BLUE JAYS. :smiley:

The BLUE JAYS have attendee problems.

  1. A NFL team in L.A. is more important to them.

  2. We are too close to , BUFFALO.Vancouver is to close to SEATTLE.

  3. The LOW CANADIAN dollar makes it to expensive.

  1. The ROGERS CENTRE , is too small. :smiley:

  2. The NFL doesn’t need TORONTO, if they did, they would already be here.

  3. Some NFL teams lose money , so they have to deal with those issues first. :o

Which is pretty much the CFL for Canada.

except that the CFL was a league way before the NFL, and the CFL is way better and way different to be compared to the NFL.

Hey ! I got the right plan.

Let’s lure the NFL into establishing a team in Halifax. And then, when it folds, we can use its stadium to add our much needed 10th team there.

I’m a genius, I know.

… Now I’ll leave that “lure the NFL into coming to Halifax” part to you guys. I shouldn’t be the only one working my brain off here…