NFL youbet 22/23

Last year I started a thread in Jan. This year I waited a day too long.

Would have loved to have todays big new here.

Sad for my wife re RW. She doesnt like him but she does like Denver a lot.

At least she will be happy about AR. I really like his play but I wish he was easier to have respect for.

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I think the 2022 Seahawks just became the 2020 Patriots :roll_eyes:

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Just curious, but what would someone have against RW? Seems like a pretty solid QB and person to me…

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not really sure. maybe a little because she doesnt like the Seahawks and something about him just rubs her the wrong way. Not a real serious thing

I'm going to miss him in Seattle. Im a real fan of him

ahh, what does my wife know, she is a real big Tom Brady fan :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:

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Seahawks have some $$$$ to spend now for a re-build

With the release of Bobby Wagner (freeing up $16.6M), the Seahawks now hold a projected $51M of cap space heading toward the new year.

FA QB's Deshean Watson or Marcus Mariota could be in their sights

2 - 1st's + 2 - 2nd's + $51M cap space = Quick re-build

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Well here's a story about NFL gambling that flew well under the radar due to the NFL's hegemony over the media even in modern times with more options than ever. I remember Ridley showing up regularly as a top receiver in the receiving stats.

I think we'll be seeing more, not less, of this sort of news. Ridley bet on NFL games including those of his own team.

The tell that something is up from off the field is when a player suddenly disappears and they cite of course any given mysterious health issue so as to hide behind medical privacy laws akin to many another public figure.

In short and as I figured, the leagues are well behind the curve on getting ahead of more of this sort of common behaviour when it's never been easier to place bets en masse:


Shortest retirement in NFL history

On a side note, I will be retiring this forum..

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So I guess we'll see you again in around a month and a half then ? :grinning:

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Interesting that the story appeared under an ad stating “credit cards that don’t require a credit check”.

Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be the start of a “Favre” retirement process.

…it’s true, TSN is running the story…what ‘unfinished business’ TB12 might have is a mystery to me…

Its quite simple actually. The clues are all there.

This story breaks on Championship Sunday at the Brier. Coincidence?
#7SuperBowls, 0 Brier appearances.

he needs to have the best ever season anyone ever came close to in order to try and get the most yards per game played and the most tds per game played away from Brees.

It does make the NFL season more interesting with that twist .

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Did you happen to change your avatar back to the Bucs logo?


That's a lot of public money for a sports facility I will say and it has nothing to do with hosting amateur ...Games sort of thing.

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Yep Changed back

retired it after he did and brought it back for one more run .