NFL youbet 20/21...

On opening night Thursday, I will deliberately avoid the NFL pre-game for the first 20 minutes or so much as I have avoided all preseason television shows like usual. Over the years, it has begun to feel more like a religious ceremony. It's just football folks. Nope.

We'll see how the commercials go in that first hour too. Either they will overly stacked to the max and annoying or if we're lucky, they go for a lighter and normal feel.

And I wonder how much they work or not all the annoying bro-tastic gambling ads.

Like other opening games for most years, I kind of hope this one falls flat and then we can look forward to the real opening day on Sunday.

I never liked this opening night concept on a Thursday night for the NFL.

will be another first, I think. An NFL game played at the same time as an NHL post season game. I will watch some of both, depending on which seems more entertaining at the time

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All that hype, all those long commercial breaks, BORING tonight BAH!

Go figure, on the depth chart for Sunday's games are

Dontrelle Inman, WR3, Washington
Brandon Zylstra, WR6, Carolina

here on the west coast, we get to watch either Seattle game, or Raiders game, and then either Chargers game or New Orleans game.

Really looking forward to the NO game. Hope they dont disappoint

for monday, we are stuck with the Pittsburg game, sigh

viva la football, youbet

in the meantime, enjoying yet another AFL game.

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...either? CBS has one game, FOX has the other, imma using that ‘last channel’ button frequently...

...kinda a shame that Brees and Brady have to face off right away and one of those guys will be 0-1 by supper time...

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...interesting solidarity gesture in the SEA-ATL game...could this be the show of understanding and protest to replace the anthem kneeling controversy?

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Didn't see it - what happened? Any improvement done respectfully is welcome.

Eagles just crapped the bed.

W with a comeback to earn a W against the Eagles.

Down 17-0 at the half, and win 27-17.

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At least 8 sacks by Washington was part of it - a rookie at RT sure showed! Awful. I did not have a good feeling when Washington was driving and it was 17-17. When they scored, I knew it was about over.

Washington made adjustments at the half and then dominated.
I did not like the play calling at all by the Eagles.

Washington deserved the W and Eagles deserved the loss.

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...ATL won the coin toss to receive the opening kickoff...both teams got set up to kick the ball and then only the SEA kicker moved, following through and kicking the ball through the end zone (as kickers are wont to do).... but no one pursued the ball, all 22 players just took a knee for about ten seconds where they had lined up and then they all got up and play started like normal...

...apparently Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson thought it up, discussed it earlier this week and then presented it to their teams and coaches and they all agreed to do it...

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Well first I saw my Eagles lose and then I tried, and I mean it took effort though a great match-up, to watch the game in New Orleans.

My gosh has the NFL put the commercials on overkill! And it gets worse too, for the ones we get down here are akin to those of a decade ago as if nothing has changed!

New but the same ol' truck commercials, cell phones, car insurance, some stupid new drug with folks pretending never to be sick and never ugly like usual, et cetera. And MORE of them my gosh!

It was unbearable by the second half of the late game. Now we'll see how they roll or adjust if at all for the rest of September.

I watched a lot of football yesterday and really didn't miss the fans,
Although it was probably an advantage for the road teams.
Another thing I didn't miss(and liked it)
The fact that there is now no more video review on judgement none-calls by the refs.

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Too bad the CFL couldn't get their act together to come up with a modified version of their season.

This week # 1 was better than not over all.

The Good :

  • Best game of the week is a double - NO wins and TB loses

  • another double - LAR wins and Dallas loses

  • LV wins

  • Buff wins

  • SF loses

  • LAC wins

The Bad :

  • a double - KC win and Houston loses

  • Seattle win

  • NE win

  • Indy loses

The Ugly :

  • Philly blows 17 pt lead

  • Detroit blows 17 pt lead

  • M. Thomas hurts his ankle

well, if nobody has any other comment, at least you could tell me how pretty my post is...:slight_smile: :sunglasses: :clap: :trophy: :australia:

not this one....the other one :slight_smile:

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The Rams new logo sucks. But their new away uniforms? Sweet!

Whenever the Rams play the Chargers at least once every three years in the same new stadium will be an interesting duel of uniforms too.

I am disappointed in both teams uniforms. Both teams are on my cheer for list. I am cheering for the Eagles today though

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It's a bad start man. I picked them to win.

Their defensive strategy I think is to allow only first downs. :no_mouth:

It's not working and it does not look like it's happening today.