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Enjoying the Chiefs leading the Rogers - less Packers game right now.

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me not so much, but not surprised.

So far I have had the mispleasure of watching the Raiders, Bills, and Saints lose today.

At least the Chargers and the Cardinals win.

Big game tonight. The one I have been most looking forward to.

I was tired of the fuss about him even before the fuss last week because he's been so cocky lately. That State Farm commercial on which he is the Jeopardy! host was peak annoying and arrogant Aaron Rodgers, and well as not only I predicted and of course not wanting anybody sick, that development did have a merciful silver lining for viewers in the US just plain annoyed by Aaron Rodgers in commercials for years now:

Beckham will land somewhere of the teams noted I figure, but I was done with all the fuss surrounding him when he was with the Giants.

As great a player as he is, there is no way there would have been all that fuss if he were not playing in the New York metro area, and now his diva self still expects to command that sort of "respect" that is more like attention.

Uh, no already

I would change it from "is" to "was".

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Perhaps - the trouble is since his time in New York I don't think he's had full chance to shine because he has not had an experienced quarterback, as was Eli Manning, throwing to him.

I'll be interested to see Beckham go somewhere with a good quarterback so long as it is not Washington, and nope, I don't want his media sideshow here in Philadelphia either, I hope he is lined up with an experienced quarterback so as to complement and enhance his skills.

Well for all the fuss well beyond the game, much of it driven by media eager for a story like we don't have any other things that are far more important going on and so much to do not done well at all, the healing beyond the recovery from COVID has begun for Rodgers.

But we will not be spared the media drama should he return against Russell Wilson, which I think is almost a given because the NFL would want this match-up of returns to distract from last week's fuss well beyond football.

They treat it more serious than Ray Rice knocking his girlfriend out in the elevator

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…this Seattle / Green game is nuts…still 0-3 late in the third, SEA interception in the end zone…

…now it’s a blow out packers and DK is being tossed lol, mayhem…

Well, for me.

The Good:

  • Bills do what they should have done last week.
  • Eagles and Packers win
  • Bucs loses
  • Colts win

The Bad:

  • Chargers lose
  • Dallas wins
  • Steelers dont lose

The Ugly

  • Saints get robbed by bad roughing the passer call on what should have been an end zone INT. Two muffed converts really hurt as well.

  • Raiders creamed by Chiefs.

Of my top 8 teams, I am 3 for 7 so far. 1 for 4 of my top 5. Looking for my number1 team to balance things out with a win tonight. Hurts that they lost Woods. Beckham is a poor replacement.

I was watching the Eagles during that game of course, but that score line surprised me a whole lot.

I also figured the game would be hyped more after the prospect of Rodgers and Wilson playing again and the fake "maybe" drama had begun mid-week.

Of course any more more folks than ever get around whatever game is dictated for one to view in any given timeslot, which is yet another antiquated NFL concept much like were those blackouts.

boy, what a three week nosedive

I had 7 of my top 8 teams in playoff spots. Most in good position.

Now I have 6 with 2 of them hanging on to 7th spots. To make matters worse, those 2 play each other next.

Over the last 3 weeks, subtracting games where both teams were my favs, my teams went 6 - 13. bummer

Eagles doing better lately but still a long shot to make playoffs
Raiders were doomed by off field issues.

Saints a team I didnt really expect to make playoffs, yet they were doing pretty good until their temp number 1 QB went down. RBs Kamara and Ingram both have knee problems.

Bills having an easy schedule, at least for 1st half, are now revealing that they are not quite a contender yet

Things not looking too good for the Bills and Saints, even for which ever one wins their game.

Chargers are in ok position, but with the league worst run D, it takes great game from Herbert to keep them contending.

Be surprised is any of the above make it past wildcard games, if they even make it to them.

That leaves me hopefully with 3 real contenders, Rams, Cards, and Packers.

Need another team to cheer for, so I guess next one up is the Titans. although it would be nice if Colts made a good run.

Did anyone else watch the Thanksgiving Day pregame show? At roughly noon eastern they had a bunch of NFL stars stating what they're thankful for and looky looky, first one up is Packers' Aaron Jones saying he's most thankful for family...while wearing a Saskatchewan Roughriders #39 :fire: :fire: :fire: Aaron's twin, Alvin Jr was signed by the Riders a month ago.

Repping your brother's CFL jersey on national television for the NFL to see while saying you're most thankful for family...I nearly teared up.


far out

That's nice to see.

so, today the Raiders won a big one. Still a ways to go to get back into the mix.

Bills beat up on a wounded opponent. Remains to be seen if they can win against a strong opponent. Good tests the next 2 weeks with Patriots and Bucs.

Hurts to see the Saints like this. Brees doing the game in the booth. If only. Not sure even he could have overcome the Saints adversity in this game tho.