NFL Week 6 Game Day Thread

Well, I am at work all day and it's raining like in many places anyway, so I figured I'd start this thread for all who are watching the games and given the banter that has already begun in our forum.

And when they have games in London UK, I don't care does anybody here?

Just give me my 1PM Sunday start already.

Enjoy all, and have a peaceful day with good food and drink too.

here on west coast = wake up to football and go to bed with football :football:

For those curious, here are the inactive players on the day.

It is told that there are secret and possibly mysterious prizes for those who can spot any with associations to the CFL or who are Canadian too!

Bring them back already anyway.

i’m an inactive fan today zzz

Well okay then, why didn't you sleep last night? Are you able to share with the class today?

i’ll be around a bit but will probably sleep too. have some things i need to do later too.

this Saints - Vikings game in London is a good one. tied at 25 with 1:45 to play in 4th

Well okay then rest up I get it. I need the mental rest today for sure at the very least.

Now don't leave us altogether because we'll probably need you here off the bench for the second half.

Ah-ha! Now I know why NBC moved the Manchester derby to Peacock! Damn you NFL!

New Orleans just effortlessly kicked a 60 yard FG to tie the game at 25 with under two to go. This game between two lousy teams has been back and forth and actually pretty interesting. Minnesota missed their last extra point to make it interesting. Saints snagged a 2 point convert just before that. Viqueens now driving and at the NO 27 after a bomb to Jefferson.

Looks like the Queens take it 28-25 with a FG with 24 seconds left.

But a big pass to Viqueen 42 and a forced timeout for the purple slugs due to injury. 61 yarder on deck as time expires. Only in the NFL.

And he double doinks it. 28-25 final.

Not so fast!

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Never in doubt!

woah what a finish. off the upright and no good.

2 posts and out

You know in five years if it gets to the point where NFL kickers are making 60-yard kicks routinely, we may have to go with 110-yard Canadian field length too. :thinking:

i don’t see the NFL ever changing the field size.

part of me wishes the CFL would shorten the endzone to NFL size and put the goalpost uprights at the back (i dislike when the goal posts get in the way of the play), but i get why it way it is now.

So do Saskatchewan fans.

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Ah well to dream the impossible dream and all that ... :face_with_spiral_eyes:

They would have to figure out something when we get to more battles of long field goals.

yea i know, CFL field is big enough and kickers struggle to make 50+ yarders so it makes sense to have goalposts in front.