NFL/XFL Partnership

NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 21, 2022 – The XFL today announced it would collaborate with the NFL on select innovation programs to further expand the game of football and create increased opportunities for player development both on and off the field.

Health and safety will be a principal area of focus in both learning and innovation, with the XFL working with the NFL on forward thinking physical and mental fitness programs for players, the study of playing surfaces and equipment and the sharing of game trends and data.

“We are extremely pleased to collaborate with the NFL in these important areas,” said Dany Garcia, Co-Owner and Chairwoman of the XFL. “We are bringing forward an XFL that is progressive and forward-thinking when it comes to innovation, leveraging the newest technology to enhance gameday experience. We have an open field for innovative rules to enhance in-game access. Sharing insights and practices between the XFL and NFL will do a tremendous amount of good for the game of football and support the player ecosystem overall.”

Additional avenues for collaboration may include international football development and scouting, as well as officiating, including the testing of different game rules for player protection and enhanced overall play, and of different technologies to enhance officiating.

“The XFL has shown us that innovation is one of its core principles. We are hopeful that this relationship will support further development and improvements in the game of football at all levels.” said Troy Vincent, NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations.

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Got dumped by the CFL and on to the NFL on a rebound :rofl::joy:.


XFL has a counter on their website - guess the Rock is going to drop some news on the Twice Failed League tomorrow about lunch time -


Heard that the XFL changed their logo. It looks worse than the McMahon version. It is in a generic black and white computerized lettering.

The Rock is fucking up this reboot. He was better off hitching his wagon to the CFL. What is so hard that the Rock couldn't commit to 3 down football? It looks like he is losing his battle to the USFL


The Rock is obviously trying to upstage the debut of the USFL 2.0, also backed by the NFL under the covers in the view of some of us here, which oddly has its first games on the weekend of Passover and Easter. I guess the view is that people will want to watch football that weekend? :thinking:

I have no idea what many people are doing that weekend after two years of pandemic messing up the plans, but I imagine there will be a lot of travel despite the high gas prices.

For people staying home, I figure they will be outdoors a lot given the nice weather that is only starting in much of the country after all the prolonged cold and rain.

Also I figure on that holiday weekend, people will not be watching football games very much let alone going to them.

The first USFL game is on the Saturday night and then it's a triple-flusher on Easter Sunday.

Only the first two games are over-the-air. The rest are on cable.

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I am interested to see how this venture goes - I also wonder how big of a chunk of cash NBC gave to Fox for the 20 games they are going to broadcast? NBC also paid PLL Lacrosse league 8 figures - which is 10 million usd minimum - So maybe NBC paid Fox 15 or 20 million usd?

The fact NBC paid anything for a traveling Lacrosse league is mind boggling. I'm guessing the USFL will draw more than the TSL but less than the XFL. The hype just isn't there yet and living here in NJ so few people even know the USFL exists. The Arena League is still the high mark for alternative football, 30 seasons, although I'd argue the reboot in 2010-2019 was the AFL in name only.


NBC has some "interesting" stuff on Peacock streaming services - FCF, English Rugby, Motocross, Traveling Lacrosse League -

In this era where these broadcasters and streaming services need content - what is 20 or 30 million for 50 hours of content? And that 20 or 30 million is a fictitious number but the fact that NBC paid Fox for 3 years of USFL to me speaks volumes about spring football -

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Their announcement is in less than 10 minutes

The site says every dream has a day one. The XFL will now have 3 of them :smiley:

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Noon EST is here

Yes it's a new logo

The video shows teams used in version 2.0. Dragons, Defenders, Battlehawks, Vipers....I might has missed some

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Wow all that brand identity and new vision for XFL 4.0! Somebody should explain to them that your start does not count until you actually have games again. :roll_eyes:

You have to give it to them for fighting spirit I suppose even though the USFL 2.0 got the big jump on them.

It's a bit telling, and not in a good way for the XFL 4.0, that NBC is even involved with the USFL so as to spurn a prior brand with which they were associated.

The XFL documentary via ESPN's 30 For 30 covered well that there was still some positive legacy remaining though the key player at NBC for XFL 1.0, Dick Ebersol, had retired.

His son, Charlie Ebersol, is a key producer there at NBC and was a co-founder of the failed AAF, on which Dick sat on the board as well.

We can see clearly where NBC placed their bets again yet given the primacy of Fox for the rights to the USFL, it was only very likely I suspect after quite the nudge by the NFL.


Like all the streaming services for sports, this is the experimentation phase. Just because you can put it on streaming does not make for good business or a crowd. And all the players are trying to figure out how to make streaming offerings profitable.

Many established cable channels and brands are having a rough road and finding out that only very small niche crowds will pay for their crap. Most of these will disappear or necessarily rebrand, for it has not been a cable TV world for about two years now.

Peacock is still behind the curve on its performance and its branding, and part of that is because NBC Universal's cable arm is Comcast / XFinity and that relationship has not been an asset in development and distribution as compared to CBS and ABC, which don't rely as heavily on cable distribution.

CBS seems to have the best offerings so far via Paramount+ including its performance.

Maybe some of the parents can weigh in on their experience with the Disney Bundle, but the complaints on ESPN+ abound as well.

I'm going to copy this here after posting it in the USFL thread, for it is just as relevant to the XFL or any given niche sports offering in our age of streaming after the age of cable.

Speaking broadly with regards to the niche sports offerings including spring football, which in the US any more on over-the-air or cable TV includes most anything EXCEPT for the the following --
NFL, some regional MLB, Barclays Premier League, some regional NBA, big-time and some regional NCAA Football: (SEC, Big 10, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State), Notre Dame Football, a few college basketball teams, major horse races, and major golf tournaments --

the challenge and opportunity is figuring out what will work amidst all that won't work via streaming.

Many of the above are the ONLY remaining reasons some of those older even keep their cable television subscription mind you.

With record numbers cutting all the cords now for almost two years not merely only cable TV now 12 years after cutting the cable TV cord en masse, there can only be a few winners who otherwise before could ride along on the major cable channels with the more popular shows.

For example, I have inexpensive internet on T-Mobile. Whatever I watch, I often get ads for the streaming offerings from XFinity or Verizon who are each 18 months late to the party for various reasons. Each of these and others come with built-in apps or promotions with access to niche content.

I would note there are no ads for cable subscriptions any more now in 2022 after there still were last year. Of course there are plenty of pitches for all the streaming services and apps.

After a few experiments for a few seasons for example, the NFL is moving Thursday Night football to exclusive streaming on Amazon starting later here in 2022.

Of course streaming live sports is hardly new, but the deal with Amazon Prime by the NFL is the first of many such exclusive arrangements that will rely almost entirely on that advertising revenue derived via the targeting of existing subscribers of Amazon.

For the niche sports, whenever players like Fox or NBC don't want to subsidize it or are not going to be backed by a major league under the covers, the niche sports will have to rely on partnerships with the major internet players or another "Amazon" such as Netflix or Google's Youtube so as to gain attraction and paid advertisers beyond pirate streams (no money and brand damage).

I don't feel like starting a new thread

Haven't heard any $$ with this but the company already giving a 5 year commitment isn't a bad thing.

Games on ABC will be available in Canada as I believe FX too.

I wonder if TSN will pick a up a few games like they did in the 2nd incarnation of the league

If the XFL got preferred times on their main networks while the CFL is stuck behind an app wall. The CFL should rescind any deal it has with the Mouse and find a new US broadcast partner ASAP


The rights are up after this upcoming season. Hope they shop around

/Looks at band
//Nods with confidence

"My mama told me ..."


Somebody on this forum a few weeks ago, was it you @DaveDaHammer ?, was talking about this rumour and now it is true.

If they are smart enough to put at least one game per week on ABC and not stuff the action on ESPN2 and on ESPN+ and the like, as Disney/ESPN have done with their NBA and NCAA slates or put a lame game on ABC, they can grow the brand.

Revert back to like people still have cable subscriptions or rely on ESPN+, well just ask the UFC and whatever has been relegated to ESPN+ with overall underwhelming results.

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The CFL has been on just about every US sports network in the past 20 years. If the walk out on ESPN who else is going to bid? Maybe C-SPan or the Oprah network if that's still around.

CBS and Paramount Plus should be pursued. Now.

And I don't know Canadian law, but an experienced attorney in contract law and then some certainly can cite any given material change in the sports entertainment market and a conflict of interest of a minority owner of TSN as well as a contract with a partial competitor that is the XFL. Force majeure - I don't think so. But pertinent objections to the deal signed in different times in 2015? You bet.

Whether the arguments will compel TSN to make a revision or propose a better deal, or sway a court to get out of the part or all of the contract, is another question.

Such is the reality now at the hands of the CFL.

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