NFL youbet 20/21...

Early August
Greg Van Roten became the starting guard for the NY Jets after they decided to cut a veteran.

Marken Michel had been signed by Carolina. He joined Brandon Zylstra there, who played in some games last season. Their roster is loaded at receiver though, and DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, and Curtis Samuel look like 1-2-3. The Panthers kept 7 receivers last season, and Zylstra was WR6 or WR7.

It appears that Jonathan Kongbo could be headed back to the CFL for 2021 given some tough luck in San Francisco two seasons in a row.

It sounds like he has a serious injury given he's been placed on injured reserve , and I don't know the nature of the injury but he has a long time to recover from it.

Deontay Burnett - anybody know if this guy is on a negotiation list for the CFL?

He's been in the league for two prior seasons and was just cut by the Eagles. He was on an active roster for a few games on two teams as he bounced around on four now. He's only 23 in October too, and apparently he left school at USC when very young.

If there are any scouts tracking this thread, though I highly doubt he is not on some radar already, you are welcome.

this season I be cheering for


Starting this Thursday we have 22 weeks of football!!! :grinning:

I am Bills and Seahawks

...ima going out on a limb and say this is the year that the Browns get to .500

NFL Final Cut Day 5 Sept 2020

Well here are a few telling names of interest for a return or otherwise for a CFL future in free agency:

Robert Foster, Bills

Davis Webb, Bills

Brett Rypien, Broncos

Dexter Williams, Packers

Reggie Begelton, Packers

Marken Michel, Panthers

Laquon Treadwell, Falcons

Sunday Waiver Wire - Only 17 Players Taken Due To Geographic Effects of COVID-19

Consider how phenomenal the athletes are in pro football. Look at these guys cut! They'd be the beast and boss in most any gym or practice field near you much as they were in high school or on campus in college.

And with only 17 players claimed on the waiver wire (down from an average of 50 a year, which still is only about 1.5 per team!), and these are not those on practice squads, well when cut from an NFL team, the outlook gets extremely bleak.

Of course it's all well that young men are chasing their dreams, but reality is harsh and those numbers sure are against them.

Like they say most every year ha ha ha ha!

that would be fans...right?

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KC will repeat this year.. Seattle will rise to the top of the NFC west, San Francisco will fall to third in the NFC west behind the Rams, the Patriots will miss the playoffs for the first time in a long time, the Titans will finish second in the AFC

Great list there FYB with Eagles of course. :smiley:

Oh no now - Raiders and Chargers? You must choose one same division!

And not sure how you can cheer for both Colts and Texans also in the same division! :neutral_face: :roll_eyes:

Well it appears to me that the NFL liberalized the practice roster rules in light of the pandemic, for I see many a seasoned veteran on practice squads now including veteran QBs and kickers!

Here are a few key names that are only on those squads I figure due to these liberalized rules. The NFL right now is the only gridiron game in town, so they get away with it.

Perhaps a few like others can be free agents to come north next year and actual tryout so they actually can play. What a concept right!?

QB Tyler Bray - More clipboard duty in a shorter time than even Clipboard Jesus Charlie Whitehurst of yesteryear - only 28 too!

DE DeShawn Williams - With game and through the NFL merry-go-round since 2015 with one solo tackle and 0.5 sacks in his career! C'mon now! Get him up north to see if he can play DE or DT folks! He's only 27.

WR Begelton made the practice squad - we know he has game

RB Theo Riddick - more a receiver as a running back than a rusher and only 29 with the skill set that looks like to me he can match up better in the CFL now:

I will be glued to Tom and Tampa for sure.

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Tom who? Lol

Tom, Gronk and Fournette :wink:

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What a team they are building to contend, and I am excited for them and cheer for them in that division too.

They picked up Fournette, who I feel has plenty of solid game left in him in a better organization like Tampa Bay.

On Gronk? Ah, not sure and not confident given his ample injury history on which he had already defied some long odds since the back injury issues in college that lowered his draft stock even then. And then of course the rest has been quite the legendary history! He might be taking "one fight too many" now. They almost all do you know.

That receiving corps otherwise is the bomb! With Winston, they had the number one receiving tandem in Godwin and Evans and two of the top five receivers in the league! And they are still there but now with more cautious and prudent Tom!

And though 32 now, they have LeSean McCoy and his hands for the check-down with also plenty of game in him or he would not be making the team!

I'm excited too.

Eagles' Depth Chart here:

They are banged up bad on defense and the season has not even started, and it's not looking good. But at linebacker? All healthy as they overhauled the corp after last year's lack of consistency and reliability all season.

And guess who is a starter now! You all know him, so have a look!

Health of the offense is a concern too, starting with Wentz who seems to be made of glass.
Believe he was out at one point in TC - day to day.
Then the o line has been a juggling act with Peters now slated to play LT.
Receiving corps also banged up.

And like you said Paola, season has not even started.

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I will be following the LV Raiders, mostly because of this!

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@RichardVeilleux there or anybody who knows about CFL Free Agency and negotiation lists? I'd post this in the CFL free agency thread rather, but no one is over there but me now.

It remains to be seen the aftermath of the NFL season with regards to just what happens and what does happen with the practice rosters. The NFL liberalized the rules such that many a veteran player, or I am not sure even if there are restrictions on veteran status any more right now, can be on them.

The NFL seems wise to do so in case some team gets hit with an epidemic of cases, for then they have even better players at hand than usual from practice rosters.

These are all guys not good enough to make a team yet likely out of football, waiting for injuries late in the season and keeping in shape, for their long-shot chance. And many more now have ample NFL experience in having made at least one team.

A small few of these guys look like CFL material the best I can guess, and I have posted a few key names above for mostly offensive players.