NFL youbet 21/22

Terrific game last night to open the season!
TB wins over DAL by 2 on a FG with 2 seconds left on the clock!

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wow. out of 9 early games, I guessed wrong on 6.

Good thing I am not in a pool or playing with money.

at least Philly and the Chargers won.

The Packers took it in the chin by the Saints.

a very unexpected big pleasure.

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YES SIR !!! Brees or no Brees , it doesn't matter because my Saints are still GOD'S TEAM !!! :innocent: :grinning:


What a day and weekend of football and sports. It's overkill for me, and I don't even bother with college football.

Premiere League, CFL, Formula 1, NFL

But it ends with a classic dud of a game tonight including whenever the Chicago Bears play.

Tonight's game is a total ratings grab nothing more given the markets represented.

Tomorrow night's game, the first NFL game in Las Vegas in the new "Death Star" and with full fans in attendance, might be a good one.

…hey philly fan, I hear Singleton is now a captain on your eagles? Lots of folks said he’d be a clipboard holder, now look at him, another stampeder factory product…


I always liked him and hoped he would succeed (except when the Eskimos were playing your Stamps), and here we are now.

Boy that is one awful toupee that Brees is now sporting for his TV work

Ha ha ha I had to look this up. Is this Ye Olde Hair Club for Men?



Impressed that the Saints had to play in Jacksonville in front of a pretty big crowd that was predominantly Packer fans in that sweltering heat. They said that at least 35k Packer fans traveled to Jacksonville

Maybe Jeff Bezos will end up being an NFL owner after all.

Jeff Bezos interested in buying Denver Broncos -

Can buy them with cash and barley notice

I thought the Cowboys were God's team lol.

Wouldn't it make sense to have him and Tsai come in as expansion team owners for either San Diego or St Louis?

I wonder if .....

He could buy the whole league .

What a wild opening MNF game . A CFL game broke out .

Raiders win in OT over the Ravens .

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my number 2,3,4,5,6 teams won this weekend. Not a bad start.

Interesting that all west teams, both conferences, won their first game.

I watched the game with the Manning brothers plus guest Russell Wilson via ESPN. It was refreshing and funny. I would recommend and will repeat.

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well, clearly the officials wanted "americas" team to win today.

At least the Bills, Rams, and Raiders won.

Loved Seattle losing.

Hurts to see N O do so bad, but expected.