NFL/XFL Partnership

The CFL can get creative by separating the Thursday Night games from the CFL TV package and sell that to an on over the air network like the CBC or Global for expanding its exposure and revenue. Don't have to put all eggs in the basket

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CBC isn't bidding for pro sports at the moment, Global does not have a sports department (surprising) and Sportsnet has a hate on the CFL.

The CFL is stuck.


Both the CBC and Global networks need new content for programming during the summer months instead of re-runs or shows that ran it's course like "Dragon's Den" "Family Feud". Or US shows like "Bull", "How We Roll" on Global. Particular Global that has very little Canadian content on it's network

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As I stated above in more detail, I think they should be speaking with an attorney NOW given the new partial conflict of interest of TSN's minority partner ESPN.

Don't wait and there is nothing to lose given the shaky footing once the matter of the strike is resolved anyway.

I think the ESPN deal with the CFL ends after this year. After it expired, shop the TV rights around. It has got to be better than $200,000 the league gets now. Any new deal has to be better than what the XFL got from Disney

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Where are they going to go and find this deal? CBS? Fox is off the list, NBC is not happening, HBO and TBS?

Streaming services. The future of sports broadcasting. They will pay more than the measly $200,000 that it gets from ESPN

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Why? ESPN is currently paying nothing for F-1 racing. Just saying a streaming service will pay for CFL broadcasts doesn't make it true. How much is the CFL getting from Mexico and other countries they've been courting for years?

F1 must be getting paid from a Euro streaming site to offset ESPN not paying. But ESPN must've paid for the TV rights. so the Mouse is still paying in the end

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No doubt but it must be something it is not free.

They just re-stream and offer nothing for it other than one sponsor in the past. Anyway, I enjoyed Formula One for many years but am taking a year off after last year's bush league finish for one of the wealthiest global brands in the world.

It was like a small-town mayor making a homer decision upon a lavish five-star resort with the G20 summit and friends in attendance. AWFUL.

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So the XFL is banking its future with Disney / ABC / ESPN / ESPN+ / Hulu:

Here's a fine analysis of how things have gone so far at ESPN this year and how things have gone for those allocating some or all of their screen exposure strategy in the US on ESPN (i.e. the UFC, the NHL, and the NBA).

It's a murky future and absolutely not the case, as some executives and various pundits have asserted, that those cutting the cord are simply going to drift en masse to ESPN+ for the diehard sports fans they are now.

I see the future in part the way it is shaping up at CBS. The exposure is coming from the main channel, then Paramount Plus, then whatever smaller cable presence at hand via CBS.

If you are not on the main channel often or on a regular frequency, something which the NFL has figured out and also has seeped down to the USFL now, you are not going to be hardly noticed en masse.

When people have to jump through too many hoops, they are looking for other choices in entertainment because it's simply not work.

ABC has a ways to go to figure out its strategy without pumping up cable ESPN as the lead horse as is the case now, and more hard details are in this fine article as to why that is the case now and why that was more the failed case, as is not covered in this article, starting in 2010 during the Great Recession in the first wave of cord cutting:


The XFL will be stuck on ESPN+ because it has too many sports invested to allow a twice failed league to be shown on the main channels

Not going to happen. Redbird would have just folded it if that were the case. They've gone on record several times stating a lucrative media deal was a prerequisite of restarting the league. They're not going to streaming. Maybe a token game or 2 but not 90% of them. It's a complete nonstarter


I know that we all pile on the twice failed league - and Paulo has it failing like 7 times so far - different accounting methods aside - why is it we seem to forget that they own a huge chunk of Liverpool/Redsox and a whole bunch of other stuff like the Penguins - They didn't bring the guy over from the NFL to negotiate a shit contract for a streaming service - I agree with laxtreme56 in that I am pretty sure they are not going to dump the games into a streaming service even if that is what was done to the CFL -

That said the CFL has a path out of streaming hell - add some teams in the States - which the league will never allow to happen due to the ratio and finding stadiums in the USA to play in - CFL with American teams moves off the streaming app and makes more than 200 k a year -

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I heard that ESPN is going to pay the XFL the same rate TSN is paying the CFL $250 Million over 5 years.

There is no way that they get that much for being a twice failed league while the CFL gets $200,000 annually. It's is now time to finish off the rest of the agreement with ESPN and find another network. NBC, CBS, CW needs programing for their apps

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Well to be clear, as distinguished from that Alabama Spring League crap, the XFL 4.0 has a far better shot given all it really has on the table beyond whatever relationship with the NFL godfather to prop things up and twist certain arms.

As noted of course, I question the XFL's choice of screen exposure given that ESPN is melting down fast.

Disney is about six or more years late on spinning off ESPN after those properties had recovered to some degree from the first wave of cord cutting in 2010.

The situation of Disney and ESPN reminds me of when AT&T spun off DirecTV in 2021, after the initial efforts started in 2019 but were delayed by the pandemic like most things, only years well after its peak.

I haven't heard that rate and don't think it's true unless it's an incentive laden contract with ratings and demo targets. Though if it is true it's due to 2 factors, The Rock and Billionaire owners willing to invest in their product. Neither of which the CFL has..well they have MLSE though they always seem to have one foot in and one out the door on any given day. The KHL has a higher level of hockey than the AHL, but you'll have a much easier time finding the Chicago Wolves on local t.v. than SKA St. Petersburgh. The CFL needs to find ways to grow their audience domestically first and foremost. They can shop around to Netflix, Paramount, Tubi all they want, but in the end they're just going to get the same deal as ESPN+, or most likely worse.

But you don't know this until the modern media landscape is shopped, and of course we are getting ahead of ourselves now because play must restart and the product should be viable again for an entire, relatively normal season before they shop around for a better, modern deal that TSN and its minority partner had not given the CFL in 2015 and won't ever deliver to the CFL.

Here is the source. That amount of money to me would only seem reasonable to me if ESPN were to take part ownership in the XFL.