NFL is like best remedy for sleepy time.
I ried watching some of the games today!!!
Not very exciting at all.
Why do people even weatch that crap?
Does anybody watch the NFL?

Yea I watch it.. kind of, have no team..
tried cheering, for a team...
but fell asleep....
Cheering sounded like snoring..
If your talking CFL...
My blood boils, watching any game..

The game today..was a gas gas gas
My most hated team ever was a playing..
Made a great afternoon out of it...
Untill those sad sac's won....

Sometimes, but it's not as good as the CFL, players are better, but the rules SUCK!

Rather watch CFL or AFL/VFL.

Saskargo & hankthetank could not agree with you more. I gave up watching the No Fun League years ago, but I do get a kick out of the scores, wasnt there one game 10-3 & another 19-3. Now, can you imagine if this was a CFL score, the media in the Center of the Universe would be tripping all over themselves saying how the games were boring . But, being the NFL these type of games are known for "classic defensive struggle". Well of course, that is crap. KK have to take issue with you on the "players are better' notation. Acording to whom? Fat players playing a boring game on a postage stamp. I dont think so.

Ture that they are fat to the point where they sould play or they will kill over and die.

But the NFL has the big bucks and frist choice, thus has the best players, it's that simple.

why do you think that the Bombers are losing Ryan?

KK does not necessarily = better. We have a bigger field which requires a faster and more agile athlete. Dont get hooked on the and American notion how just because of the two it must therefore equate superior talent.

That why I said the NFL rules SUCK! The Bigger field is better and most of the other rules are far superier to the NFL’s rules.

The CFL has Great Canadian players, Great undersized players, and great players making trying to get into the NFL, but the rest (mostly the Imports) are just shit !!!

Wash last week Washington 9-6, Indy this week 10-3


I watch it when there is NO CFL on.

I tried to give the NFL a fair shake but turned it off after the first fair catch. Pissed me off because every return is an anxious moment in the CFL whereas fair catch = no excitement followed by a whistle and commercials.

Fair Catch, Touchbacks, Converts = ZZZZZZZZZZ

No Yards, Singles, Action Points = excitement

Hey, guys, somebody has to catch the NFL crap, too bad it’s the CFL, but they do put on great plays which are 1000 times better becase you don’t expect these crap players a league like the CFL to do it.

I catched a part of the Kansas City vs. Oakland game yesterday afternoon. The Chiefs were leading the Raiders 14-10 midway through the 3rd quarter. And then, the commentator said: "Today again, these two teams are giving us another one of their typical high-scoring bout."

lol... I was stunned!

Well he is correct there were games like 10 to 3 the day before. That is the postage Stamp league. Arena Football outdoors. Wake me up when there is 3 minutes left will you!

Wake you up…what for? So you can see them take a knee three times in a row? LOL

No kidding!

I bought my 13 year old son "Madden '06". Ever since he started playing tackle football this year he's got the football itch.
So he's setting up the teams on Madden the other night, but notices some glaring differences between CFL and NFL rules.
He asked me what a Touch Back is, and frankly (and quite proudly) I told him I didn't have a clue. He said, "this sucks".
He loves the CFL better :lol: , just like his old man. :wink:

yeah Touch backs suck, good on ya, supersmith, you have taught him well! he will grown up to be a great man. 8)

shit , I'm getting teary eyed. :cry: seriously! :shock:

Just wait until he discovers the button code to call for a fair catch. Then, he'll really start asking questions like, "Daddy? Why isn't the computer being called for no yards while my guy is getting pancaked by the kicking team's rush?" :lol:

I'd answer, "cuz Madden and the NFL is ****** up, son!"

It is only week 2 in the NFL. The CFL teams started slow as well, keep in mind. I would hands down, attend an NFL game live than a CFL game. No question. I went to Lambeau for a game and it was absolutly amazing. I sat in row #1 and got to see Brett Favre play. Nothing better. Don't get me wrong, I love going to games at Taylor Field, but the energy created by 70,000 fans in Lambeau is an experience I will never forget.