NFL youbet 20/21...

…FYB was lax in creating a new thread, so I jumped him…

…Rivers no longer a Charger, which is sort of sad seeing he was a Charger for so darn long, but maybe he’ll actually land somewhere with a hope, both Miami and Tampa could use a veteran ball chucker…

…opens the door for TB12 to step in eh?!

Good point RnW - Brady in LA would ignite that division with its haves and have-nots. It has now teams in two new and recently new markets.

I could see the NFL working behind the scenes to open more doors for this to happen given Brady’s instant celebrity.

…the Chargers absolutely have to have a draw for that big new barn they’ll be playing in and if they bring in a second-rate QB there’ll be a lot of empty seats when the lightning bolts are playing a home game…plus TB12’s business ventures would do well in the LA market, with him and his wife being celebs and all…the Chargers have a fair bit of cap space for 2020 (ranked 12th, my what a coincidence) not only for TB but for other parts he may want, and have a base of good players at his disposal right now…

…with PR now gone, I’d say the Chargers have risen to the top of where Tom Brady will land…

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lax, harumpf. Don’t usually start a new thread until summer. grrrr

I have been a Rivers fan from the beginning. Didn’t do well last year. Not sure what he has left. I hope he doesn’t go to a team I don’t want to cheer for.

Brady in LA with the chargers it will be a celebrity gathering like at Lakers games.
As for the Chargers they can turn things around quickly.
As Brady won’t command a huge salary do to his already wealth. Creating Alot more cap space for some major upgrades of top players.
Just like with the Pats

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but he aint giving money up either just to play in LA, he’ll still demand (and warrant) top dollar, maybe not the 30M that the pats allegedly were offering but still 20-25M, that’s a big cut of that cap space…

…still, the chargers have some good assets already in place…they don’t have to add much…

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I Like the Duke

so happy to read the Brees will be returning to the Saints for at least one more year.

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The way that Super Bowl was officiated, and a number of key and horribly errant calls in meaningful games over the years, now lead me to lose interest in the NFL after all the political drama and sideshows well beyond the sport and game.

This was my test season, which I enjoyed until that 4th quarter. I had no rooting interest or money at risk mind you.

I will watch as usual of course but not as many games.

The only things video review has improved is in determination of catches, the proper spot, or turnovers.

The rest is dreadfully inconsistent when otherwise if the evidence is less than reasonably clear, the call on the field ought stand let alone fewer doubtful calls ought be made by officials.

Rather than rooting interests, now I will watch some of the the NFL only to enjoy the elite talent on display and to learn more about offensive and defensive schemes and strategy like before.

My greater rooting interests are with the CFL and what I feel is an honest game and league though with much to improve for such a great game.

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Good chance the virus thing will have run its course by NFL start. Unless this thing really gets out of hand.

Training camps, and combines?, might still be affected.

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The vote was decided by a razor-thin margin of 60 votes, which was a matter touched on in a statement from the NFLPA Executive Committee.

"We understand and know that players have been split on this deal, including members of our EC," the statement read. "Going forward, it is our duty to lead, however we may feel as individuals, to bring our men together and to continue to represent the interests of our entire membership."

There will be an uptick in player revenue, set at 47 percent in 2020 and then at least 48 percent in 2021 with the ability to increase the percentage to a 48.5 share through a media kicker that applies in any season the league plays 17 games.

Players who earn league minimums will get an increase in salary and there will be an increase in performance-based pay, beginning with an average 12 percent increase. The league estimates that as much as an additional $100 million will go to players immediately this season.

Two additional active spots will bring rosters to 55 men, while there will be a decrease in padded practices at training camp, down from 28 to 16. Padded practices will be limited to 2.5 hours, down from 3.

Retired players will also benefit from the new deal, as they will see an increase in benefits and boost to pensions.

Changes to the drug policy include a reduction in penalties for players who test positive for THC (eliminating suspensions solely based on positive tests), an abbreviated testing window (from four months to two weeks at the start of training camp) and a significant increase in the threshold for a positive test (nanogram limit rises from 35 to 150).

Well in the lowest of times for sport in our lives, NFL free agency is as lively as I have seen it since Brett Favre was released in 2008 if not more.

It looks like Tom Brady to Tampa Bay. I called it weeks ago, and was in the minority opinion, that he would not re-sign with the Patriots.

I did not see Tampa Bay on the line though I did foresee him going to a team in Florida or out West, a la Peyton Manning, for his swan song.

...where do you see TB as TB's landing spot? none of the sports news sites are saying this...

First he'll have to pass the physical. Word on the street is TB has contracted TB en route to TB.

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Last betting odds I saw were -150 too. might be right there, TSN is posting twitter rumours it’s the Bucs for $30M/year no word on length....and the SB is there this year...

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Well NFL free agency sure has been more exciting than I ever remember.

If we were in regular times, no way could I keep up because I can't even now but for days later.

$50M 2 years no trade no franchise tag allowed ALL guaranteed - that is bad--- !

Don't care for the Rams new logo

I like it but want them to break out the really old uniforms with the blue and white from the 60s for at least two games per season.

I don't think the Rams have ever had a bad uniform but for the all yellows for that stupid Colour Rush promotion. Their away blue and gold during much of their time in St. Louis were meh.