NFL youbet 20/21... if the browns pull off a win tomorrow in Pittsburgh, a place they haven’t had a W in 17 attempts, then this constitutes a miracle I would head coach, first practice yesterday (!) and many backups in...if the Steelers don’t win by a billion, I dunno...

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well, 20 pts anyhow but I am still holding out hope for the Browns.

Go Browns !

tough win for the Bills. That last non fumble call should have been overturned but it ended right anyhow. I think though that the Bills D is a little too weak for them to win more than 1 more game at most.

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Anyone watching the SkyTV coverage from the UK? Jeff Reinbold is the analyst

No doubt and my mistake - it's tonight's game not Sunday night - that one is in Pittsburgh.

Well so far, I think perhaps that Bills game was the best one and I missed that one.

The rest of these games so far have been duds, and on the game in Pittsburgh I guess I will watch but I am not optimistic.

The amount of commercials during these games has been beyond obnoxious too.

They were the worst during the Ravens-Titans game such that they destroyed the flow of the game.

Maybe only up from here?

Great game in Pittsburgh.

Clearly the Browns were outplayed in the last 3 qtrs, but a little luck never hurts.

Dont expect anything like it next week.

Almost got all 6 games my way. Just a little more success by WFT would have been wonderful.

No Steelers and no Seagulls next

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so, they say that Wisconsin is one of the states most likely to have armed violence next week.

I wonder if this will affect the GB game, or the following weeks game that will most likely be in GB as well.

I wonder what will happen if any game is threatened and how concerned do they have to be and when would they decide to call off a game.

Oh I doubt they threaten an NFL game - the capital is quite a distance away in Madison.

I agree that state would be high on the list of that sordid bunch.

Sucks for the Rams to have to depend on a wounded Goff who wasnt playing that well before injury.

Rodgers will have to have a really bad day for the Rams to have a chance I think

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Rams will rely on their D, which is/was # 1 in the league.
May not be so easy for Mr. Rodgers.

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For all the fans of the Seahawks here, here's the prospective hire Anthony Lynn for the offence with some good experience. I like the pick because though the Chargers did not do well, they did have an offence much of the time and with a rookie QB at that. Defence seems like it has been the Achilles' heel of the Chargers since Junior Seau left decades ago now!

What I would like to see in future NFL playoffs is the ability to choose your opponent. For example, Washington had a sub-500 record and were the worst team in the playoffs yet Tampa who just barely made the playoffs was able to play them first round and beat them pretty easily. I liked how they added an extra playoff team and gave only one bye per division.

I would propose going in order for wildcard weekend. Two chooses their opponent, then three, then four gets whatever is left over. If the higher two seeds choose number 4 they give up homefield advantage but maintain their playoff positioning moving forward

I followed until this part. Exactly who gives up the homefield advantage when this happens? And why or why not?

Why not simply give the homefield advantage to the division winner, and then if both division winners to the team with a better record in any given round, by default?

If, say, this year the Saints choose to play Washington they would give up their home field to Washington for the wildcard round. They would have to choose between taking the weaker opponent or homefield advantage. They would still keep their #2 position for the following week in the event they win.

This would still incentivize teams to win their division but still would give the possibility of a wildcard to host a playoff game as well.

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with Goff being the most useless QB in the playoffs, thumb or no thumb, I think the Browns have a better chance of winning their game.

NBC, way to go to ruin this great match-up. This is the most commercials during a playoff game I have ever seen right now here in the first quarter. C'mon now.

pretty sure they have a set number of minutes for commercials. They cant over sell the time. It just differs in how they spread them out, taking advantage of game situations.

...and pack those minutes into the first quarter/ first half while ppl are still interested...

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