NFL youbet - 18/19

With pre season starting I am looking forward to sept - nov when we have both leagues over lapping.

Last year was great with one of my top teams winning the SB.

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Football lovers heaven starting this weekend with the CFL in full swing and NCAA and NFL football flooding the airwaves all weekend long.

Here the CTV/RDS/TSN NFL schedule for NFL Week One.

...add NHL and MBA preseasons starting soon and MLB playoffs...Sept/Oct is a sports-lovers nirvana...

I love the masters of business preseason . ;D They really get their resumes out there before the regular season .

..start practicing their "YOUR FIRED!!"'s....brush up on the latest's a long season...

Sorry, the NFL doesn't exist to me until after the Grey Cup.

a little late for fantasy football :slight_smile:

It'll be interesting how much of a distraction the national anthem fiasco continues to be. Of course it really is just a distraction, I don't think it affects how many tickets are sold or television ratings in any significant way. It's really more of a journalist's dream to talk about if a game is a stinker but the anthem with players protesting is present.

Typos are fun .

Good one Hank! :-*

I didn't watch the game last night but I read the boxscore. 30 points total 500 total yards between two teams and 26 penalties. I am glad I didn't waste 3 hours on that. :o

With the storm delay it ran too late for me. If Atlanta could have just been better inside the Philly 10 yard line they should have had at least 10 more points in the first half. Mind you credit to the Philly defence for coming up with the huge goal line stand. But sadly I was in bed long before the end and apparently missed a thrilling finish.

[b]Falcons 12th drive:[/b]Ryan to Jones to move the Falcons to the Eagles’ 33-yard line. This is shaping up to be a repeat of last year, huh? Ryan sacked to bring up 3rd-and-17 after a failed screen play. Long is bearing down on Ryan ... but the quarterback gets it off and it’s complete to Jones for a first down. Atlanta calls their second timeout with 1:18 remaining and the ball on the 22-yard line. Ryan completes a pass to Jones to set up 1st-and-goal from the 10-yard line with 24 seconds remaining. Oh boy. Ryan’s first down pass is thrown out of the end zone. 16 seconds remaining. Same deal on second down. 11 seconds remain. Pressure by Cox up the middle forces another incompletion. 4th-and-10 from the 10-yard line with 7 seconds left. It’s incomplete! But there’s a penalty. Illegal contact by Jordan Hicks. Falcons at the 5-yard line with one second left. Ryan’s pass to Jones along the sideline in the end zone is ... INCOMPLETE FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS YEAR! THE REIGNING SUPER BOWL CHAMPS WIN![b]EAGLES WIN, 18-12.[/b]

Huh, there's another league somewhere ? ???

eagles D was entertaining.

eagles O picked it up in the second half.

With it being the opening weekend - time to turn my attention from travel consultant to my other gig as Bill's head coach. :slight_smile: (More than a bit of a resemblance)

NFL is back. My remote is getting a workout.

Mainly watching my Bills at Baltimore on CTV Toronto. Checking in on Houston @ Pats on the Detroit CBS station I get. Also have Niners @ Vikings on Fox and Jags @ Giants on TSN2 and CTV2.

Too many choices - lol.

Man - my Bills suck!

LOL. Bills losing 40-0. Hope the southern Ontario fans choose a CFL game instead of the NFL crap.

I am the opposite feeling a strong Bills team with owners who are happy makes the CFL safe from northern encroachment with the NFL .

ESPN doing a good job of Monday Night Football tonight .

The female announcer ain't too bad to listen to and the colour is good .