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[Report: Raiders acquire star WR Adams from Packers Las Vegas Raiders Davante Adams trade Green Bay Packers -](Report: Raiders acquire star WR Adams from Packers Las Vegas Raiders Davante Adams trade Green Bay Packers -

Don’t know if this link to TSN article will work on my phone but the Raiders have signed statistically the NFL’s best receiver, Davante Adams. Contract reportedly $141.25 million for 5 years, making him the NFL’s highest paid receiver ever. He played with Derek Carr for two years in college.

Also Aaron Rodgers will have virtually no one to throw to next year as it stands right now. :grin:

yeah, this is going to break my wifes football heart. Her favorite receiver going to a team she really doesnt like for some reason.

Works good for me though

It's not my team, but I know the area quite well from having lived there for sure and generally a good bunch of local fans down there though now I am not sure given all the transition since 2015 in any given locale in Florida.

Anyway, cheers and good move here in good spirit for our forum.

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(Texans trade QB Watson to Browns for package including three first-round picks Houston Texans Deshaun Watson Cleveland Browns trade -

Big move. I am surprised as the Browns were supposedly officially eliminated from contention yesterday, along with Carolina. Only Atlanta and New Orleans were supposed to be left in the mix. I wonder how Matt Ryan feels? We know how Baker Mayfield feels and let the speculation begin as to where he may end up. Cleveland gave up a ton to get him, especially since he could still be facing a significant suspension.

In other news Smith-Schuster signed with KC, adding to their already potent offense.

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This is an excellent free agency tracker of the top 100 free agents as ranked by Pete Prisco of CBS Sports.

It's also interesting to compare and contrast the teams that are keeping valuable free agent players versus the teams, not always those that are rebuilding because they are awful, that are losing them.

Gronkowski at age 32 at #29 on the list is too high. He does not even belong on this list in my view.

I don't know who wants him at his very high veteran minimum salary unless Tom wants him, and the way he played in the playoffs especially he does not belong in the league any more for that kind of money.


Various thoughts on the free agents who have moved on so far are as follows.

Please note the numbers correspond to the list in the link above and are not my ranking of the player on the list or otherwise.

It's interesting that the Rams are blowing up their Super Bowl team. Of course in NFL history, this is not novel for a championship team, but I figured they would hold on.

Unlike with the Bucs who had their shot to repeat, no way are the Rams repeating I'm going to say right now and not going out on a limb.

  1. Von Miller EDGE
    It's not the value that surprises me it is the term of the deal and the place. A six-year term for a 32-year old defensive lineman? Oh sure he has a whole lot and more left in that tank, but six years at that kind of money!?

How a player, other than an offensive lineman or kicker, later in his 30s is going to last that long in Buffalo is baffling, for I do not see it. It has happened before though as with Bruce Smith if I recall correctly, who finished his career in Washington.

I don't know why Miller would not just stay in Los Angeles, but maybe a fan of the Rams knows more to the story than merely money.

  1. James Daniels OG
    At only age 24, why the run-heavy Steelers would not keep him for more than three years at this sort of money strikes me as strange though of course I would not know the details of the negotiations. If he's that young and that good as a free agent at guard, why wouldn't you want to keep him until he's at least 30?

  2. Connor Williams OG
    At Miami now also only age 24, similar analysis as for James Daniels

When I get down the list above 50, I don't have hardly any questions or familiarity with the player.

Mitch Trubisky to the Steelers is another eye-opener or eye-roller though.

Seattle definitely got hosed in that Wilson deal. The Browns gave up three first rounders for Deshaun Watson.

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This is my Eagles' loss. There was no issue with this part of the defense!

Look at his achievements in grinding away for a starting spot in the course of his three seasons in the NFL.

He's far from done yet now has to go to a new defense in Denver. Damnit Eagles.

They are not going to find a matching linebacking corps here in Philadelphia so easily after releasing Singleton, who is solid for one.

Build on what you have that is solid instead of rebuilding when the foundation is not broken.

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When you watch the NFL games, well this big news that flew under the radar in a very busy week otherwise last week is quite telling.

I'm not so sure it will resurrect Monday Night Football and the news is perhaps at least 7 years late, but Disney / ESPN sure found all that money to make it happen after years of cuts and terrible moves:

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On a slow news day in times when you would expect very busy news, I did not see this article being as revealing as it was.

Once again, do not hire top college football head coaches to be NFL coaches. I do not see that it has worked for quite some time.

Jim Harbaugh for awhile was perhaps the last time, and that was before the changes to the rules so as to eliminate read-option as a primary NFL offense.

This one goes up to the GM and the owner in Jacksonville. There were some serious issues on the ground here allowed to continue.

No owner has time or wants to micromanage his coach unless he is Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder.

But I would think if you are an owner with much at stake in a vast investment as well as a general manager with much of this going on under your watch as a business not merely a sports venture, well now.

All these reports mean that fewer quality players are going to bother with Jacksonville and they just might become lower than the New York Jets as an organization.

Trevor Lawrence will be more than happy to get the hell out of Jacksonville once his contract is up.

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Ex-TiCat Erik Harris re-signs with the Falcons! :+1:


No magic formula for what works at both level, that's for sure. Some coaches just should stay in the more amateur game with kids and teens and amateurs and some should get the heck out of coaching kids and teens and move onto the pros if they can because of whatever. Problem is, like life, sometimes we just don't know ourselves too well and think to ourselves maybe I should try this and you know what, that's ok, life is a journey, not a destination I say and if you never try at something you'll never know if it was the right thing for you or not. Nothing can beat actual experience to see who you are and what works best for you as you. And let's face it, coaches at those levels of top university/college and NFL are not hurting for money so they really can afford to make some "mistakes", hate that word in this circumstances but whatever, so they ain't hurting at all and the buy-outs they get from their contracts are not too shabby at all I'm sure, they ain't hurtin. They are rich.

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Looks like a deal has been reached on a new stadium for the Bills

NFL owners approve the G4 loan


This is good for the CFL . :+1:

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[NFL says all teams must add minority offensive coach, expands Rooney Rule to include women restricted-content](NFL says all teams must add minority offensive coach, expands Rooney Rule to include women restricted-content)

The Rooney rule has been modified to include women. The article above also gives some numbers upon the percentage of minority coaches, with defensive coaches much more prevalent than offensive coaches.

Much better than Toronto getting a team, that's for sure but there's no way Toronto can afford to build an NFL calibre stadium nowadays. That's a lot of public money there for a stadium, that's for sure.
Mind you Buffalo. well Western New York State that is, and Toronto could have gotten together for a floating stadium like this proposed one and then they could have shared the cost, just floated it across Lake Ontario from Fort Niagara State Park to Toronto. :rofl:


That’s a pretty cool concept.

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That thing is sweet…build it

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Another thing looking at the Argos situation and a possible but as most have mentioned unlikely move to Varsity is that, along the lines of the temp stadium the BC Lions did while BC Place was getting renovated, is that there are companies like the one below specializing in temporary or modular stadium solutions so if there ever was a will there in Toronto to try and have the Argos not at BMO for whatever reasons, there is this type of option as a sort of trial type of situatiion.

Kind of like the modulars for TEmpire stadium in BC that were made in Europe.

This would be great for start ups in the CPL and CFL to some extent .

You have to like the Beer Can used as a private suite .