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RGIII to play again? Well, he's obviously in outstanding shape and only 32 as a quarterback, but wait, can he throw at the pro level?

He never proved the latter at the average NFL level, as opposed to in college at Baylor in the Big 12 full of weak defenses in all those track meet games with poor pass rush and defensive backs seemingly playing rough-touch.

I think he'll be back rather than a team taking a chance on somebody without experience later in the season in a backup slot.

And he can run the short yardage and clock-using plays later in the game with ball security too.

File this one under "multiple judicial systems" too.

Any other guy who is not an owner would have been shown the door long ago for antics like these let alone face criminal charges for what is known as embezzlement at the very least.

May he be launched finally out the door with a running start and left to the ravenous wolves as well.

Not trying to start another Kaepernick political discussion, but just wanted to inform that it appears he has finally received a tryout.

[Report: Kaepernick to work out for Raiders this week restricted-content](Report: Kaepernick to work out for Raiders this week restricted-content)


[Kaepernick's workout with Raiders 'positive' but no deal imminent restricted-content](Kaepernick's workout with Raiders 'positive' but no deal imminent restricted-content)

The above ain’t saying much but in any event an update on Kaepernick. Not a rousing endorsement of his workout although there remains a chance he could be signed.

All the best to him in his quest for redemption. Starting to get up there in years though with no game action for a number of years, going to be tough.



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Yeah, not sure why I used that word. In his quest to show he can still deliver on the playing field. My bad.


Here's a great example, with the court ruling FROM THE BENCH going in Jon Gruden's favour, of how the NFL goes about going after somebody who does wrong as they otherwise of course turn the other way and run when it's Dan Snyder, Bruce Allen, and others at Washington who did the wrongs of Gruden and far, far worse with direct victims and well beyond merely e-mails!

Will be interesting if Goodell loses his job over this.

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As these matters fall out if the public perception is worse than foreseen, as part of some sort of re-organization, of course the owners could pull the plug on Goodell with another one of those "we've decided to go in a new direction" speeches as part of a broader public relations campaign.

As compared to a recent example and as I have read as written about the NFL on the matters as surrounded Kaepernick and their legal settlement, the implicit deal with the NFL and all news media not merely their sports media is "hey, we'll apologize and do a whole lot, but in return you have to stay off our backs and bother somebody else - deal?" And it's working well in place now. They even have Fox and NBC doing spring football favours for them.

The NFL owners will make adjustments, including for image, when the public sentiment turns against them.

But do the NFL owners make fundamental reforms after all the outrage and apologies?

To date unless compelled by litigation, as with the concussion settlement for former players, the answer is generally no.


Interesting having this type of betting lounge in the Bills' stadium:


Degenerate gamblers are out there more than ever, and well, they help pay for the overhead and then some. :smirk:

This sort of report makes for great free advertising, and with all their homers for the Jets at ESPN I am not surprised they are the root source of such spin.

Excuse the uncharacteristically horrible editing on the article from an otherwise good author on what does not make your big media sports news.

I can only imagine the look on the faces of those in casino management who have been interviewed as they try to hold back the chuckles.

"Well that escalated quickly" and "woh, the plot thickens" are only two of numerous quotes that come to mind here.

Here's the NFL literally as the subject of congressional hearings AGAIN on 22 June, despite all these amends of these last few years and their media, which are ALL of the dominant American media, giving them all the love or looking the other way ever since the matter of Kaepernick was settled and they admitted wrong.


Note that Goodell will be party to the hearings, but the real criminal here Snyder will not and is effectively "pleading the 5th amendment."

Well, okay, good luck with that approach in the court of public opinion as of course the NFL can sanction any given owner or player or affiliated party of the NFL privately for such misconduct but hey, if enough of the other owners have Snyder's back or Snyder has the dirt on them honour and thieves I suppose can work out for a few years, right? :roll_eyes:

HMMMMMMM... :thinking: :unamused: :face_exhaling: :pensive:


Wow, with other congressional hearings of a larger matter well in progress here in the US, I don't think the NFL wanted to be on the edge of that spotlight and you cannot make this up!

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners are not going to have a good summer.

The court of public opinion is working well against the NFL on this matter already as noted in this article, and note Rep. Maloney's comments here as one juicy excerpt.

Mr. Dan Snyder, yes you WILL SHOW to testify now.

And there will be no private settlement with everything swept under that rug again as otherwise the matter of Deshaun Watson lingers.

Now Watson rightly has been tracked down on a civil front and continues to face quite a legal grilling along with looming severe punishment by the NFL, but the dichotomy in treatment by the NFL as it continues to bob and weave around this even older matter is quite telling in itself!

Remember all these events especially whenever the NFL has those promotions run about how "woke" it is and has been for so long along with all of its media partners! :face_vomiting:

It appears the NFL's implicit and secretive deal with the American media to be hands off after the matter of Kaepernick was settled, after the NFL admitted wrong as well for those who forget that part, is off for now.

Maloney introduced two pieces of legislation, the Accountability for Workplace Misconduct Act and Professional Images Protection Act, in response to the committee's findings related to Washington.

"(Rather) than show up and take responsibility for his actions," Maloney said of Snyder, "he chose to skip town. Apparently, Mr. Snyder is in France, where he has docked his luxury yacht near a resort town. That should tell you just how much respect he has for women in the workplace."

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