NFL youbet

so, anyone here strongly cheering for or against any NFL teams.

Contenders I am cheering for


I would also like to see Chargers, Raiders, Lions and Bills do better.

I cheer against

Giants, Cowboys, and Steelers.

Ryan likes the New York Giants.

Me, I don't like any NFL teams.

Meh. I am waiting until June, when real football starts.

I'm a Green Bay Packers fan, so it doesn't appear that I'll have much to cheer for in the play-offs.

At the moment, I've got a bit of a soft spot for the LA Chargers, purely because I predicted that Joey Bosa would be a star in the NFL, after seeing him play during his sophomore year at Ohio State. So when he and the team does well, I can gloat about my talent spotting abilities to my family and friends :slight_smile:

I was sort of that way regarding Doug Flutie. Watched him in Boston College. Cheered for them because their initials were BC. Saw the Hail Mary game and I was a fan. Followed him everywhere he went and knew he would do great in CFL if he ever came up. What a ride that was.

Lake effect snow bowl in Buffalo right now for the Bills - Colts game. You can barely make out the players and can't make out the other side of the field at all. I've never seen it snowing so hard at a football game before.

The home team of course ...which is winning right now

Ok, that is cool have to admit but not sure the NFL thinks so. :wink:

You’re probably correct, but i thought it was great to watch

Watched the highlights this morning, fans were having a ball. Fortunately the home team won making it even more enjoyable for the fans most of whom I’m sure were a tad tippy to keep from getting cold. :wink:

...Seahawks fan since '78....the team's new motto is 'if you can't beat them on the field, try to beat them in the stands'...wth was that fiasco yesterday in Jacksonville?!...

...AFC team I guess would be the Raiders...

...anyone but the Patriots basically after that....

Always been a Vikings fan since a kid but yes, anyone but the Patriots.

I’m a Packers fan too, but I will cheer for any team that plays the Patriots…

I know a few Seahawks fans, and they were disgusted by what happened yesterday. I don’t know if any players deserve fines or suspensions, but I would hope that Jacksonville identifies and punishes the fans who behaved like idiots…

…count me as one of them…I don’t know what planet Bennett is from at this time, rolling onto the Jags Centre’s legs like that when they are in a Victory Formation…terrible…this was a guy who got injured last year from a similar incident and wanted the perp’s head on a stick basically and when questioned after his similar move yesterday says to the press ‘I don’t have to answer to you’…disgusted is a good way to put it…you can be angry all you want at the poor reffing for missing that pretty obvious PI on the fourth down, but show some class…(I don’t blame Pete Carroll’s penalty for being on the field because he probably averted suspensions to his players as a result)…

…yeah a few Jags fans are tools and should be sought out an punished, but Jefferson should’ve been jogging off the field too, not slowly sauntering off with a pissy attitude…I understand why he got upset, but get off the field faster and it doesn’t come to that…

Apparently there will no suspensions from this game, but some fans are being identified and will be punished for their actions… if they aren’t season ticket holders they will be banned from attending games, and if they are their tickets will be revoked indefinitely.

Brady and Co. looked human tonight losing to the Dolphins. Without Gronk in the lineup, they are a different team. Lots of injuries they have had this year as Gruden points out.

Noone should throw anything at players…
That said…
They are making too much of a big deal about it.
I’m not sure anyone here will point the couple…or 1 person who threw stuff they say 4 on the news but not showing 4 things thrown just 2. (I only seen replays on local news)

But not the first time nor will be the last something thrown from the stands…

The bigger story is the Jags have a winning record after sucking for so long

I haven't seen any stories about the Jags' winning record, just what happened on Sunday. Jags lead their division and will likely make the playoffs, but the idiocy last Sunday is what most will remember.

...jags winning record, ppffft, one is making it out of the AFC this year unless your colours are black and yellow and your helmet has one sticker...