NFL youbet 21/22

Cinci making the big plays

Win by a rouge, gotta love it eh jon? :rofl: Work with me man. :rofl: I know, this bugs the living sh....t out of you. Eh? :slight_smile: Remember a point is a point is a point, there is no winning by a point and in parenthesis (winning by reward for failure :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: )

Anyways, good on the NFL for not overturning that call, even though the call on the field was wrong, defintely not enough to overturn it and if they did, it would make the refs look like nothings. NFL got this one right.

Bengals shock the #1 seed Titans 19-16 on a last minute FG

3 picks by Tannehill on the day. 3rd one gave the field position to make it possible

Titan meltdown. Run the ball on that last play, at least give your team a chance to win by a fg. Total FU. Not only does Tannenhill throw it, he throws it with a man covered like a friggin blanket. Horrible for the skill set by an NF qb.


Well there goes my Pro-line ticket . Had the under but needed them Titans to win and cover 2.5 pts . Oh well , watcha gonna do ? Congrats to Cinci on a job well done . :+1:


I had the feeling that Cincy was just a little better all day. They could have put it away earlier but let the Titans back in. It was very close. Surprised it didn’t go to OT. That Chase is pretty special. I picked Titans but not at all surprised that Cincy won.

Actually the rouge doesn’t bug me that much. I think it’s a stupid rule but thankfully it doesn’t happen very often. More than anything I dread the shanked or partially blocked field goal that wins the Grey Cuo.

No doubt that Cinci was just a shade better on the day . Yes they could've put it away early but I feel lack of experience in the play-offs hurt them . I thought for sure it was heading to an OT game . Finally yes , that Chase is unbelievably special and one of the best young players I've seen in years .


Defensive battle and SF receivers have butter on them except for that one unreal catch. Give both teams 5 downs and should be more points scored in the 2nd half. :slight_smile:

Well stupid or otherwise, the fact is history in and of itself has some odd things to it that we live with today, for example a public and Catholic school system in Ontario, that's a weird one but we live with it. The way some cities and municpalities were laid out with land surveys and plots and road systems that we are more or less stuck with that don't make too much sense in today's world. Ok, then there is religious beliefs.... oops, nada here to be spoken of, I'll STFU. :slight_smile: Oops forgot, basketball with a 10' basket when players were not nearly as tall as they are today. This should be changed.

Forgot to mention their rookie kicker. He was money.

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Brutal game in GB. I was watching that punter and thinking to myself, he is moving too slow. I kept saying kick the ball and he kept taking slow steps. I dont get the 3 step thing. I always only took 1 step.

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Good thing I was not gambling this year and picking straight up during the divisional playoffs yesterday, I would have picked all-homer and barely have gone 1-3.

Yesterday was why the NFL essentially dictates to its media partners beyond even the coverage of the games itself and has so much media clout.

And now we have more gambling action on the record and altogether than ever.

When you have field position and a lead, no doubt you can comfortably take the normal two steps and kick.

Green Bay had neither in that situation, and on no step immediate kick you will not kick it nearly as far. But you can kick it farther also on one step and kick.

They did not have the luxury to kick it shorter because then San Francisco would be field position for a field goal, and so we're back to that awful protection.

The informal prediction thread you started may be waning, and you didn’t post before last week, but I’ll go with your admission of a 1-3 record. I’ll post first again for this week:


I’ll invite @tony, @Aerial, @Grover and @FootbalYouBet to continue if they wish.

Chiefs, yes

I want to say Rams but I am too afraid too.

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Don’t be. If the Rams play like they did yesterday without the giving away the game stuff, I don’t think even the Chiefs will be able to stop them.

what worries me is how ineffective the best (?) D in the league was against the KC.

And then there is the whole SF/Rams record lately.

I might worry about the Rams if they were playing on a snow field, but they are playing their next two games at home, where they can do their track meet thing. They have by far the best receiving corps in the league, including the best receiver (Kupp), a rejuvenated and apparently sane Beckham, and the oft forgotten Van Jefferson, who would arguably be the #1 receiver on about half of the teams in the league. Stafford is playing as well as Mahomes and Allen and appears to be focussed and motivated. Akers has been no slouch either but has to stop fumbling. They destroyed TB and couldn’t have beat themselves worse if they had consciously tried to. I don’t think they will implode the next time. Reminds me a bit of the Bombers turning the ball over 6 times in the WF, but still being good enough to win.

Buffalo may have the highest ranked statistical defence, but I don’t think for a second that their defence is as good as the Rams defence, despite their middle of the pack ranking. The Rams defence was # 1 last year and they are far closer to that than middle of the pack. Donald is almost universally considered to be the best defensive player in the game. Same for Ramsey as the best corner. Adding former SB MVP Von Miller is almost unfair.

I respect SF, but they are pretty banged up and I can’t advocate relying on Jeanine Garofalo to play a full 60 minutes in a big game for the first time in his career. He is simply not in the same league as the 3 other remaining QB’s still playing. His next loss will likely be his last game in a SF uniform. They have little but Kittle and Samuel and Kittle is hurting. It looks like they are bringing a knife to a gunfight as far as offences are concerned. Their defence is much better and their strength. They have the best 4 man pass rush in the game, but I expect that won’t be enough

Although I won’t make a call on the SB until after this weekend’s games, the dominance of the Rams against Tampa was impressive. TB had the best passing offense per game in the league by 25 yards and the Rams made Brady completely ineffective until they started handing him the ball in the second half. They certainly can shut down Mahomes and I expect they will be the champions this year and don’t think SF has a great chance to win.

I think the Rams win going away.

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My predictions:

Chiefs - win by 14
49ers - win by 3

I go Chiefs and 49ers.

The 49ers is just one of those hunches. On paper the Rams are better.