NFL youbet 21/22

I know I am :wink:

Also will be cheering


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I like your pick too - how I wish as a fan I were as confident in this year's Eagles.

The weather is in favour - of both teams and we have the better running game.

But it won't be enough.

But if it is even at halftime or a difference of less than 6, that's the first victory right there and it's game on to grind it out so long as our defence can hold them to field goals.

I think it is a toss up as to who gets blown out the worst this weekend . The Eagles by the Bucs or the Steelers by the Chiefs ?

The current lines read as...Tampa by 9.5 and the Chiefs by 12.5
I would not be surprised in the least to see both favs cover the spreads .

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Friendly wager sir? I'll offer even though I agree with you overall.

Indeed either one of those easily could turn into a blowout by the home team.

The Eagles or the Steelers have to play their best game of the season, and that is a very tall order for either team not even close to top flight form.

Both teams however do well in tight games including especially Ben Roethlisberger, who has been as clutch as they come at the position.

I'm not a betting man this year, but whenever I did bet the Chiefs, I always lost because they could not cover even these Chiefs of Mahomes!

And so I will offer a friendly wager that the Chiefs won't cover though they will win, but knowing how betting with the Chiefs involved has always gone for me, well no way would I bet this for real! Deal?

Sure , why not ? You got a deal .

I'll even throw in my final score prediction for both .

T . Bay..... 35 (-15)
Philly....... 20

K.C..........37 (-20)

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@bobo82 You win not bad on those predictions.

I have gone 4-1 on winners, for my Raiders beat themselves more than anything else in that game and no that whistle didn't matter and is a lame excuse for a small few whiners (and fodder for the media more than anything else who played it up way, way too much).

Only 1-2 on bets, really surprised the games I picked did not go over given the offences and the overall good weather (indoors in Dallas), but the 49ers also almost did themselves in!

We see for the Cardinals tonight. Either Murray brings his magic or not.

The Eagles did themselves no favours either. Poor offensive play calling until mid point of the 4th.
Penalties and turnovers too.

Sirianni and his staff should be looking in the mirror this morning.

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Oh I would go one better! The Eagles watched the game from a few months ago, and well, what did they adjust fundamentally for the better!? NOTHING!

In that game, it was like pro defence by the Bucs versus high school offence by the Eagles. Now the Eagles improved that offence considerably to make the playoffs, but when you are playing the same team that had your number, well you better make major changes right?

The biggest reason the Eagles even scored in the fourth quarter, just like in the first meeting, is only because the Bucs defence could let up some so as to allow the Eagles to use the clock against themselves, which they did again of course but the game was already out of grasp anyway.

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As far as I can see the two of us and @tony and @FootbalYouBet were the only ones to pick winners for the first round, so I’ll go first for the next round:


After the dust has settle, my top two teams are still in it.

Gonna go with my heart


Would prefer the Bengals, but gotta go with Titans

I will post mine a little later.
Still ticked that the Eagles and Cards laid an egg.

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After a couple of days of thought, here goes :

Titans (this was a tough call but having Henry IMO gives them the edge).
Pack (hard to go against Rogers)
Going with Chiefs (will not be upset if Bills win).

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24 hours each of those days? Hey, you don't have to answer. :slight_smile:
Hopefully some good games.


?? What? You do realize I'm joking here, eh with the 24 hours thing as you mentioned thinking about the NFL playoffs post above...? :wink:


One thing for sure, someone will be right here but with spreads not provided which makes it trickier, a bit more difficult.

Titans - win by 7 - wrong on both counts
Bucs - win by 14 - wrong on both counts
Pack - win by 10 - wrong on both counts
Chiefs - win by 3 - finally got one right

Interesting watching the Cincy-Titans game that a single point, I guess stating the obvious, can win you a game in the NFL whether you go for two on a td, a single convert sort of thing, so in some respects it ends up being a bit, just a bit, like a rouge in the CFL in terms of thinking of this in actual points, regardless of how you get those points or point if you will. 'Earned', 'Point for Failure' whatever Just never really thought of it like this in terms of a point is a point is a point and if you have one more point than the other team at the end of the game, you win. How about this, you win in either league "by a rouge". :rofl:

I would say it is different than being rewarded for failure as you get nothing if you fail to obtain a one or two point convert. In fact if the defending team returns it the other way they get 2 points. So I don’t see a reward for failure. The rule is also the same in both leagues.