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As is common with new venues constructed in places where it snows, where there is a storm season (i.e. the American South), or in the desert (i.e. Nevada and Arizona), it is in vogue now to have any new NFL stadiums with the retractable roof.

Unless it is perhaps in California as was the new stadium for the Rams and Chargers, which has a unique roof of its own, it almost seems to me like a retractable roof is an NFL requirement for any new stadiums ever since Reliant Stadium, now NRG Stadium, was built in Houston for the new Texans team there.

Yeah perhaps a retractable roof. It'll be interesting how this all plays out in the end as is the case with most stadiums and how they get funded and built and to what design.

Deshaun Watson was with 19 civil complaints last I checked, at least one of them dubious in my opinion but no matter I reckon given those numbers, and a criminal complaint is in the works as well.

Compared to analogous matters concerning star players like Greg Hardy and Ray Rice about a decade ago that were not handled firmly by the league until made far more public by then tabloid and blog media, and after Antonio Brown, well the NFL no doubt will be taking I figure some action here of its own whatever the court verdicts.

The bottom line is Watson likely will be suspended at the very least, probably at least a season, before being allowed to return upon satisfaction of various conditions as was Antonio Brown.

And despite all the education and warnings over the years, including at rookie orientation any more for such players who get away with much as big men on campus, and the millions in expenses to many star players, are they getting it?

You have so many better alternatives than this sort of recurring activity when you are a young and rich man. I've been better off and I've been worse off over the years, but the youth does not come back.

I doubt very much Watson is the lone star player engaging in such antics, and much is amiss here beyond this case though I have no doubt the NFL will try to hang him out to dry as merely a lone wolf. Again.

Update 1 April No Fools

The count is up to 21 now! As I have stated, read the second account in the article and that's one I don't believe, given a lady who is a "massage therapist" from out of town consenting to meet in a hotel room with a man in another town, with the others with far higher merit for investigation.

But there is this now too in defence of Watson:
Although Watson currently has 21 lawsuits pending against him, there are nearly 20 massage therapists [it is actually 18] who have to decided to go on the record to voice their support for the beleaguered Texans quarterback. Hardin released the names of each therapist on March 31 and they range from a licensed physical therapist with a degree in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization to one woman who once served as the as supervisor of Houston Methodist's massage program.

I smell April Fools here, but it is funny all the same and should it turn out to be true would be great. I want this to be true anyway.

Proposals for NFL Rules Changes

Most of these proposals every single year do not pass, and some are re-runs as well, but at the very least some that do not pass do make for some ideas so long as they are not absurd or largely irrelevant at the core.

#1 No overtime in the preseason, which I'm sorry I was not even paying attention to it, seems like a no-brainer.

#3 I like the test rule for item 3 for improvement on onside or short kicks.

#4 Additional review and opportunity for ease of correction BEFORE replay seems like a no-brainer but must be done stringently and correctly

#5 also loss of down on any second forward pass seems good

#10 restriction on the signing of players before the playoffs seems fine and eliminates a whole host of hijinks

#12 on new rules for coaching interviews during the playoffs looks good

it has been planned for many weeks now.

Would be nice if the Bills do move downtown somewhere. Would take about 20 - 30 minutes off the drive time to a game for Canadians.

Plus usually the actual city tends to not get quite as buried with Lake effect as Orchard Park can. Remember this when the stadium got buried under 7ft
of snow and Bills played a home game in Detroit.

Retractable rood would help too because often the Bills struggled to sellout playoff games when the forecast was bad. one game 0F (-18C) with -32F (-35C) wind chill.

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I see the NFL is looking to play some regular season games in Canada.

But only reported today and I don't believe it

no, it has been reported almost since they first decided on all the people they would have.

More Jeopardy! guest hosts announced (

Jeopardy: See the Full Schedule of Guest Hosts |

Jeopardy! Guest Host Schedule | J!Buzz |

"Though the quarterback is still aiming for a Super Bowl appearance, he will do a guest run on Jeopardy! when the Packers' season is officially over.

He confirmed his spot on the show during his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Jan. 12. The NFL star shared that he's been a longtime fan of the game show and of Alex himself."

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How timely here as we discussed the BC Lions situation in another thread, with ownership by an estate, do we have here the Los Angeles Chargers in financial trouble as also owned by an estate.

Four of the five heirs each owning 15% are the children of the deceased Alex Spanos, and the remainder of 40% is owned by a trust that is operated by two of these heirs. Complicated right? You bet!

One rumour with legs is that Jeff Bezos has some interest in discussion of buying the team. Hmmm...

For being a very large market in a state-of-the-art new stadium, the Chargers draw worse than do the Rams.

I think this is the last such NFL arrangement in Los Angeles in my life after so many such arrangements for the NFL in Los Angeles have not worked well since the 1980s, but one of them was the Los Angeles Raiders as is its own story that involved the battle between NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle and Raiders Owner Al Davis. I highly recommend the ESPN 30 For 30 out recently about that matter.

Then again if Bezos becomes genuinely interested and pursues the ailing Chargers, I'll take back this view.

I'm looking forward to see games from SoFi Stadium when full with fans for Rams or Chargers games. It really looks quite incredible. then again for $5 billion it better be incredible.

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hey Paolo, dont forget to set your pvr for Jeopardy on monday for the next 2 weeks :slight_smile:

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well, AR did all right his first day hosting Jeopardy.

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The Canadian :canada: contestant in his final jeopardy answer was

Who wanted to kick that field goal??

Made me laugh out loud! :rofl: :rofl:

Rodgers responded,
“That is a great question. Should be correct, but unfortunately for this game today it’s incorrect.”:rofl:

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Well it's all downhill for Deshaun Watson from here even before court proceedings.

And remember this yet again when the NFL (or its media including especially those blowhards at ESPN) get on their high horses again about being all woke, though they are going to throw Watson under the bus all the same because they can now, about social justice and all these years after Ray Rice and Greg Hardy and unnamed others.

The line I never buy from all these media trash is that somehow nobody but Watson and these women ever know ANYTHING that what was going on. Plenty know but looking the other way and mum is the word and all that until of course they can throw a guy under the bus and THEN proclaim loudly to the public how "woke" they are about domestic and sexual violence. What a bunch of trash are these Manhattan and Toronto windbags.

I reckon that Watson is in far worse shape already than even was Antonio Brown, who managed to turn his life around and be allowed back to play and to get a ring as that same so-called woke trash TV media left that matter alone once Brown had returned.

Wow, this guy better be careful, so much talent but things can change quickly.

On another note, I see the NFL draft is going to have some live music. Different twist.

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I had posted this in the bar fight thread, but I'll post it here. This is the root of the trouble for Aaron Donald now.

Based on what I read early on here though, as the victim did not call 911 for medical attention that night but only the hospital called the police the next day when he reported for help, I smell money grab and not "totally unprovoked" as his lawyer had coached him to say.

A photo of the damage and a description are in the article.

When you are out at 3 or 4 at night and get into a fight with an NFL lineman, well now what do you expect?

And here's the other side of the story from Donald's attorney. Somewhere between these two tales is the truth, and I reckon this was merely your typical late-night street fight as happens when a drunk guy with a bottle as a weapon decides to commit and assault.

This is just as I figured with the victim, goaded by his attorney, just going for a financial settlement. However few months this takes, I don't see this one becoming anything like the matter of Deshaun Watson:

Translation - Once the video they did not know about was out, the victim's attorney was disappointed after goading his client and seeing the payday.