NFL/XFL Partnership

They can be pursued, but would they be interested? Both seem to be all in on soccer at the moment. The NWSL draws more than double the typical CFL ESPN2 broadcast, yet receives a paltry $1 million in rights fees for its efforts. The issue is, even these lesser sports properties will see their ratings increase, if only marginally during the playoffs. The CFL will hover in the low 200k viewers during summer then notch 110k for the Grey Cup on ESPN2. At least you can see every game on ESPN+, I highly doubt that would be the issue on CBS/Paramount.

Well it's not like CBS Sports is not looking for filler.

Of the streaming platforms, Paramount Plus is the best.

Of course in the streaming world, you don't need a whole new channel within the stranglehold of a cable system and their scheduling.

You simply need a time window so as to avoid conflicts with other events for live coverage.

And having the extended highlights on for later, even in coordination with Youtube as they also do for soccer highlights, is a massive plus over cable.

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The CFL only makes $200k a year on the ESPN deal - I read somewhere that this deal was in place so that American players would go north to play and people back home could see them play - dont' know if there is any truth to this or not -

None of them are the best..that's a personal choice.
The big problem with streaming services is that you need multiple services to have the variety of shows movies and live events that you may want to see so really you end up back in bed with all of them and even the cable company that your running from just so you can enjoy the content you are after....

I know that everyone thinks that the merger is dead - I still think that it is on - I am betting there is a clause built into the contract for a merger with the CFL - The XFL now has a contract in place, they just need to make it through season one. Randy is trying to move the start of the season back to early May - the Ratio, and three downs are both under attack - prediction CXFL by 2025

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"My Mama told me, better shop 'round". Smokey Robinson


Big deal. XFL 2.0 also had good national tv coverage. But the league also received nothing in media rights. The networks only picked up production costs which is likely the case for XFL 3.0 as well.

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Garcia said that the XFL is interested in a paying TV deal. They must have been compensated more than what the CFL got($200,000) from the Mouse.

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Netflix. They still have to maintain it's Cancon requirement. They acquire CFL rights, the games go streaming internationally.

There are others like TBS, CW Network, Sinclair Communications, YES Network, NESN, WGN.

Randy indicated that Amar Doman is head of the CFL Expansion Committee, maybe media rights exploration is also included in the job description

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Yes Network is partially owned by Redbird Capital - the owners of the XFL -

Redbird Capital/XFL didn't bring in Kevin Laforce from the NFL to negotiate a $200 k a year contract with a US based network - I am betting $200k is a fraction of his yearly salary.

But it gets back to another thread where we have beat a dead horse - Americans are probably not going to watch the CFL unless there are CFL teams on US Soil - if the CFL is looking at Expansion and they want US TV money they need to go south sooner rather than later.


Then how come there was no money mentioned on what Disney paid to the XFL? The NFL and NHL have stated what they got from the networks in their new deals. It standard practice to announce what was offered once a deal has been delivered.

It can't have been very much if there was no announcement of the financial terms. The XFL may have been embarrassed that they had do a similar deal with Disney like what McMahon got with XFL 2.0


So how would that work? Netflix pays the CFL a rights fee AND pays to produce telecasts, or do they just pay to borrow the TSN feed? Since ESPN and TSN fall under the same umbrella I don't foresee the CFL striking a deal elsewhere. Right now there's more value in the PBA bowling that notched nearly 600k viewers this past weekend.

Maybe it is a $200 k a year deal - you make a valid point - but the PLL didn't let the universe know what deal they got from Peacock - other than it was 10 figures - Using that as a baseline I would think that the XFL could get a deal at least as good as the PLL got.

That could stem the loss of subscribers Netflix is feeling.

Won't necessarily affect Canadian tv as TSN is still the rights holder as of right now.


My prediction will be me cancelling my membership if this merger takes place.

Unless Netflix takes the streaming option and allows TSN to broadcast CFL games. That would still allow the site to maintain it's Cancon requirement. Netflix could stream repeats of CFL games after it's completion

We won't know how much money that the XFL had received. I thinks it the same as what the CFL gets from the Mouse.

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The CFL has to be more proactive in media rights negotiations with any network once the TV deal with TSN has ended

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But they keep extending their tv deal with TSN.

They do have limited options for distribution.