NFL X's And O's: Cover 2 Defense

If you like X's and O's talk like me, perhaps you'll enjoy this fine article by Pat Kirwan on Cover 2 Defense as is rarely used in the CFL as I heard Jock Clymie explain one time at halftime:

[url=] ... elmet-hits[/url]

The article is complete with diagrams.

so why didnt you put this in the x and o forum?

Yes it could be moved there in the discretion of the moderators and I had thought to put this discussion there as well, but the discussion is not applicable in great part to the CFL because this defence is hardly used in the CFL.

However the portions discussing the offensive pass routes and hit hazards is also applicable to the CFL, so it is the moderators’ call if they want to move this one over there or not.

Those of you watching some NFL action today note the following game where this defense will be on display by Tampa Bay:

[url=] ... cover.html[/url]

If Roddy White has a big day and/or the entire receiving corp of Atlanta, it would be a miserable failure. Otherwise I think you can bet most all defensive coordinators will be watching this game film.