NFL Wild Card Weekend Predictions

what are you predictions for the games this weekend


Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals

Indianapolis Colts @ San Diego Chargers


Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

Philidelphia Eagles @ Minnesota Vikings

E! A! G! L! E! S! EAGLES!




falcons at cards. at first i was thinking falcons on this one, the cardinals had an easier schedule than any other team this year and still only finished 9-7, but then i saw Jamie Dukes on sportsnet and he convinced me to choose otherwise.

the cardinals have been a different team at home this season and their strength (passing offence) matches up perfectly with atlanta's weakness (pass defence).

Colts at Chargers. Definately going with the the colts in this one. the colts are the hottest team in the nfl right now going up against a team that finished 8-8. (LT and Antonio Gates may not play in this one either)

Ravens at Dolphins. miami has had just six games this season against an opponent with 9 wins or more. they went 2-4 in those 6 games. with all those veterans on defence and a very good running game, i think the ravens win this one.

Eagles at Vikings. in my opinion the most appealing game this weekend, the key to this game for the eagles is OBVIOUSLY stopping Adrian Peterson, and i think the eagles can do it, all they need to do his hold him to 100 yards or less and eliminate the big run and they will win this game. with Assante Samuel and Sheldon Brown on the corners, they can load the box to stop A.D, while containing Bernard Berrian at the same time.

sooo my picks are:


No way. All the Cards have is a good passing game. The Falcons have a more balanced offence with Matt Ryan and Michael Turner. Turner will run all over the Cards.

I'm taking the Falcons, Vikings (I needed at least one home team :lol: ) Ravens, and Colts.

Let's see.... gets out my cyrstal ball...

Arizona 34 Atlanta 24
Indianapolis 38 San Diego 17


Miami 27 Baltimore 21
Minnesota 28 Philaelphia 16

I can now proudly say, with out a severe beating, i'm a Cards fan now that they arent the worst team in the league (thank you detroit). But why do they have to play the falcons (my second favorite team and the fell good story of the year). Its a tough call for me but i think the veteran diffence in QB for Zona makes the difference. Cardinals by 6

I really don't like Manning ( i have no justification for this i just don' t like him) but he is a good QB but he's the AC of the NFL (one the big one once...but thats it despite tons of opportunitites). I think he's gonna have issues with the chargers 3-4 defence and even though his nemisis isn't playing in this years playoffs (Brady) i think the colts lose on the road by 3.

McNabb Chokes AGAIN and the eagles loss big as AD runs for almost 200. Eagles 13 Vikings 37

The Ravens Dolphins game will be the game to watch and i ahve no idea who will win. Both teams have great D and pretty good Offenses. I think the Wildcat offense of the Dolphins is the difference, Doplins by 8

Well, a lot of points were put up, but I honestly thought the balanced offence of Atlanta would be the story of the game. I think Arizona's defence deserves credit for this win. The two interceptions, the sack, the botched hand-off that was returned for a TD. Not to mention they held Turner to 42 yards.

I hope my Colts do better in the second game.

Interesting analysis below about the Dolphins/Ravens game. They often say Canadian football with the longer field is more about field position and American football more about ball control, but not always:

Field position hurt the Dolphins, who started consecutive possessions at their 20, 6, 20, 20, 20 and 2. But the biggest problem was Baltimore's ball-hawking defense, which led the NFL during the regular season with 26 interceptions, including a league-high nine by Reed.


It was the same thing in the Colts game. San Diego has one hell of a kicker... We were pinned deep several times. I believe one of his punts went for 67 yards.

yea it was 6 times the colts were pinned inside the 20, and 2 of those were insde the 5