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The new stadium in LA looks slick. I can't wait for it to be filled with fans again does look pretty cool

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Deon Lacey has been on and off the practice roster for Buffalo so far. He's back on now.

He's played for three seasons in all games and all of them mostly on special teams.

For the money involved including the NFL pension, no way I see an NFL team picks him up for next season, so maybe he can return upon a re-opened CFL?

been a while since the Bills were a contender. Hope this year will be the start of a new trend for them.

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This week # 2 was slightly more bad than good.

The Good :

  • LV wins
  • Buff wins
  • Arizona wins
  • LAR wins
  • Indy wins
  • NYG lose

The Bad :

  • a double - KC wins and LAC loses
  • NO loses
  • Seattle wins
  • TB wins
  • Lions lose
  • Philly loses
  • Houston loses
  • Steelers win

The Ugly :

  • Atlanta bonehead failure on Dallas on side kick
  • Saints D
  • Too many injuries league wide
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After being cut and for sake of any future CFL prospects from the names above after final cut day, Brett Rypien not only was put on an extended practice roster by the Broncos but activated this week.

We'll see if he's on the active roster for today's game or not, but chances are no and that he is the 3rd emergency quarterback for the week not today's game.

So far so good for Josh Allen and my Bills. I thought they had blown it when they gave up a 25 point lead to the Rams yesterday. But with the help of an iffy interference call Allen led them the length of the field in the last 2 minutes to score the winning touchdown to go to 3 - 0.

Allen's stats through the first three games - off the charts.

71.1% completion percentage, passing for 10 TDs with only 1 Int. for 1,038 yards through three games. That's 346 yards per game. Throw in two rushing TD's and it looks like the Bills have a good one.

Russell Wilson has been lighting it up. Fourteen TD passes in the first three games and on pace for 75.

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...should’ve been 15....metcalf!!! :rage:

I know. I dont know what he was thinking there.

Anybody here excited for yet another Thursday Night stinker?

I think the NFL'S strategy with these Thursday Night games is to put one of the weakest games, so long as it involves at least one of the larger cities, on Thursday nights.

NFL Injuries - Staggering Numbers

Above is the link to the reserve list of all players placed on injured reserve in only the first 3 weeks of the season and in September. The number is staggering. Only 4 have been added so far in October, but we shall see come Tuesday next week.

And consider this list does not count those who were injured and waived with some sort of a settlement.

It's no wonder the NFL increased the size of those practice rosters a few seasons ago and for this season, it appears they have a temporary higher number and prohibitions against veteran players on them have been waived.

Week 4 update on receivers involving 4 teams

So go figure, due to injuries Inman is scheduled to start for Washington and will be WR1 or WR2. He remains a solid WR3 even when those two above him are back.

Zylstra remains at WR6 for the Panthers.

Washington, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia are all banged up at the position.

Those 3 teams are relying even more on tight ends, but Philadelphia also has their TE2 Goedert, an integral part of the offence, also injured.

Carolina has 6 WRs healthy plus 2 more injured.

These are only 4 teams, but I figure there will be some trades or movement at the receiver position here in October between teams given the staggering number of injuries.

I am thinking that the latest NFL theme song will be "..and another one bites the dust, and another one bites the dust.."

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After a false positive, a scare was averted for the Saints at Detroit. Wow are Saturday evenings and Sunday nights going to be odd any more. It's the new but nothing normal about it NFL and beyond.

...Russell Wilson’s gonna throw 12 TDs today...he could throw a football clear over those mountains if he wanted to...

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Those were exciting NFL games again today and much schoolyard tackling is noteworthy too.

I am thinking the lack of practices in pads and with tackling are showing, but for now it's not such a bad thing given that this season is anything but a given.

Alex Singleton just got a pick six

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And more breaking news just in now.

The Bills play at the Titans on Tuesday night provided no more cases for the Titans.

But the match-up with the Chiefs, scheduled originally next Thursday night, gets pushed to Sunday next week.

I think this is the first NFL game scheduled on a Tuesday in my life.

In 2012 was the first and only Wednesday in my life when the opening game was moved to Wednesday due to a scheduled speech by President Obama on Thursday.

I'll take a Tuesday night game for once over a Thursday night game.

I certainly won't be watching both games as much on Monday night though.

I'll probably tune into the second half of the first and then on with Drew Brees against the best rookie Justin Herbert like with Tom Brady last week.

I really like a game on Tuesday. If only there would be a Sat night game as well. The we would have 5 nights in a row. Football heaven for me oorah

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