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starting this one already because the latest trade has things looking up for the Rams next season and I am looking forward to it already

Winners and losers of the blockbuster Matthew Stafford trade between Lions and Rams (

Well, I'm going to hold back on looking forward, given all the unknowns of this pandemic, but applaud this thread you started already with the big game left and a lot to talk about on that for perhaps another week.

It is remarkable though that the NFL made it through an entire season without having to cancel any games!

The drama, as noted in the prior thread for 20/21, on Wentz escalates here in Philadelphia.

The time from now until the CFL season normally starts is my least favourite time though I do keep myself occupied with Premier League, Serie A, and Formula 1.

A decade ago, the NFL Draft became more interesting and part of that was due to better coverage online. That craze lasted like about 4 years, and after so many more big NCAA program NFL busts after all that hot air about them by especially ESPN (like when they declare in their NCAA football self-interest any given player will be playing on Sundays too) it's a real downer as is the bloated draft coverage.

More folks who are football fans have found and are finding much better things to do than watch the underwear Olympics or hear various television blowhards prognosticate what they think sounds best on camera, versus what they really think, for the NFL Draft. BAH!

Now any more such player moves in free agency, not so much all the speculation about them of which most is hot air like any given local sports media type trying to get more attention, that's interesting.

Wentz Trade Coming Up - Oh Yeah

My my how quickly those tables turn! Key point in this article and one I made in the prior year's thread that the decision to let the coach go was a business move first and all not a football one akin to certain other obnoxious team owners in the NFL in their history.

But now we get the twist in the plot!

"Yes, but the problem is Howie [Roseman] is so tied to him, that his job pretty much is on the line for this," McNabb said recently on The Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. "When people are questioning how he even still is working as the GM, when he lost his GM job with Chip Kelly, then they brought him back with Doug [Pederson]. It helped him win the Super Bowl, but you haven't done nothing since. So the question is, you fired Doug but he still has his job?"

THANK YOU! That says it all that the homer media in Philadelphia and even East Coast Sports Network ESPN, usually loving on the Jets, Giants and Patriots, won't say! The local fans know for the most part. It's time to go and that was the position two months ago!

Schefter of ESPN you give credit for being on it though - it's ESPN's reporting that neglects the reasoning that I condemn though they do a good job of outlook on the matter:

Here's the full story and many a sign that the cake is well on the way to being baked (knowing history many high-profile trade deals fall through, so I would not go further yet):

In an otherwise well-written article, this part of the above article is an example of disingenuous reporting out there in the sports media especially by lazy often inexperienced writers.

"It's now all about seeing just how far they can push the bargaining chip as they face a decision between a disgruntled Wentz and former second-round pick Jalen Hurts, who beat out Wentz for the job as QB1 in December. And if their mind isn't already made up -- considering they recently hired Hurts' former QB coach -- it feels like they're pretty close to it, with one final big swing from a team possibly on the horizon."

No, there was no quarterback competition in December. Wentz simply got benched because he sucked. Hurts held his own but has far to go. There were no winners in the end and had Wentz stayed, the only competition ever between them would be in training camp.

I wonder when Brees will make his final decision on retirement this year, or not.

I wonder if there is a commit to date.

12 February 2021
So did anybody else notice Russell Wilson and his wife sitting in the commissioner's suite talking with him during the Super Bowl?

And now days later Wilson's camp gets out word that he wants a trade and the Seahawks are not thrilled. Hmmm.

A man lived at Veterans Stadium for two years in Philadelphia - True Story

It's also reported that at Veterans Stadium there was also an area with a holding area in which the worst delinquents were held during the game and tried right afterwards with a real judge. They figured they did not want to see these folks weeks later court and perhaps they just fined them heavily and got them home.

...this is true, but it wasn’t just a holding pen, there was also an actual courtroom...the philly police were wasting resources taking drunks from veterans stadium downtown to the lockup, there were dozens and dozens of ppl every eagles game getting arrested that the city decided to save money and bring the court to the problem...most ppl were just drunk/disorderly and by the time they appeared in front of the circuit judge they had sobered up and happily paid their fine to get home (or explain to their boss why they were late for work Monday morning)...only stadium/city I’m aware of that did this... story about the guy living there...crazy...

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Had they made those hearings into a show like "The People's Court," it would have been magic television too!

I'm thinking fewer bosses back then would have given these guys as hard a time for not showing up Monday, for even many employees who were not arrested were not showing up after a late game against a divisional rival especially, unless they were in trouble for also any given violence with a weapon or that caused injury or for attacking a police officer and the like.

NFL fans, here's a great article and the annual free agent ranking list by Pete Prisco of CBS Sports - lots of intrigue is at hand here too especially for some of the known names who are 30+ in age who are not quarterbacks:

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Holy Makinaw , One NFL game is worth the entire CFL season . One game ......... .

Translation: You thought the commercial breaks were annoying in recent seasons - just you wait now!

Ah even more trucks, cell phones, pizza, et cetera :roll_eyes:

I'm probably one of the few who has noticed, but this is classic NFL with the media. And I probably noticed unlike many NFL fans because I simply don't care about basketball any more.

So the Deshaun Watson story had ample reporting all last week. Then college basketball started on CBS. Then it was gone from the CBS sports website.

You think the NFL nudged CBS again? Of course they did. Because they can.

The story will play out later all the same of course as it becomes nastier given other complaints. So far one of the complaints I have seen looks fallacious on the surface with the other two to be investigated, but more are coming as this gets more interesting for Watson as well as the supposedly new "more woke" NFL. Yeah, right.

Update 25 March 2021

It's looking really bad for Watson and by extension the NFL, which probably will go into damage control mode now over this one. Watson's the one who got caught along these lines and the next big such case after Antonio Brown, who managed to get back into the league after his suspension, so don't by any given "lone wolf" propaganda by the NFL either.

Watson remains not guilty in criminal respects lest proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but no police are involved (yet?).

Civilly though it's not looking good. Watson has the word and any evidence of 16 plaintiffs and women now against him.

Do I believe all of them? I can say no because I don't believe Plaintiff #2 on the face of her actions.

But I certainly don't like his odds against the 15 others.

So, I never had heard of this player's situation and that's no accident also when most NFL fans have not, but if with legal gambling this now is more a peril not less.

Don't misunderstand me, I am for gambling and have been even before it was legal in as many places.

But I am not for the players and media partners and team owners being involved directly or via family. There is absolutely no discussion about how to manage those items despite the fact that some federal laws can be broken via the players if any given fix is shown to be the case (i.e. few under age 40 now know about Pete Rose off-hand without looking it up, and the Boston College basketball scandal of the 1980s is one of many tales with which many are not familiar), and well, here we are with more to come.

We're going to see more of this type of story and not less with the lackadaisical controls in place despite the threat of such stiff punishment. Psychologically such a threat of harsh punishment is about as as ineffective as for substance use in the NFL. How's that working out?

The mere threat of such harsh punishment is not the solution in and of itself for what can be an addiction.

Well I see the NFL is going to a 17 game schedule with 3 preseason games. Sounds like the right thing to do business-wise but I'm sure some regulars won't like it as they'll have to work a bit harder/longer for their money.

26 March 2021

So the Tampa Bay Bucs brought back their entire Super Bowl starting roster PLUS 10 other starters during the season.

With Fournette re-signing, the Buccaneers become the first time in the salary-cap era (since 1994) to bring back all 32 of their starters, per Elias Sports via ESPN's Field Yates. You have to go all the way back to the 1977 Raiders to find a Super Bowl champion that returned all 22 of its starters from the Super Bowl, per the Bucs' PR department, and to 1979 to find a team that returned all 22 of its Week 1 starters.

Obviously they feel they can do it again with the exact same people and you know what? Maybe like Elway's final two teams they can do so even though those two teams were not exactly the same but did have most of the same key players.

Many won't like it, but here's the key. The NFPLA association signed off on the option in the last negotiations of the collective bargaining agreement, so they have no contractual cause for complaint.

In exchange for the extra game, my understanding is that they do get a larger share of the media rights revenue though but no extra money on salary unless it is any given contractual incentive tied to performance or some seasonal achievement in that extra game.

In short and simplified, whatever their seasonal salary is will be divided by 17 instead of 16 before all other amounts because that was baked into the collective bargaining agreement should an additional game be added.

Bills set to open talks with government stakeholders (i.e. politicians) on either a major rebuild or a new stadium to upgrade or replace respectively the stadium now known as Highmark Stadium

Bills set to open stadium talks with state, local officials (

Lease runs for 2 more seasons and likely will see 1 year extensions depending on how this plays out. Funding for arena upgrades for the Sabres (I forget the name of the place) to be part of this too.

I don't know but I think the Bills likely want a new downtown covered stadium just like how the Detroit Lions went from Pontiac to downtown Detroit. I doubt a major refurbishement of Highmark, as it's now known as as you say, would garner the Bills a SB as it would probably still be an outdoor stadium and February in Buffalo, well no SB for sure then.